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Black out portfolio

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Some of my older activities between 2000-2006

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Black out portfolio

  1. 1. ABOUT MATUS GAJDOS - BLACKOUT AGENCY Blackout Agency is a subsidiary of Bajkonur company that was founded in2000 and focuses its activities on supporting of Slovak artists and their presentationto local and foreign audience. We encuorage theese supporting activities within our own internet magazineBajkonur which has over 300 thousand entries a month. There can be found aseparate section for artists who want to go public and present their outputs to theworld. According to fact, that internet coverage in Slovakia is not as reasonable asthis music would deserve, we started to publish a magazine of our own namedPartypeople but the publishing costs were too high, therefore we had to stoppublishing it after six months. However, we created separate sections in magazinesfor teenagers Kamarat and Maxisuper, Inspire and czech Xmag. One of our activities is music production. Over 4 years we compile musiccontent for Orange Slovensko, a.s. and Slovak Telecom CDs. At the upcoming time,we plan to set off our own label called Blackout of which main project would be debutalbum of Slovak duo Soundspeakers and Hip hop project Rendezska-Sk. Theaudience´s reaction to them was highly positive on such a big events like Summer ofLove (CZ), Pohoda (SK) and Hodokvas (SK) festivals. The last but the most important activity of Blackout Agency is organisingconcerts where the artists are given a chance to present themselves. Since the veryfirst event, our decision to support young artists was proved right by the countednumber of attending visitors which was high. We cooperate with similar agenciesfrom Japan, U.S., Singapore and whole Europe, as well (see more in our portfolio),plus, we support appearence of our artists abroad (Czech Republic, Germany,Poland etc.). As we want to prepare our events better and even more interesting we keepsearching for ways how to solve not very optimistic matter of money in Slovakia. Thisis why we are looking for new suitable partners who would help us to organise ourprojects which are often financially abmitious. In the past it was the Ministry ofCulture of the Slovak Republic, British Council, French Institute and commercialbrands Dexia Bank, Orange, Red Bull, Tommy Hilfiger, who supported us. Considering the fact, that this event (May 1) came out of a post-comunistholiday that specially touched the four counties of Visegrad we turn our request toyou…
  2. 2. Past events:Bajkonur the first>>>Date: 31.10.2000>>>Location: Uclub>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>600 peoples>>>Headliner:Pom Ppui/FrToky/Sk, Svetlux/SKBajkonur The Second>>>Date: 12.04.2001>>>Location: Studio koliba>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>2000 peoples>>>Headliner: Scan X(Fcommunications/Fr),Kaisersoze(Brno/CZ),Tvyks(Eastbase/CZ), IMCyber(Eastbase/CZ)Moze byt 2001>>>Date: 04.07.2001>>>Location: Boat>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>600peoples>>>Headliners:Nika 77(Praha-CZ)Leo Lycra(Brno-CZ)Saturation 1>>>Date: 28.08.2001>>>Location: Duna club>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>800 peoples>>>Headliners: RadanMach(Cz), Javas(Cz),Gabana, Benco, Svetlux,
  3. 3. I seek you 2001>>>Date: 10.10.2001>>>Location: Duna>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>300peoples>>>Headliners:Paul Hawk(Sound44-CZ)Saturation 2>>>Date: 31.10.2001>>>Location: Elam>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>1500 peoples>>>Headliner: RadanMach(Brno/CZ)Saturation 3>>>Date: 16.4.2002>>>Location: B52>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>1500 peoples>>>Headliner: ToniRions(Cocoon/Spain), AlexDean(London-UK), DJ BossLos Angelesclubbing>>>Date: 15.03.2002>>>Location: Vrtula>>>City: PovažskáBystrica/SK>>>600 peoples>>>Headliners:DJ Vitamin D/USADJ Lumiere(Beeswax/CZ)DJ Martin Haberland(Košice/SK)
