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Employee Time Tracking Software

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Project Drive (http://www.project-drive.net) is an easy to implement and simple to use web-based project management software and Employee Time Tracking Software that is fully customizable to your projects and your workflow.

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  • TimenTask is a time management software for real time tracking of tasks and projects of teams. It is helpful for individuals, small business and enterprises companies for tracking remote employee productivity and real time status. Available for desktop and mobile Apps. TimenTask is a business productivity software to analyze the employee productivity and efficiency on project. https://bit.ly/2SeZhyV
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Employee Time Tracking Software

  1. 1. Employee Time Tracking Software www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  2. 2. Employee Time Tracking Software <ul><li>Using employee time tracking software gives you lots of control over different elements. And hence there is no specific need to worry about your employee reporting over-time instead of their actual time. Like many other software of its kind, employee time tracking software is available in different forms like Time Panic, Time Writer, and Complete Time Tracking and so on. You can opt for Time Panic, if you are looking for simple software to track your employee timings. In addition to helping out in tracking actual time spent by employees on projects, they can also be used for general monitoring of time </li></ul>www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  3. 3. Get Accurate Employee Time Tracking <ul><li>There are many companies that face problems managing their employees’ time. This generates problems for employees because it takes valuable time away to ensure that things are done correctly. There is also a trust factor between employee and employer. Employee time tracking software is important and efficient when dealing with the honesty of employees and to keep the proper time for the each employee. This eliminates extraneous hours on and saves money in the course of a project </li></ul>www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  4. 4. Keeping Track of Your Money <ul><li>Keeping accurate time on employees should never be underestimated. Perfect time keeping saves your company money and further it keeps your employees honest. Another great feature about time keeping that is worth noting is that employee time tracking software keeps accurate records and distributes reports to those who need it. </li></ul>www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  5. 5. Spending Your Time Wisely <ul><li>Keeping track of your employees has never been easier. Of course it’s not as easy as checking their time card to make sure they have their time down correctly anymore. Bigger businesses are relying on employee time tracking software, not only from the point of view of keeping accurate time for pay purposes, but also to keep track of what the employees are spending their time on. At project-drive.net you can see all the benefits of how your business can benefit from the employee time tracking software. Help save your business money by utilizing the software. </li></ul>www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  6. 6. Keeping Your Employees and Business Honest <ul><li>Keeping track of your employees used to be a system of checks and balances until companies started realizing that money was being lost on projects or work that wasn’t honestly done, given the hours that the employees were there. With technological advances and more savvy employees, the days of the time card are gone. Today, there is employee time tracking software, a new take on the time card. </li></ul><ul><li>Employee time tracking software is also available in different forms like Time Panic and Time Writer. Keeping your employees honest will save you and your project money and time. As well know, time is a luxury that many can’t afford. </li></ul>www.project-drive.net Call: 819-682-1976
  7. 7. Contact Us Now Email: sales@project-drive.net Email :support@project-drive.net North American Office: 696 Des Ecureuils Gatineau, QC J9J 3E5 CANADA Call: 819-682-1976 www.project-drive.net