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BQC Open 2012 India Quiz - Prelims

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The BQC Open 2012 series of quizzes was held in the Bengal Club on April 28 and April 29. The India Quiz was conducted by Dhananjay Shettigar and Rajiv Rai with support from Surya Ragunaathan.

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BQC Open 2012 India Quiz - Prelims

  1. 1. The BQC Open Quizzes, 2012THE BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB
  2. 2. Preliminary RoundINDIA QUIZ
  3. 3. Preliminary Round Teams of 3 – please let us know if you need partners 28 questions  Please answer legibly – if we can’t read it, it’s wrong  This isn’t a spelling bee, but do try & get as close as possible Questions 11-18 are * marked and are tiebreakers The top 8 teams will qualify for the finals Please put your electronic devices far away
  4. 4. Prelims 1This is the I. M. Kadri designed CEAT Mahal in Worli.What is the inspiration for this building?
  5. 5. Prelims 1 – Answer Hawa Mahal in JaipurJust like the Hawa Mahal catches breeze and a viewfrom all parts, the CEAT Mahal catches the sunallowing for terrace garden on each floor.
  6. 6. Prelims 2Who was the first Indian to be knighted?He was in the business of manufacturing bottles andwas therefore called ‘Bottlewaller’.
  7. 7. Prelims 2 – AnswerSir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 1st Baronet. JJ School of Art, Architecture etc. are named after him.
  8. 8. Prelims 3Anu Kapur was crowned Miss India in 2006. Shemarried the guy in the picture in December 2011Identify the guy (his real name or the name underwhich he has gained fame).
  9. 9. Prelims 3 – AnswerKunal Nayyar as Raj Koothrapalli
  10. 10. Prelims 4Which cricketing trophy for test matches between twonations was instituted in 2007 and named for a personwho played for both these countries?
  11. 11. Prelims 4 – AnswerThe Pataudi trophy (named after Iftikhar Ali KhanPataudi)
  12. 12. Prelims 5Primarily domestic-focused, some of its international‘clients’ include WIPO, IAEA and WHO.Founded in 1860, Sir Edmund Drummend was the firstperson to head this department. Famous people whoworked in this department include Sarat ChandraChatterjee and CV Raman.In independent India, V Narahari Rao became the firsthead on Aug 15, 1948.Identify the designation of the head of this department.
  13. 13. Prelims 5 – AnswerComptroller & Auditor General of India The department is called the Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IAAD). Vinod Rai is the current CAG of India.
  14. 14. Prelims 6The name of this caste in Tamil literally means “onewho rules the land”. The community was previouslyknown as Shanar but legally changed its name in 1921.In post independent India, they have made significantprogress through education and entrepreneurshipwhich has also elicited international academic interestand appreciation.One of the richest persons in India is from thiscommunity.Which community?
  15. 15. Prelims 6 – AnswerNadar
  16. 16. Prelims 7Which is the largest functioning Hindu temple in theworld?It also houses India’s largest stepwell with 2870 stepsand the worlds smallest animatronic robot.
  17. 17. Prelims 7 – AnswerSwaminarayan Akshardham temple in Delhi.
  18. 18. Prelims 8He became the youngest winner of the PVC at the age of21, when as a 2nd Lieutenant he destroyed five tanks inthe battle of Shakargarh in 1971.The NDA parade ground in Khadakvasla is named afterhim. Who?
  19. 19. Prelims 8 – AnswerArun Khetarpal
  20. 20. Prelims 9Twelve-year-old Elaine D’Lima stood first in a story-telling contest held across schools of Bombay.On November 14, 1980, she was chosen to launch whatat Birla Mathusree Sabhagar, Bombay?
  21. 21. Prelims 9 – AnswerTinkle Comics
  22. 22. Prelims 10In 1946, this football player was watching a practicesession of the Bengal Nagpur Railway hockey team inKharagpur.Finding themselves short of a player, the captain,Dickie Carr, who had represented India at the 1936Berlin Olympics, thrust a stick in his hands. He wenton to be a part of the Indian gold medal winninghockey team at the 1948 London Olympics.Identify.
