cloud computing iot data mining big data matlab wireless sensor network municipal solid waste (msw) component hdfs expert system gsm manet internet of things gps machine learning security routing protocol techno-economic feasibility watermarking social network throughput svm wsn hadoop mobile node no keywords sentiment analysis cryptography vector quantization. distance mesure color layout descriptor video fingerprintingt digital load balancing mimo image processing data security bigdata anonymization privacy preserving steganography feature selection sensor mobile application energy consumption feature extraction. map reduce routing protocols android zigbee thd haar classifier ofdm camera raspberry pi big data. co-occurrence semantic weight term lexical association context vehicle axis magnetometer ghat complexity road bump logic detection internet of things (iot) contourlet transformation wifi. sensors aurdino manufacturing process dijkstra algorithm psnr electronic health records electronic voting systems ransomware brain virus cyber attacks cyber crime dropping policy n-drop e-drop mofo fifo dl maxprop routing prophet routing spray and wait protocol epidemic routing dtn relatioanl databases non-relational databases teaching normalization natural language processing smart phone utilization factor depreciation factor illumination level power current voltage anticancer antimicrobial gc-ms analysis pharmaceutical industry molluscs finite element analysis clustering dwt the encoding of the turing machine turing machine language recognized by a turing mac waste-to-energy (wte): tonnes per day (tpd) waste-to-energy (wte): refuse – derived fuel (rdf) waste-to-energy (wte) remote data integrity checking. proxy public key cryptography identity-based cryptography spam uce email hidden web path finding opencv privacy mhd spatial modulation hog embedded control system semantic web care of address etc... home address mobileipv6 mobileipv4 stationary wavelet transform star graph path graph communication fga wnn ga inga image segmentation encryption depression decision tree naive bayes biometric system artificial neural network (ann) privacy preservation lte neural networks artificial intelligence attribute based obfuscation. obfuscation attribute based encryption e- health access control soc delay battery hive image security image retrieval cloud security particle swarm optimization fft carry skip adder qos biometric face recognition gst gateway tree architecture. logic shut down technique gdi technique ecosystem public private partnership pradhan mantri awas yojana slum rehabilitation mvc masking k-anonymity generalization ns2 sybil attack aodv independent component analysis neural network wireless sensor networks ann aco icas health data analysis microstrip antenna under publication process energy efficiency transactions buffer. mobile server ad hoc networks low power nanotechnology bluetooth spwm mli induction motor time series analysis association rule mining contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization. morphological image processing face detection opinion mining v-blast. parallel detection and decoding techniques protocols broadcasting fake identity xml. google map haversine formula color detection. filtering process conveyor system contour usb camera raspberry pi 3 delay constrains. backpressure max-weight heavy tiled mobile ad hoc networks dc conductivity nanoparticles cds sc-fdma papr lcd. energy meter arduino uno amr sim gps module oscillatory flow cooling and heating ohmic heating viscous dissipation floating point filter integer filter edge enhancement image key feature extraction background removal segmented filter stbc psk antenna signal processing emf imd gear fault mae. arima univariate method stlf load forecasting microstrip line. transmission loss isolation loss return loss directional coupler advanced design system(ads) surface temperature motor enclosure flameproof process parameters jet lag abrasive awjm decryption and cyber security healthcare near field communication (nfc) gsm module sound generator light emitter pir sensors animal detection facts. power oscillation damping controller (podc) smib sssc pst pss sellers buyers e-commerce unicode data. identification similarity security and privacy. vvc vehicular ad hoc networks graceful degradation. hybrid algorithm maps lbs google api time database geocoding location internet etc. vector control and matlab/simulink doubly fed induction machine (dfim) prediction diabetes tableau password policies data secrecy data integrity data confidentiality database security methodology genetic algorithm. low cycle fatigue incremental plasticity power converters. pv systems maximum power point tracking constant power control constant power generation arduino and led android application ultrasonic sensor esp 8266 pcb (printed circuit board) dsp(digital signal processor) led (light emiting diod) cmos(complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor igst sgst cgst indirect tax boost. sentiment sarcasm hypermesh. cad hydraulicpress power. cylinder diameter roller diameter displacement volume heart beat sensor. buzzer raspberry pi 3 b+ module emission performance tyre pyrolysis oil (tpo) diesel engine experimental investigation convnets(cnn ) and sgd. feature maps