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How to win with tag management

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Strategies for achieving business and marketing agility.

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How to win with tag management

  1. 1. How to win with tag management: strategies for achieving business and marketing agility Ian McCaig Harry Hurst ian@qubitproducts.com harry@qubitproducts.comMonday, 15 April 13
  2. 2. Our mission: To empower the 21st century marketer with a connected insight and personalisation platform that helps ecommerce businesses turn more visitors into customersMonday, 15 April 13
  3. 3. Agenda -Why does tag management exist? -How has tag management evolved? -What is a tag management system and what to look for? -How businesses succeed with tag management -Wrap up and re-capMonday, 15 April 13
  4. 4. Why does tag management exist?Monday, 15 April 13
  5. 5. Every second it takes for your website to load: Pageviews decrease by 2% Conversions decrease by 7% Source: Krug Digital 2011Monday, 15 April 13
  6. 6. Data will grow 800% over the next five years. More data will be created in the next four years than in the history of the planet Source: Forrester 2011Monday, 15 April 13
  7. 7. 30+ tags running on an average eCommerce site Source: Krug Digital 2011 7Monday, 15 April 13
  8. 8. How has tag management has evolved?Monday, 15 April 13
  9. 9. How tag management evolved: ad serving 9Monday, 15 April 13
  10. 10. Evolving TMS landscape: three types of vendor Entry into the market from Adobe and Google has validated the space. However, they have focused on deploying their own complex tags and keeping control. Strategic TMS Pure TMS such as Providers offering Tealium, TagMan and data management and Ensighten have built optimisation services. businesses around core Opentag and BrightTag tag management and are examples of TMS some offer additional in this category. services such as attribution. Data Pure TMS Management TMS 10Monday, 15 April 13
  11. 11. Tag management vs. data management Tag management & Creates a more Tag management data management powerful solution Live chat Data layer Data layer 11Monday, 15 April 13
  12. 12. Rapid rise of tag management 400% growth over the past 12 months 400% rise Source: Builtwith 12Monday, 15 April 13
  13. 13. Tag management adoption is growing faster than web analytics did in its early days... But it’s still only used by less than 5% of leading websites. Source: Qubit/Techcrunch 2013Monday, 15 April 13
  14. 14. Poll: How many of you use tag management? - Yes - NoMonday, 15 April 13
  15. 15. What is a tag management system and what to look for?Monday, 15 April 13
  16. 16. Basic tag management components Containers How we group tags and scripts into a single JavaScript code. It is the container that groups and stores all of your scripts/tags. Scripts Sections of JavaScript that each contain a tag. Filters The logic that decides whether a tag should be served on a page or not. The logic is based on the URL of the page the container tag is implemented on. Page variables How you define user, page, and product information for every page of your website. 16Monday, 15 April 13
  17. 17. Scalability, performance and security Low latency CDN - Take advantage of one of the leading Content Delivery Networks in the market e.g. Amazon CloudFront - Ensure flexible set up so other CDNs can be deployed for further performance gains if required by a client. 24/7 Server side availability - Ensure server side components are available 24/7 Security - Network, application, operation level, and data protection 17Monday, 15 April 13
  18. 18. Tagging Functionality Domain based profiles - Managing domains/sub-domains from the same place. Compatible with all different technologies - Ensuring it fulfills your needs. Asynchronous tag loading - Finding a system which handles asynchronous loading. Mobile support - Assessing the level of mobile support you need. 18Monday, 15 April 13
  19. 19. Privacy Consent Ability to gain consent from users for 1st and 3rd party tracking Key benefits: Customisable interface Key benefits: Behind the scenes - Notification flexibility; three different - Notification options; choose from notification options three options - Creative flexibility; apply your own look - Customise your text; write your and feel own message - Location flexibility; position the tool anywhere on your siteMonday, 15 April 13
  20. 20. Tag library Pre configured technologies for rapid set up and deployment - Marketers can add tags easily (no need for coding knowledge) - Tags can be pre-configured and require minimal set-up 20Monday, 15 April 13
  21. 21. Deployment of tag management Required steps for deploying a TMS Step 1: Identify all 3rd party JavaScript technologies running on your website. Step 2: Develop a unified data model to manage all technologies and data exchange. Step 3: Migrate technologies one by one into a Tag Management Solution. Use library tags where possible. Step 4: Full test plan (both performance and data exchange). Step 5: Full deployment. Step 6: Monitor through tag management system UI. 21Monday, 15 April 13
  22. 22. How businesses succeed with tag managementMonday, 15 April 13
  23. 23. Poll: What is the main reason for businesses using tag management? - Improve site performance - Better manage your data - Faster deployment of technologies - Privacy concerns - Reduce marketing costsMonday, 15 April 13
  24. 24. 13.5% improvement in site speed Average performance improvement Opentag customers "Qubit’s tag management will make a significant difference to Staples websites across Europe by reducing our development time and enabling the quick roll- out of a range of technologies. This will enable us to continue making shopping online with Staples easy for our customers, providing them with a more relevant shopping experience." Willem Vos Head of eCommerce, Staples EuropeMonday, 15 April 13
