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wewalkthetalk - EFA Final

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wewalkthetalk - EFA Final

  1. 1. @wewalkthetalkby Angad Singhangad.co
  2. 2. Make conversations more interesting& healthier by taking walking meetings.
  3. 3. Part 1: Crummy Trials & ResultsPart 2: Scaling the MovementPart 3: Response
  4. 4. Part 1Crummy Trials & Results
  5. 5. A friend who I wanted to catch up withinvited me to take a walk with him instead of sitting down somewhere.
  6. 6. We ended up walking for almost 2 hoursand I really enjoyed the conversation. Ialso found it to be a great way to exercise.
  7. 7. So I started taking more walking meetingswhen friends would invite me to catch up. I also decided to work on spreading this.
  8. 8. I learnt that when someone is invitedto a walking meeting, the chancethat they will say no is very low.
  9. 9. So all I needed to do is to get someone to ask to take walking meetings. If they did so, them and their friends would walk more.
  10. 10. I also noticed that many people who took one walk with me liked it immediately and started doing it with other people too.
  11. 11. So to get people to take a walking meeting every time they meet someone, all I needed to do was make them do it once.
  12. 12. So I decided to convert all my meetings into walks. Thus, I exposed many friends to walking meetings & even they adopted it.
  13. 13. Despite the immediate acceptance and social effects, this was not a very scalable strategy for growing the movement quickly.
  14. 14. Part 2Scaling the Movement
  15. 15. To get a large number of people to taketheir first walking meeting, I created a Twitter registry of people in the movement.
  16. 16. The Twitter account persuades newcomersthrough social proof by showing themthat many people are already doing it.
  17. 17. It also collects relevant research from across the internet and accounts of other users to establish credibility & create role models.
  18. 18. People can come back and share theirstories with the Twitter account and theycan then be shared with everyone else.
  19. 19. By reducing the call to action to only a“Follow” and not requiring any personal information, it reduces friction to signing up.
  20. 20. The people in the registry are real Twitterusers so newcomers can reach out to them for inspiration and support over Twitter.
  21. 21. Part 3Response
  22. 22. 400 followerson Twitterin 2 weeks
  23. 23. Interactedwith 2 fieldexperts
  24. 24. Invited toa healthconference
  25. 25. Collected10 storiesso far
  26. 26. …andmany moreto come
  27. 27. Try it for yourself!It might changeyour life.