hyperparameter gmail. wearable technology smart devices personal security raspberry pi-3 bit error rate signal to noise ratio orthogonal frequency division multiplexing multiple input multiple output reactive power inverter boost converter active power relay driver usb player audio amplifier voice play module rtc module components: arduino svm. adas electromagnetic band-gap superstrate layer wideband data anonymization pediatric migraine migraine episodic migraine chronic migraine c4.5 interest aptitude career fuzzy system simulation framework. high speed systems half-volume dielectric resonator antenna comprehensive solution. indian farming execution plan: financial plan internet of things(iot) agrinet fuzzywuzzy algorithm. naive bayesian classifier clinical decision support system (cdss) inkscape. servo motor stepper motor atmega 168p motor driver shield (l293d) tertiary structures. base pairs secondary structure rna bmi food nutrition diet intelligent information systems. smart cities gamification smart city psychotherapy suicide mental health chat bot automation ultrasonic sensors smart wall painting system robots unsupervised learning. weka predictive analysis social trust clustering-means. heterogeneous data semi-structured data unstructured data bluetooth technology sowing machine embedded system agricultural e-learning architecture cloud models iaas paas saas distributed system e-learning (abs) cloud computing pc microcontroller pds rfid reader rfid tag social networking. policy mining relief-f unsupervised gaussian mixtures automation. smart device precision agriculture (pa) wireless sensor network (wsn) ncc. discrete wavelet transfrom and normalization correlation hamming distance singular value decomposition daugman’s rubber sheet model hough transformation canny edge detection recognition rate iris recognition system id based ring signature. data sharing electricity. solar tower solar voltaic system solar energy energy gpsr gpvr its vanet profile based social network(psn). content based social network(csn) social networking service (sns) timer bloom filter aggregation (tbfa). grid based techniques spanning graph mobile sink and statistical analysis r programming predictive diabetes analysis sort2diabetes mellitus spoofing attack multimodal unimodal differential expansion histogram modification lsb substitution method reversible data hiding a progressive tone mapping framework such as wavel tone mapping can also be carried in nearby and/or various tone mapping methods have been proposed to accuracy of key node selecting discrimination of node importance ripple algorithm network nodes wound infection electronic nose background elimination adaptive noise cancellation genetic algorithm histograms web image search image color analysis audio-video recording. women safety wifi firebase rpi ecg interest rates on deposit. medium term long-term interest rates on credit cointegration data analysis. data privacy cp-abe kp-abe key management for access control abe two-factor dividing. debit & credit cards flushing. caching hard disk drive (hdd) solid state device (ssd) cluster storage environment mysql principal component analysis(pca) face detection and recognition hue hsv color identity color differentiation concept based retrieval keyword based retrieval semantic analysis hypernym hyponym synonym wordnet ontology non-conventional energysource etc. embedded device as a server embedded system with wlan leds arduino ir proximity sensor system monitoring and control street lighting system power saving template matching number plate recognition data sharing. sa-eds id based ring signature svd. non-blind dwt blind dwt digital image watermarking dwt self righteous. charitable revel charity muggers never -racking envy goals. waste model lean cache metrics. jvm metrics garbage collection index flush query latency elastic search hadmard code lwt svd arduino microcontroller. sensors. meteorological data agricultural decision support system (adss) social evaluation. races castes inferiority superiority inequality diversity degrees of freedom mems remote controlled robots photovoltaic panel passive cooling active cooling namenode masternode k-means. fuzzy c-means (fcm) computed tomography (ct) scalability large-scale wireless sensor networks tradable certificates. pat scheme otsu thresholding. ensemble classifiers grey level co-occurrence matrices (glcm) discrete wavelet transform magnetic resonance imaging (mri) user-interface. human expert inference engine knowledge-based education. multimedia systems multimedia development and educational system. education funding mathematics and online learning. educator learning brain tumor classification 3d super-voxels magnetic resonance imaging brain tumors affin. flume stock/share market biometrics computational linguistics text analysis fodpso-fcm hyper spectral image segmentation natural gas forecasting time series lpg consumption natural gas suppression time-like vector field space-like vector field pseudo-projective curvature tensor conharmoniccurvature tensor ricci solitons (?)