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Well 6 emergency rehabilitation project

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Well 6 emergency rehabilitation project

  1. 1. STAFF REPORTTO: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City CouncilTHROUGH: Frank A. Sweet, Interim City ManagerFROM: Shane Fisher, Public Works SuperintendentDATE: July 23, 2012SUBJECT: WELL #6 EMERGENCY REHABILITATION PROJECTISSUES BEFORE THE COUNCIL:Emergency declaration for the rehabilitation work of the well casing and turbine pump atWell #6.RECOMMENDATION:Staff recommends approval of resolution authorizing Interim City Manager to enter into acontract with Foremost Pump & Well Services, LLC to rebuild the existing turbine pump andgrout line the existing 16” well casing.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:Sole Source Contract based on the following information: Foremost Pump in conjunction with Pacific Groundwater Group performed an emergency assessment of Well #6. On July 13, 2012 Well #7 did not startup to maintain our water system reservoir levels, which is initiated by our SCADA monitoring system. City staff was called in to try and manually start pump, but was unable due to electrical issues. The well was eventually put online without incident. The City Manager and staff met to discuss the immediate need to have Well #6 back online as soon as possible to keep City water supply reserves at safe and acceptable level.OUTCOMES OF DECISION:If council approves this contract it will assure reliable & consistent water supply.FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS:This is an unbudgeted expenditure that will be funded from Water Department CapitalOutlay reserve fund for situations such as this. Water Department 410.34.594.39.65.00 - $89,857.50 (Balance - $60,142.50)Attachments: A. Resolution B. Contract
  2. 2. RESOLUTION 2012 - _____ A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SUNNYSIDE, WASHINGTON, APPROVING AGREEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION SERVICES WITH FOREMOST PUMP & WELL SERVICES, LLC (Well #6 Emergency Rehabilitation Project) WHEREAS, on June 29, 2012 the City of Sunnyside became aware of significantdeterioration of the well casing in Well #6; and WHEREAS, Foremost Pump & Well Services, LLC in conjunction with PacificGroundwater Group and City staff evaluated and determined that the existing wellcasing must be retrofitted with a grouted liner; and WHEREAS, the City of Sunnyside negotiated an emergency rehabilitationagreement for construction services with Foremost Pump, for the provision ofconstruction services for such project; and WHEREAS, the City Council finds and determines that approval of suchagreement is in the best interests of residents of the City of Sunnyside and will promotethe general health, safety and welfare. NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OFTHE CITY OF SUNNYSIDE, WASHINGTON, as follows: SECTION 1. That the “Proposal for Well 6 Emergency Rehabilitation,” a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit “A” and incorporated herein by this reference, by and between the City of Sunnyside and Foremost Pump & Well Services, LLC, for the provision of professional construction services described therein, is hereby accepted; and the Interim City Manager is hereby authorized to execute and administer such agreement for and on behalf of the City of Sunnyside. SECTION 2. This Resolution shall be effective upon passage, approval and signatures hereon as required by law.
  3. 3. PASSED this 23rd day of July, 2012. ___________________________________ MIKE FARMER, MAYORATTEST:________________________________DELILAH SAENZ, CITY CLERKAPPROVED AS TO FORM:________________________________MENKE JACKSON BEYER EHLIS HARPER & PLANT, LLPAttorneys for the City of Sunnyside
  4. 4. EXHIBIT "A" AGREEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION SERVICES By and Between CITY OF SUNNYSIDE And Foremost Pump & Well Services, LLC Well #6 Emergency Rehabilitation ProjectTHIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the CITY OF SUNNYSIDE, amunicipal corporation of the State of Washington, and Foremost Pump & Well Services,LLC, for construction services described below. I. Recitals A. CITY OF SUNNYSIDE, hereafter called “City,” is a municipal corporationof the State of Washington, with City Hall located at 818 East Edison Avenue,Sunnyside, Washington 98944. B. Foremost Pump & Well Services, LLC, hereafter called “Contractor,” is abusiness entity duly formed and existing under the laws of the State of Washington, withprincipal offices at P.O. Box 3111, Union Gap, WA 98903. C. City owns and operates Well #6 located at 720 S. 16th Street, Sunnyside,Washington. The existing well casing is in dire need of rehabilitation due todeterioration and erosion, as well as rebuilding and replacement of the seals andbearings within the turbine pump. D. City and Contractor desire to enter into an agreement for the performanceof the work described herein. II. Agreement WHEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions andpromises herein, the parties agree as follows: 1. Scope of Work. Contractor shall provide all labor and materials toconstruct and complete the replacement and repair of the well casing and rebuilding ofthe turbine pump, as specified on the attached quote (Attachment “A”). All work subjectto periodic inspection by the City or its authorized agents, and subject to final inspectionand approval by the City prior to acceptance of the work. Contractor shall obtain allnecessary permits to perform the work, including any necessary business license. 2. Payment. In consideration of the work performed, City shall payContractor $74,472.58 for the lining of the existing well casing, and $15,384.92 for therebuilding of the turbine pump bearings and seals, for a total of $ 89,857.50 (includingAgreement Page 1 of 2 City of SunnysideWell #6 Emergency Rehabilitation Project
  5. 5. EXHIBIT "A"sales tax, permits) Remission of sales tax to the State of Washington shall be theresponsibility of the Contractor. City shall withhold all payments to Contractor until such time that City has madefinal acceptance of the project. Contractor is required to comply with all applicable lawsof the State of Washington, including but not limited to, payment and record keepingrequired by prevailing wage laws and regulations. All work shall be performed by the Contractor in a good workmanlike manner inaccordance with industry standards for such work and in accordance with safetystandards applicable to the industry. Contractor agrees to defend and indemnify City forany damage to property or injury to person resulting from any negligent performance ofthe work. 3. Time for Performance. Contractor will commence work after execution ofthis agreement and upon direction to commence work issued by the City’s Public WorksDirector, and shall be completed on or before August 31, 2012. 4. Venue. In the event of any action to enforce the terms of this agreement,or any dispute arising under this agreement, venue shall lie in Yakima County, State ofWashington. 5. Entire Agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of theparties, and shall not be modified or amended in whole or in part except in writingsigned by both parties.WHEREFORE, this Agreement is executed this _____ day of , 2012.CITY OF SUNNYSIDE CONTRACTOR NAME___________________________ __________________________Frank A. Sweet,Interim City Manager __________________________ATTEST: Print Name___________________________Delilah Saenz, City ClerkAPPROVED AS TO FORM:___________________________Menke Jackson Beyer Ehlis Harper & Plant, LLPAttorney for the City of SunnysideAgreement Page 2 of 2 City of SunnysideWell #6 Emergency Rehabilitation Project
  6. 6. ATTACHMENT "A"
  7. 7. ATTACHMENT "A"