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Recruiter’s Oath, by Raghunath Ramaswamy

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Recruiter’s Oath, by Raghunath Ramaswamy

  1. 1. Recruiter’s Oath, by Raghunath RamaswamyAs a recruiter I deal with the careers of individuals. My actions could irreversibly change their fortunes.The fortunes of hiring organizations, who also I serve, are no less important than the lives of anapplicant. I am straddled with great responsibility.Integrity shall be the foundation of my competitiveness.I understand that Recruitment is both an art and a science. As a practitioner of the art, it shall be myendeavor to educate myself continually, and update myself, so that I may be able to serve efficiently.I shall constantly strive to hone my skills as a recruiter by diligently practicing’s the fundamentals whichshall ensure a great recruiting culture.It will always be my endeavor, to find the best fit applicant for any requirement.I shall move with alacrity and purpose while servicing a requirement, search the appropriate Applicant atthe quickest possible time and at optimal cost.I shall keep my stakeholders informed of the progress made on their case at appropriate times.I understand that Recruitment is not a number game but an opportunity to forge relationship withinnumerable number of people.I hope to evolve as an endearing and enduring recruiter. ©Pranav Ekalavya, Spectrum Consulting