-kenmotsu manifolds time-lapse series of mousecarcinoma cells. wavelet otsu enhancing diffusion filtering mlp etc. psa extraterrestrial radiation. clearness index global solar radiation auto live migration resource utilization live migration virtual machine childeren.. messages iot monitoring system architecture. security issues models policies and strategies. technologies ict tools higher education information and communication technologies (ict) text mining ( tm) natural language processing (nlp) semi structured unstructured information extraction (ie) neuroin?ammation. central nervous system global problem air pollution inpainting image restoration image annotation case frames abstract syntax tree natural language interface naturaljava group decision multi-criteria consensus mjpg streamer. keywords- raspberry hybrid theory of systems. polymetric analysis informative calculations thermodynamics of isolated points open systems gedel numbers table of god thot metamathematics turing machine plato numbers modular arithmetic crypto processor cryptographic algorithm super-capacitor ems microgrid money. block chain bitcoin currency rain water sensor. humidity solar photovoltaic panel ph wi-fi analog circuit oscillator sinusoidal oscillator otra implant-supported. dental prosthesis cyclic loading ranking focused crawler network traffic dataset traffic classifier transmission network lifetime box office websites regression success net gross data movies forecast sequential probability ratio test. node replication attacks distributed mechanism static wsn home environment special needs trust management. network security selfish attack delay tolerant networks (dtns) end to end service telecommunication multiservice delivery quality of service relay node selfish wireless networks deduplication. secret data ddos attack. defensive mechanisms security attacks security goal wireless mobile ad-hoc network and secure micro-payment. spef protocol resilient attackers point of sale micropayment scheme canny edge detection operators. prewitt sobel edges combined method integer programming periodic scheduling capacitated vehicle routing problem homomorphism linear authenticator (hla) public auditability vessel enhancement vessel convergence corner detector optic disc (od) localization cubic harmonious labeling cubic harmonious graph bistar graph time series reconstruction moment-preserving approximations signal approximation color space. arnold transform iwt fusion process ratings and reviews. fraud detection classification techniques. e-learning system autism spectrum disorder (asd) machine learning. mammogram pre-processing segmentation breast cancer www. search engines post-querying prequerying categorizing smart learning prioritizing web crawling strategies web crawlers crawlers bandwidth edap zigbee cluster tree network which is used to do for classification or regressi radial basic function(rbf) and learning polynomial support vector machines (svm) with linear or nonli hidden layer nodes. bp algorithm artificial neural network olsr dsr hd camera. multicopter visualstudio 2015 optical character recognition (ocr) automatic number plate recognition (anpr) abiotic stress. homology modeling cajanus cajan lipoxygenase attribute-based encryption multi-authority anonymity nymble revocation. anonymizing networks symmetric cryptography nymble sustainability and eco- friendly. greenhouse gases renewable energy biomass nusselt number. skin-friction kuvshinski fluid radiation mimo. maximum likelihood detection antenna modulation lgc ldp lbp fer saudi arabic dialect (sap). saudi arabic dialect (sad) dialect syntax in situ interrogative matlab simulation: arduino pid controller dc motor methdology owl knowledge management ontologies aerodynamic simulation refrigerant organic rankine cycle (orc)s miniature power turbine uwb. course design tel fear students’ perception psnr. mse discrete wavelet transform jpeg2000 compression biometric etc. fingerprintt footprint newbornt android app development. thingspeak nodemcu wi-fi module location sensing smart frame ann and edge detection technique threshold based segmentation pca merit factor integrated sidelobe level correlation level cyclic algorithm polyphase sequence cubic graceful labeling cubic graceful graph ccv cmv soil tandem vibratory rollers temperature ic intelligent compactor idle speed control. observer design lyapunov function linear matrix inequality automotive powertrain control air-to-fuel ratio control markov process hidden markov model online handwriting recognition galvanised iron sheets. decking sheet composite slab affordable roofing contactless smartcard orbac university multiservice access control model stuxnet. life-cycle history categories behaviour virus worms track. hand gesture recognition hue saturation value(hsv) human computer interaction (hci) gestures connected graph. double star star tree graph strong roman domination number roman domination number iq eq entrepreneurial ability tieque baron commands dsp simulation z-transform dtft nurses language antispoofing liveness detection texture detection fuzzy c-means algorithms. k-means algorithms elliptic curve theory. digital signature elliptical curve cryptography decryption future prospective of iot issues & challenges in iot applications of iot embedded sytem vs. iot definition of iot pain eeg. stress anxiety psychiatry attention thoughtless awareness consciousness neurobiological meditation single mode fiber (smf). optical phase conjugation (opc) dispersion compensating