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Co Branded Cards Service

Call at +64 3 288 9017 for the best card service where you can build the any kind of payment card. Prepaid 3 are regarded within the industry as the market leaders in the development of co-branded card programs working with MasterCard - Visa.

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Co Branded Cards Service

  1. 1. When it comes to plastic money, you just cannot ignore the existence and the extensive reach of MasterCards. These payment systems, whether used as debit or credit cards, have become a permanent fixture of people’s lives and as a business, you can easily use this fact to your branding advantage. The best and most trusted supplier of co branded card programs in New Zealand – Prepaid 3, has just uploaded an informative release about the advantages of co branded MasterCards on its website. Visit Prepaid3.com to check it out! The world of payment cards was forever changed when the concept of co branding was introduced into the market. And the world of co branded cards was similarly transformed into a powerhouse industry when Prepaid 3 entered into the market with its high level services and customer oriented card programs. This company truly is offers the best co branding solutions in New Zealand for corporate to take advantage of.
  2. 2. “Over the last few years there has been a considerable upsurge in the development of co-branded Cards such as credit and debit cards for a variety of business applications as well as providing a far reaching range of problem solving solutions for businesses and organizations throughout the World. One of the pioneers of this new and exciting financial service industry are Prepaid 3 who have succeeded in achieving considerable market penetration thanks to their trading partnership with one of the World’s leading credit card companies, MasterCard. This dynamic trading partnership between MasterCard and Prepaid 3 has been rapidly translated into a situation where the consumer of today has such a wide range of choices of how to receive and spend their hard earned cash, either in form of a salary or in bonuses and incentive scheme.” explains the owner of Prepaid 3 and the website Prepaid3.com. There are many things to be learned about the concept of a co branded MasterCard and Prepaid 3 will help you understand it all. Make sure you visit this website to discover what all facts and information they have to share.
  3. 3. For more information about the company or to check out the huge variety of co branded card programs it has to offer, please visit the website http://www.prepaid3.com/.
  4. 4. Address: Trafalgar St 165 (corner Trafalgar and Bridge Sts) Nelson, New Zealand Phone: +64 3 288 9017 Email: info@prepaid3.com Website: http://www.prepaid3.com/
  5. 5. Address: Trafalgar St 165 (corner Trafalgar and Bridge Sts) Nelson, New Zealand Phone: +64 3 288 9017 Email: info@prepaid3.com Website: http://www.prepaid3.com/