  4. 4. Frankfurt clubbing>>>Date: 30.03.2002>>>Location: Elam club>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>800 peoples>>>Headliners:F.Lorber(Cocoon/De)D.Digger(Cocoon/De)Igor Pataky(Lunar/CZ)Boss(Dole Gate/SK)Poprednny(Standa/SK)Paris clubbing>>>Date: 06.04.2002>>>Location: Extreme club>>>City: Prievidza/SK>>>700 peoples>>>Headliners:Jori Hulkkonen(Fcommunications/France)Tvyks(Praha)DJ Mishek(Zilina/SK)Koki(Bajkonur/SK)Stockholm clubbing>>>Date: 13.4.2002>>>Location: Arzenal>>>City: Košice/SK>>>750 peoples>>>Headliners:ChristianSmith(TronicMusic/Sweden)Lucca(Mersey/CZ)Orbith(Bassline/CZ)Tokyo clubbing
  5. 5. >>>Date: 26.4.2002>>>Location: Elektraren>>>City: Poprad/SK>>>550 peoples>>>Headliners:Takyu Ishino(/Japan)London clubbing>>>Date: 19.4.2002>>>Location: NO3>>>City: Nove Zamky/SK>>>450peoples>>>Headliners:Terey Francis(Fabricclub/London-UK)Cape Town clubbing>>>Date: 04.05.2002>>>Location: Stara PEkaren>>>City: Nitra/SK>>>400peoples>>>Headliners:Nubian(Cape Town-JAR)Singapore clubbing>>>Date: 21.09.2002>>>Location: Arena club>>>City: Humenne/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:DJ Aldrin(Club Zouk/Singapore)Dys Martin(Eastbase/CZ)
  6. 6. San Francisco clubbing>>>Date: 05.10.2002>>>Location: Extreme club>>>City: Prievizda/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:DJ Tony(Tangorecords/SanFrancisco/USA)DJ Vik(Praha/CZ)Moscow clubbing>>>Date: 19.10.2002>>>Location: StaraTehelna>>>City: Levice/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:Vasily(Moscow/Rusko)NIka77(Praha/CZ)Glasgow clubbing>>>Date: 26.10.2002>>>Location: Elam club>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:Percy X(Slam/Scotland)Glenn Gibbons(Soma/Uk)Pat Heart(FR)Sydney clubbing>>>Date: 09.11.2002>>>Location: Alpia club>>>City: Martin/SK>>>600peoples>>>Headliners: SimonDigby(Sydney/Australia)Toky(Standa/SK)
  7. 7. Amsterdam clubbing>>>Date: 16.11.2002>>>Location: Amsterdampub>>>City: Košice/SK>>>800peoples>>>Headliners:Alfredi(Chemistry)Rafael(Holland)Rai(Roxy/Cz)Berlin clubbing>>>Date: 23.11.2002>>>Location: Metroklub>>>City: Šaľa/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:DJ Dry(Tresorlabel/Berlin-De)Benno Blome(Tresor/De)DJ Dalo(Standa/SK)HRAD 2002>>>Date: 28.8.2002>>>Location: Castle>>>City: Beckov>>>Real: 600 peoples>>>Headliner:DJ Trava(Cz)DJ Boss(Dole Gate/Sk)Rolo KadelaBajkonur clubbing 2003>>>Date: 06.06.2003>>>Location: Terminal>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>650peoples
  8. 8. >>>HeadlinersHRAD 2003>>>Date:15.08.2003>>> Location: Castle>>> City: Beckov>>>1800 peoples>>> Headliners:Dave Navarro(De)Michael Burian(Cz)HRAD 2004>>>Date: 05.08.2004>>>Location: Castle>>>City: Beckov>>>3000 peoples>>> Headliners:MC Fly(Fr)Inigo Kennedy(UK)DJ OrbithPrvy maj 2004>>>Date: 01.05.2004>>>Location: Babylon/Duna/Ucko>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>750peoples>>>Headliners:Keaton(Renegade Hardware/London-UK)DJ Komplex(Paris-FR)DJ Koogi(Shadowbox/CZ) and more 37 artists !!!Prvy maj 2005>>>Date: 30.04.2005>>>Location: Babylon/Duna/Ucko/Unique/Spojka>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>1100peoples>>>Headliners:
  9. 9. Scan X (F-Com), Loxy(Renegade Hardware/UK) and more 50 artists !!!Prvy maj 2006>>>Date: 29.04.2006>>>Location: Babylon/Duna/Subclub/Unique/Nu Spirit>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>1300peoples>>>Headliners:Kodh (ITF/FR),Ink(RenegadeHardware/UK), MCSantana(CZ), Philip TBC(CZ) and more 60 artists !!!AXE Click Party>>>Date: 29.04.2006>>>Location: Charlie club>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>400peoples>>>Headliners:Tvyks (CZ), Carlo(Fun Radio/SK), Koki & Mathew K.(SK)Prvy maj 2007>>>Date: 28.04.2007>>>Location: Bernolak/Nassau/Subclub/Nu Spirit>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>1400peoples>>>Headliners:Netik (DMC World champion 06/FR), KeroOne(USA), Craggz&Parallel Forces(ValveRecordings/UK), Jeroen Liebregts(Audioassault/NL), Soulsource(CH), Sayko(CZ) and more 60artists !!!AXE Click Party>>>Date: 19.4.2007>>>Location: Charlie club>>>City: Bratislava/SK>>>700peoples>>>Headliners:Street Dance Academy(SK)