fiber (dcf) svm and deep learning. heart disease bfo algorithm. abc genetic algorithm (ga) fingerprint recognition neuro fuzzy inference system (nfis). fuzzy logic (fl) software effort estimation (see) bayesian network utilities discovery loopy belief propagation algorithm logical flowcharting probabilistic network models modeling sage reduced row-echelon forms sensitive attribute selection. identity uncertainty object identification data matching privacy techniques merge-purge entity resolution record linkage pattern mining sorted neighborhood deterministic approach pprl poaching. india wildlife protection act wildlife conservation deadlock improved banker’s algorithm banker’s algorithm system architecture evolution (sae). (key words) communication and signaling system high speed railway internal and external attributes. c++ software quality ck object oriented (oo) design metrics similarity analysis. identity resolution social networking sites max.entropy nb valuation. rate commercial property naive bayes. warehouse review lossless compression lossy compression redundancy image compression linear discriminant analysis principal component analysis hybridization relative reduct algorithm ant colony optimization ivf water consumption and residential. smart meter workflow and waiting time. reliable nephrology petri net hospital redesign sensitivity factor analysis. tcsc congestion management weak homometric number homometric number homometric sets hybrid lvdc garbage outputs. quantum cost parity preserving gates fault tolerant alu reversible logic biological. physico-chemical water quality accuracy pso similarity measure bcf case retrieval authentication and privacy. for security first nee key administration for example wi-max is utilized for the remote system. this inn network lifetime. chain based protocols chain based cluster cooperative protocol (cbccp) hierarchical routing pegasis (power efficient gathering in sensor infor wgr?-i-connectedness and wgr?-i-compactness. wgr?-i-closed and wgr?-i-open maps wgr?*-i-homeomorphism wgr?-i-homeomorphism mobile augmented reality. mixed reality marker recognition interactive intelligence usability learnability immersive environment human computer interaction storytelling augmented reality mbr stealth-ok authentication utm trend-os convoluted kernel architecture exata-5.4 power consumption jitter k-nearest neighbor(k-nn) multi-layer artificial neural networks (ann) web mining andriod application. mindwave headset nuerosky eeg sensor thinkgear and statistical quality control feedback formatting cutting defect cc mser weak label web and nonweb facial images semi supervised label refinement sbfa face annotation mahout zookeeper sqoop yarn pig avro hbase mapreduce data lineage oblivious transfer clickstream data sybil attacks online social networks (osn) ecdsa elliptic curve cryptography asymmetric key cryptography texture. local binary pattern (lbp) feature vector error diffusion block truncation coding (edbtc) color co-occurrence feature color content-based image retrieval (cbir) bit pattern feature encoder. power gating drain gating active mode sleep mode leakage power privacy protection visual cryptography scheme parallel fir filter urdhva triyagbhyam vedic mathematics bidirectional. transciever nfvo. tosca-based clustering service cloudnfv network programmability network service graph network function virtualization inductor (l) etc. alternating current (ac) power factor correction (pfc) serial peripheral interface. serial communication reusability intellectual property core field programmable gate array sparseness of short text lda hgtm micro blog social media network cross site similar site booster q-statistic high dimensional data provable data possession third party auditor provable data integrity word embedding. fisher vector hashing method retrieval. storage rainbow picture rainbow format rainbow technology manets. source routing proactive routing opportunistic data forwarding the virtual time of a customer in the system server is in regular busy period server is in idle period single working vacation fm / fm / 1 queue anfis-tora reactive proactive tora binary to excess-1 converter carry skip logic knowledge discovery database peak signal to noise ratio. optimized connected median filter weighted and 4-connected median filter impulse noise chili x-ray image recommender system. parallel processing polarity classification nosql edge detection algorithm. ffpga xilinx system generator binary to excess-1 converters(bec) arithmetic and logic unit(alu) json. spa ajax jquery browsers angularjs intruder. browsing behavior navigational patterns personalization socialization empirical. guarded heat flow meter natural fibre composites pine wood dust epoxy thermal conductivity manets llc ripng rip framework. security attack authentication glass fiber reinforced gypsum(gfrg). rapid wall technique total harmonic distortion (thd). predictive current control (pcc) shunt apf power quality pv system minimal prime ideals prime ideal ideal hyperlattice replica management peer-to-peer cdn infrastructures content distribution server bandwidth saving peer to peer network video streaming k-nn classifier. principal component analysis (pca) discrete wavelet transform (dwt) local binary pattern(lbp) loan. deposit