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#Womenintech #disummit Brussels 30 March 2017

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The Data Innovation Summit is the data networking event of the year, an annual, full-day event in Brussels. The topic of this year’s summit is using data to build a better world, and all of the presentations at the event will be given by the brightest minds in technology for a summit that is ‘Made in Belgium.’ The mission at the center of the European Data Innovation Hub’s has always been to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience with others, within members of communities or with those outside of them. Having this yearly summit is a central part of this mission, drawing from each part of our innovation ecosystem to bring together five-hundred people interested in data innovation in Belgium, data experts, startups, large corporations, academics, and government officials, all for the purpose of sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other, and, just as importantly, for the purpose of being inspired.

The di-Summit will be a fast-paced day with many networking opportunities. The use of the Conversation Starter application will allow attendees to meet like-minded people, those inside and outside their domain alike to spread ideas and experiences.

If smart, insightful, and impactful use of data is your priority, if you’re looking to give or receive inspiration from the brightest technological minds in Belgium, you won't want to miss the di-Summit 2017.

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Full-day event taking place each year in Brussels. This is the 3rd edition.
This year’s theme is Using Data to Build a Better World, #Data4Good.
The Summit takes place at the ING Marnix building in central of Brussels, on 30th March 2017. We bring you over 40 speakers, some of the brightest minds in technology, to deliver unique presentations – all of them ‘Made in Europe’.

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  • The impressive 9 #womenintech at the #disummit in Brussels on March 30.
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#Womenintech #disummit Brussels 30 March 2017

  1. 1. #Womenintech @ di-Summit
  2. 2. Nele Coghe - Data Science Expert I'll introduce you to over 30 stories told by the best experts in data science
  3. 3. Tine Vandenbreeden - CTO @ SAP How s mart is digital twin?
  4. 4. Juli Ursi - BI expert @ SAP I'll give you a tour of our digital boardroo m
  5. 5. Elena Bonfiglioli - Senior Director Health @ Microsoft "Solving" Cancer with Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. Nadia Aime - Womanmentorassociation I'll tell you a story about #wo menintech and data
  7. 7. Céline Bouton - Co-Captain @ Armada.digital We are e mpowering good causes to spread the word
  8. 8. Bianca Debaets - Secratary of State Data Science makes our city s marter
  9. 9. Hannah Pinson - Winner #denguehack We predicted the next dengue outbreak using twitter feeds
  10. 10. Ann-Elise Delbecq - Analytics @ IBM a new cognitive way of working with data and analytics