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Adding values to Agile teams

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By: ADISA SINANOVIC, QA engineer at Comtrade & AMELA TEFTEDARIJA, Lead QA engineer in Comtrade.

As presented at Spring OnlineTestConf, June13-14, 2017

We all know that the tester’s role on the agile projects is not the same as the one on a traditional waterfall’s. But what values do testers now add to the agile teams? What are the most commonly encountered challenges that the testers nowadays face? Do they need to know how to write a code? Is automated testing really the key solution to all these issues? We’ll try to answer these and (of course) some of your questions at this session and explore some real case examples from our international projects and our testing community.

We would like to help testers to find the needed power to understand their real values and principles that support the agile projects and let them become aware that they are also an important part of a whole-team approach, together with the developers and the business representatives.

Presentation Takeaways:

1. How to overcome some of the challenges that testers face working in agile teams.

2. What values testers need to embrace and add to agile teams.

3. How to bridge over barriers between traditional and agile testing

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Adding values to Agile teams

  1. 1. Amela Teftedarija, Adisa Sinanović Agile Testing - Adding values to agile teams
  2. 2. Amela Teftedarija Amela.Teftedarija@comtrade.com @ATeftedarija Adisa Sinanović Adisa.Sinanovic@comtrade.com @adisa_sinanovic
  3. 3. Challenges
  4. 4. Communication
  5. 5. Defects are considered on personal basis
  6. 6. Limitation of time
  7. 7. Changing requirements at the last minute
  8. 8. Continuous testing
  9. 9. Estimation effort
  10. 10. Missing story information
  11. 11. Manual testing
  12. 12. Automation
  13. 13. Distributed teams
  14. 14. Values
  15. 15. VALUES Gather and share experience
  16. 16. VALUES
  17. 17. VALUES Whole-team approach
  18. 18. VALUES
  19. 19. VALUES
  20. 20. VALUES
  21. 21. VALUES
  22. 22. VALUES Constant view of the BIGpicture
  23. 23. VALUES
  24. 24. VALUES STOP SAYING „I wish“ START SAYING „I will“
  25. 25. VALUES
  26. 26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipEV44DNSG8&t=31s by Comtrade Group
  27. 27. Principles Deliver value to the customer Provide continuous feedback Keep it simple Practice continuous improvement Enable face-to-face communication Have courage Respond to change Self-organize Focus on people Enjoy By Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory
  28. 28. THANK YOU