customer awareness tax. smartphone ecommerce marketplace online services goods encoding. variable length mapping text based cryptosystem ascii ecc hadamard product (convolution). close-to-cap like koebe’s function star like function cap like function beirbarbach conjecture univalent function immobilizer relay. gsm/gprs anti-larceny accelerometer sensor quality indicator scientific publication evaluation decision making cognitive models general & particular wisdom frameworks optical wireless wired networks traditional method achievement in science academic achievement smart class rapid wall technique. life-patterns location-acquisition geo-social queries sensor nodes mobile base station cluster head information quality gender media richness theory computer-mediated communication virtual teams parameterized model. adaboost learning network intrusions dynamic distributed detection intrusion detection system. dempster–shafer theory mobile ad hoc network user privacy internet-of-things mobile biometrics random discriminant analysis many kernels many manifolds face scrambling facial biometrics traumatic brain injury (tbi). visual-contextual model mri images ecosystem. gecko wildlife seshachalam biosphere html dom js constant bit rate(cbr) audio video interference spectrum efficiency propagation delay secondary users (su) primary users (pu) cognitive radio networks (crns) suppression. microdata microaggregation application fuzzy set vague set heirarchial partitton. advanced location-based efficient routing in manet recommenderlab collaborative filtering consumer rating matrix review product recommendation predicalc mdsheet es-sql querysheet relation database sql engines spreadsheet differential mode group delay (dmgd) few mode fiber (fmf) channel width space division multiplexing (sdm) adaptive algorithms transmission system optical channel performer or underperformer faculty expertise predictor educational data mining student performance prediction subject recommender system data reconstruction independent component ordering defaultcustomer rapid miner deep learning neural network(dnn) shopping mall. aritficial intelligence digital basket backup sensor. structural health monitoring mobile access coordinator distributed computing attacks performance appraisal. fuzzy logic faculty evaluation sustainable agriculture precision agriculture solution-database error-recorder plug-in workbench neural networks. structural pattern recognition statistical pattern recognition pattern recognition random forest neuromuscular disorders feature extraction emg muap’s digital forensics automation system. ict self-organizing map & hierarchical clustering gene expression k-means carrier frequency offset (cfo). additive white gaussian noise (awgn) inter-carrier interference (ici) bit error ratio (ber) syntactic semantics pragmatics nlp morphology compound words radio resource. hash function discovery protocol d2d communication bloom filter statistical comparison. junk food fast food chains image subtraction size correction orientation fault pcb total harmonic distortion.g(thd) sine pulse width modulation(spwm) diode-clamped multilevel inverter manifold learning nonlinear dimensionality reduction optimal homotopy analysis method. mass balance equation darcy law cocurrent imbibition fr-4 substrate. suspended rectangular single arc truncated antenna web mining. web page recommendation sequential patterns knowledge representation domain ontology support vector machine (svm) classifier. joint photographic experts group (jpeg) compressio image splicing image forensics component: blocking artifact characteristics matri cloud services. risk mitigation privacy risks cloud scalability vm consolidation vm migration sla copy-move forgery morphing retouching splicing cloning frequent item set item set apriori high utility item set efficiency. availability consistency multi-key cloud nosql databases data mining. big data platforms big data analytics protein complex. solvent docking hypertension hyperchem binding free energy alpha adrenergic receptors very large scale integration (vlsi) sram cells finfet cmos integrated circuits power delay product. high speed full adder carbon nanotube field-effect transistor (cntfet) distributed heterogeneous clouds task scheduling resource allocation acoustic model cmu sphinx indian english automatic speech recognition algorithms of routing. fault tolerance and repair routing tag redundancy graph fault tolerance priority specification matching histogram pixel region based saliency model visual attention model pick and place longest common subsequence. dna similarity algorithms dna sequence comparison dynamic programming applications and challenges. routing protocols comparisons mobile ad-hoc network flcand mppt pic microcontroller sepicconverter lawn mower energy management voice control ieee 802.15.4 wireless home automation system adaptive learning environment flipped class flipped learning adaptive technologies thermal noise snr noise polarity categorization classification product review linear differential equation recursive collocation b-spline apod pod pd pmsm. svpwm pwm steel take off. geometry parameters staad pro roof trusses optimization vm allocation scheduling virtualization
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