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Crowdsourcing Creative Ideas

This presentation outlines what crowdsourcing is, examines how it has effected the advertising and marketing industry and examines whether or not it offers up a new model for creativity.

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Crowdsourcing Creative Ideas

  1. 1. CrowdSourcing Creative Ideas: An exciting future, or an evil demise? Rob Stokes Stream09
  2. 2. What is CrowdSourcing?
  3. 3. CrowdSourcing is...the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor , and outsourcing it to an undefined , generally large group of people , in the form of an open call . Wikipedia
  4. 4. The term was coined in a 2005 Wired Magazine article by Jeff Howe
  5. 5. “ The application of Open Source principles to fields outside of software.” - Jeff Howe
  6. 6. But it's not a completely new idea
  7. 7. In the 19th century the first Oxford English Dictionary was CrowdSourced
  8. 8. With technology, the crowd is:
  9. 9. Larger
  10. 10. More connected
  11. 11. Able to contribute in many ways based on a range of skill levels
  12. 13. There are a number of ways to divide and understand the different models
  13. 14. : 3 types 1. Creation (Wikipedia, Cambrian House, Idea Bounty)‏ 2. Prediction (Yahoo Buzz, PicksPal)‏ 3. Organization (Google, Digg, StumbleUpon, Amazon)‏
  14. 15. A few cool examples…
  15. 16. Product Development
  16. 18. New business initiatives
  17. 20. Marketing communications
  18. 23. There's another level of division to consider:
  19. 24. Those that are centrally moderated
  20. 26. Those that are community moderated
  21. 28. Why CrowdSourcing?
  22. 29. With traditional models...
  23. 30. You pay per person per hour
  24. 31. But with CrowdSourcing...
  25. 32. You pay a fixed cost for an unlimited amount of people
  26. 33. * Brief for new TV & Print Ad * 7000 creatives have seen the brief * 1 month in, almost 300 ideas received
  27. 34. You only pay for what you use
  28. 35. Which is obviously excellent for the client
  29. 36. But what about the crowd?
  30. 37. It provides new-comers with a chance to show their skills
  31. 39. ...and established practitioners with the chance to earn cash for a small time commitment
  32. 40. Why have these models emerged?
  33. 41. The 'rise of the amateur'
  34. 42. “ ...marketing is way too important to be left to professionals. Every person is a marketer, and anyone crazy enough and passionate enough to start something is definitely a marketer. “ - Seth Godin
  35. 43. The “Ideas Economy”
  36. 44. Supply and demand are not regulated by money or time...
  37. 45. But rather on the VALUE of what's on offer
  38. 46. A great idea can come from anywhere
  39. 47. How is this changing things in the communications industry?
  40. 48. A BIG question… Is the VALUE of an idea in the creation or implementation?
  41. 49. Source: www.joelapompe.net
  42. 50. Which brings us to the good and bad of how CrowdSourcing is being used
  43. 51. The good: handing over the ownership of your brand and encouraging consumer involvement
  44. 54. The good: inter-disciplinary collaboration
  45. 55. Colgate had a problem their R&D couldn't fix
  46. 56. “ It was really a very simple solution,” says Melcarek. Why hadn’t Colgate thought of it? “They’re probably test tube guys without any training in physics.” Melcarek earned $25,000 for his efforts. Jeff Howe - The Rise of CrowdSourcing
  47. 57. The bad: Taking advantage of amateurs and professionals
  48. 59. The bad: No control over production value
  49. 60. Disaster story:
  50. 61. "CrowdSourcing" is just another word for "slavery." - ComplexFruit
  51. 62. The designs weren't great (with all due respect to those who submitted them) and the hate mail etc. was, of course, a bummer. - Matthew T. Grant from Aquent
  52. 63. With Spec work - as opposed to purely asking for an idea - your risk/reward ratio is fairly high
  53. 64. How does this all impact agencies?
  54. 65. An example
  55. 67. The new agency model?
  56. 69. Role of the agency? Can’t put just anything out there - agency needs to give strategic guidance and a ensure a good brief
  57. 70. Understanding the effects of communication and developing the idea in line with the business/brand strategy
  58. 71. Agency is able to develop the idea and control the production value
  59. 72. Other benefits to crowdsourcing
  60. 73. Independent audit by Fleishman-Hillard found 1600% ROI from PR alone
  61. 74. Consumer insight and interaction “ Idea Bounty has exposed us to a plethora of great ideas and more than a little insight into how the world views our brand” ~ Charl Bassil, Executive Brand Manager Castle Lager, SAB Miller “ Staying truly 'fresh' is a 365 day a year challenge and we're very clear that two of the secrets to achieving this, are celebrating great ideas; and staying in touch with your consumers. What's great about Idea Bounty is it does both”. ~ Mike Leslie, Innovation & Sponsorship Manager of Levi Strauss
  62. 75. Three points for debate:
  63. 76. Is CrowdSourcing really a threat to the traditional agency model?
  64. 77. Is there an opportunity for agencies to embrace CrowdSourcing and adopt a new model?
  65. 78. Is CrowdSourcing sustainable?
  66. 79. Thank You