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Introducing #DISUMMIT by Philippe Van Impe from DigitYser

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DISUMMIT 2018: AI demystified

This is the event for all European data professionals who are passionate about Data Innovation, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.

The Data innovation summit is a full-day event taking place each year in Brussels. This year's theme is AI Demystified. All presentations will be ‘Made in Europe’ and presented by a selection of the brightest minds in technology.

This summit gathers our innovation ecosystem, 800+ data experts, startups, large corporations, academics, executives and government officials interested in Data Innovation in Europe.

Since the start we have partnered with major industry players such as Accenture, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Euroclear, AXA, Proximus, Engie, ING and Carrefour. We also receive structural support from suppliers such as SAP, SAS, Microsoft, Business & Decision, Teradata, Microple, and many others. Our activities are led by volunteers from the ecosystem, eager to share and learn how to best use data.

Expect a fast-paced day with plenty of opportunities to network.

The use of Conversation Starter will enable you to meet like-minded people and share ideas and experiences.

This event is for experts from Government, Universities, Startups and Companies interested in Data Science / Analytics / IoT / Big Data.

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Introducing #DISUMMIT by Philippe Van Impe from DigitYser

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