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Live your life with purpose

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this presentation really helpful who want to achieve something

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Live your life with purpose

  1. 1. Live your Life with a Purpose Your Own guide …
  2. 2.  Every human in this planet sent to full fill their purpose ,but most of the guys are wasting time without knowing themselves.  Until unless knowing their purpose nothing much difference between animals and humans. Simple logic were we are differentiating only in thinking if they starts thinking ultimately they will become supreme.  In this moment we have to remember Mr. A R Rehaman words delivered while he receiving Oscar like "God sent me to the earth to fulfill my purpose but still iam not full filled but trying to fulfill that purpose ”
  3. 3.  Friends getting Oscar or a gremmie award that to be a n Indian not a small thing even our kind of people can't imagine .  Such kind of auspicious moments are like life time achievement for a common man in their respected field ,so try to understand how he passing journey to know.
  4. 4. P -Potentially U-unforgettable R-Reliability P-Progressive O-Optimistic S-Solutions ,with E-Eminent
  5. 5.  Hope you understand what I am going to define the purpose , simply consider like  “Potentially unforgettable reliable progressive optimistic solutions with eminent ”  Different fields of people have different goals but end of the day purpose will be same like utilizing the resources optimistically to serve many no. of people in your limits.
  6. 6.  P-Potential :  Here I am considering p as potential because without knowing your potential cant even towards path.  Never degrade you self by comparing with others , but rest of the guys not greater than you nor similar to you .Here they knew their potential and moving that direction trying to reach final destination.  Here we can discuss one commercial advertisement ,in one of the reputed college bachelors guys follows an so called intelligent guy and follows in queue finally that guy accidentally fell down rest of guys followed same action.  So they don’t have minimum scene to take diversion ,don’t do like that know purpose before moving .
  7. 7.  U-Unforgettable :  If you know the intention of your soul then you realize ,when you start realizing your self that internal pain show you path.  So don’t forget hurdles what ever crossed because if you forget that your down fall starts.  Success is always like sizzling spark that span is very less, if you feel like pioneer than another cross you.  Success is like gate pass entry it will not stay with you forever, failure like opening gate for success.  Don’t confuse your proud is your first enemy ,so kill your egos first to become successful human being .Other wise you will be like common man in cores of population.  Your hurdles are best master to teach our success path but try to maintain that path consistently.
  8. 8.  R-Reliable:  Reliability is one of the major factor to reach your purpose path. Until unless getting reliability you cant satisfy your self's and even you cant find purpose.  Simply consider like searching for something under street light with matches obviously it will not result positively so develop reliability.  We have to realize personalized tailor you believe him because you know his talent in that work.
  9. 9.  P-Progressive :  Progressive in the sense not Participating in reforms but try to develop, manage your belongs in organized way is progressive method.  Try to fix small goals ,this small goals leads to plan your career. Until reaching your purpose try keep march in that path.  Start working towards to know your purpose , you can achieve something that may inspire to innovate .  Even if you failed in that also it will teach some lesson to choose correct path .
  10. 10.  O-Optimistic:  Optimization of every resource is very essential to lead our life, need is the primary step for invention. So know your needs to lead .  Here we have to remember Mr. Edison inventor of electrical bulb ,he is one of person came to know his resources .initially failed but end of the day succeeded.  Another optimistic person is Einstein because of continuous course of action made his path successfully.  So friends first try to know how optimistically using our resources & we can make our career .your optimization must realize to make sense to another.
  11. 11.  S-Solution:  Your life or career is not like instant food to have ,you have to have prepare with efforts. At any stage no one ready to feed with spoon to settle in your career.  Always we have to remember that up to last breath you have to learn something to become success.  For that simple thing we remember if I know how to settle in my life lavishly obviously I will not be here to this presentation even , I am also learning new concepts with interacting with you ,facing questionnaire of you.  This kind of quires ,finding answers to that is life ,try to put more questions to make your life awesome .Remember one quote here ,If you feel worthy “behind every problem their will be a secretly distinguished opportunity” .
  12. 12.  Try to get different solutions use like a case study to make greater stepping stone for your life ,may it going to make impression on another bright future.  Simple example we can remember here every one comments while watching cricket match ,free of cost they offer suggestions but no one realize that guys after facing so many typical tests only they stood there.  Here guys every one is ready to Ideas but no one is ready to take.
  13. 13.  E-Eminent :  Eminent placement in your career is may be good thing but keeping for long duration is greatest thing.  Here major problem behind that is after reaching that career peaks obviously guys starts neglecting their professions, so their career graph may stags there or starts down fall.  So friends getting problems in top of the your vertical is good thing .  Keep learning upgrading skills set for longer duration make your eminent position more bright like a star.  Here for that we can remember Mr.sachin who got eminent position in Indian cricket in this era.
  14. 14. Golden days ahead hope for the best &Focus on Career... Raghu Peravalli…