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YouTube Brand Lift Introduction

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YouTube Brand Lift Introduction

  1. 1. Brand Lift Moving the Brand Metrics that Matter
  2. 2. Brands are turning to digital to reach their audience and create meaningful relationships 163M views globally. The most watched online ad 4.6B media impressions uploaded in 25 languages to 46 Dove YouTube channels Titanium Grand Prix Won Titanium Grand Prix at 2013 Cannes Lions Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. Brand Lift is a solution that measures lift on key brand metrics in near-real time enabling advertisers to optimize their campaigns for improved effectiveness. Introducing Brand Lift
  4. 4. Brand metrics that matter Brand awareness, ad recall and brand interest Improve effectiveness mid-flight By understanding what works in near real-time Results you can trust Reflecting our best-in-class methodology What's the value for brands? Google Confidential and Proprietary Brand Lift lets you measure the metrics that matter with results you can trust to improve effectiveness mid-flight. Brand Lift What is Brand Lift? What we report How we measure it Which types of questions will we help answer Ad recall Surveys What frequency maximizes ad recall in my brand message? Brand awareness Surveys Which demo is driving the highest lift in brand awareness? Brand interest Search Is my campaign inspiring consumers to search for my brand or products?
  5. 5. Measure increase in brand awareness and ad recall through metrics directly attributable to your TrueView campaign 53.3% lift in ad recall