  25. 25. Performance: Opentag customers enjoy page load speeds that are 3.5x faster than EU top 400 eCommerce brands Within top 400, the median web page load time is 7.04 seconds, which is double the time it would take for a majority of consumers to abandon their purchase. Independent speed tests conducted by Research company Radware and Level 3 found that Qubit Opentag customers Shop Direct and Staples achieved load times of 1.80 and 1.69 secs. Source: eConsultancy 19th March 2013 25Monday, 15 April 13
  26. 26. Control your data: Client side data model gives you control of your data and reduces lock in 26Monday, 15 April 13
  27. 27. Control your data: We do this via our Universal Variable data model Source: eConsultancy 19th March 2013 27Monday, 15 April 13
  28. 28. 200 tags migrated, 1 data model for Shop Direct Group "The dedication and support shown by the team at Qubit during our Opentag implementation was exceptional. I’m looking see what their other products can do” Gareth Naser iDevelopment Manager, Shop Direct GroupMonday, 15 April 13
  29. 29. Universal Variable implemented in 90 mins for Stylistpick "Having a robust data model across our website is vital for understanding our customers and tailoring the website to their specific needs. Qubit’s Magento extension has meant we’ve been able to deploy this rapidly and cost effectively.” Ian Sutherland, Finance DirectorMonday, 15 April 13
  30. 30. Fast deployment: Opentag helps you work harmoniously with your development team 30Monday, 15 April 13
  31. 31. 10x faster technology deployment for Pandora "Opentag’s flexibility has meant that we can easily support Pandora with all their tagging requirements and it reduces time to deploy new technologies dramatically. Qubit provide us with an intelligent solution.” Neil Cunningham, Head of Digital, CreamMonday, 15 April 13
  32. 32. Conditional firing of tags -Have the ability to decide where and when a tag should fire -Filter not just by URL or page category but also by user behaviour -The biggest use case is to deduplicate CPA channels -By having a fine control over where and when a tag fires businesses are able to reduce non-profitable spend, and reinvest in the most profitable channels 32Monday, 15 April 13
  33. 33. 13% increase in conversions for Childrensalon "Qubit has given us valuable insights through which we’ve been able to really tailor and optimise a personalised experience for our diverse customer base - with great results. Qubit has given us valuable insights through which we’ve been able to really tailor and optimise a personalised experience for our diverse customer base - with great results.” Sorcha Harriman-Smith, Digital Experience DirectorMonday, 15 April 13
  34. 34. Plug in your analytics to a data layer for faster implementation and a more accurate data set.Monday, 15 April 13
  35. 35. Deploying marketing for improving ROI from advertising 35Monday, 15 April 13
  36. 36. Gaining visibility into tag management For MediaCom  "We are proud to be the first major agency using this technology. Having accurate and scalable control of tag management is crucial in today’s data dominated display market. The beauty of Opentag is that we now have visibility of all of our tags from a single and easy to use console. Crucially, it also lets us do this at a cost effective price." Robert Webster Head of Technology at MediaComMonday, 15 April 13
  37. 37. Flexible management: Fitting the product and service around a businesses specific business requirements Businesses who want Most sophisticated to own management Self-service with the reliability businesses have Service level full control of a global CDN Full managed service Businesses with limited where resources resources but keen to Managed and expertise maximize performance is limited internally by using own CDN Hosted CDN Own CDN Hosted 37Monday, 15 April 13
  38. 38. A self service, own hosted customer for The FT.com “Weve been excited to use Opentag as our tag management system for its simplicity in setting up (literally seconds to sign up for an account and minutes to deploy the first tag), ability to rapidly deploy tags, especially custom JavaScript and Opentags ever increasing feature-set.” Chris Ware Client Side Technology Lead, FTMonday, 15 April 13
  39. 39. Poll: What type of solution do you require? - Managed service, fully hosted - Self-service, fully hosted - Managed service, own-hosted - Self-service, own-hostedMonday, 15 April 13
  40. 40. Wrap-up and re-capMonday, 15 April 13
  41. 41. Increased site performance -Consolidate all 3rd party technologies into a unified system with rapid asynchronous loading -Can provide a 10%-20% improvement in page load time 41Monday, 15 April 13
  42. 42. Data accuracy and control -Making all necessary data available on the page before loading tags -Exchange data from the page directly into the collecting tags 42Monday, 15 April 13
  43. 43. Implementing new technology solutions quickly -De-couple tagging from core development cycles driving -73% of businesses speed up internal processes through tag management systems 43Monday, 15 April 13
  44. 44. Flexible and cost effective -Self service, managed, hosted or non- hosted -Tag management costs should not outweigh the direct benefits of having a technology in place -Provide the ability to de-duplicate CPA tags to define where budget is allocated 44Monday, 15 April 13
  45. 45. What next? Tag management resources Tag management solution infographic: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/9557-the-tag-revolution- infographic Universal Variable demo: http://demo.qubitproducts.com/demo/guide.html Next webinar link http://www.qubitproducts.com/resources?type_1=webinar Sign up for a free account (it takes 30 seconds): https://opentag.qubitproducts.com/QDashboard/register.html 45Monday, 15 April 13
  46. 46. Thanks Ian McCaig Harry Hurst ian@qubitproducts.com harry@qubitproducts.comMonday, 15 April 13