  23. 23. Prelims 10 – AnswerLeslie Claudius He and Udham Singh are the only hockey players to win 3 Olympic gold medals.
  24. 24. Prelims 11 *In 1719, he was witness to a noisy discussion in thecourt of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah about howto determine an auspicious date when the emperorcould start a journey.This led him to think on the need to improve theknowledge of a particular subject.It is a marvel that in the midst of local wars andforeign invasions, he found the time and the energy todo so much about it.What did he do?
  25. 25. Prelims 11 * – AnswerSawai Jai Singh II built the Jantar Mantars(astronomical observatories) at Delhi, Mathura,Benares, Ujjain and Jaipur.
  26. 26. Prelims 12 *Which 9-time National Film awardee has thedistinction of having directed the most number offilms in India (over 80)?He also gave breaks to over 100 actors and actressesincluding two of the biggest names in the Indian filmindustry.
  27. 27. Prelims 12 * – AnswerK Balachander A Dadasaheb Phalke award winner, he introduced Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan
  28. 28. Prelims 13 *On January 1, 1894, an order of the Government in themilitary department eliminated which word from thedesignation of all Indian infantry regiments, as it hadacquired an insulting connotation?
  29. 29. Prelims 13 * – AnswerNative
  30. 30. Prelims 14 *In colonial times, when these were transported by seafrom India to Europe (trip taking nearly 6 months), thehumidity and sea winds would combine to ripen it andchange its colour from green to pale yellow.This new form became a hit with the Europeans andcontinues to be protected today through GI tag.What?
  31. 31. Prelims 14 * – AnswerMonsooned Malabar Coffee Beans
  32. 32. Prelims 15 *Rai Sahib Harbilas _____ (representative of Ajmer-Merwana in the Legislative Assembly, social reformer,historic scholar of the Rajputana and an educator)introduced a bill in 1927 prohibiting child marriage ofHindu girls below 12 and boys below 15.It came into force in 1930.FITB.
  33. 33. Prelims 15 * – AnswerSarda The bill was the Child Marriage Restraint Act, popularly called the Sarda Act.
  34. 34. Prelims 16 *The Deccan Gymkhana of Pune drafted the first rulesand regulations of this game in 1914. In 1919, theelliptical field dimensions were standardised. However,the field shape was changed to rectangular in 1935.National championships started in 1959. Eklavya Awardand Rani Laxmibai Awards are given to the ‘Man andWoman of the Tournament.’Which sport?
  35. 35. Prelims 16 * – AnswerKho Kho
  36. 36. Prelims 17 *DKT International is a charitable organisation thatpromotes family planning and prevention of HIVthrough social marketing. It is named afterDharmendra Kumar Tyagi, a health official during the1960s.What ‘invention’ of his can be seen across India andother countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe and Egypt?
  37. 37. Prelims 17 * – AnswerRed Triangle (symbol of Family Planning)
  38. 38. Prelims 18 *Which journalist, historian, poet and dramatist wasgiven the title Moon of India in 1880 in a publicmeeting by the unanimous consent of the vernacularpress and vidwans (learned men) of Kasi headed byPandit Rama Sankar Vyas, Editor of Sarsudh-Nidhi?
  39. 39. Prelims 18 * – AnswerBharatendu Harishchandra
  40. 40. Prelims 19In 1986, when nominated to the Rajya Sabha whosefirst and only speech was regarding the abolition ofschool bags, on account of them being a burden for thechildren?
  41. 41. Prelims 19 – AnswerRK Narayan
  42. 42. Prelims 20Akhilesh Kumar Yadav has garnered a lot of press inrecent days for becoming at the age of 38, one of theyoungest chief ministers in the country.Who was the youngest ever chief minister at the age of32?
  43. 43. Prelims 20 – AnswerPrafulla Kumar Mahanta
  44. 44. Prelims 21The monument on the left is inspired by the one on theright. Identify the one on the left.
  45. 45. Prelims 21 - AnswerDeekshabhoomi in Nagpur, where Ambedkarconverted to Buddhism.
  46. 46. Prelims 22Every (old) quizzer’s favourite memory!Which famous voice intones the familiar words“Cadbury’s presents the Bournvita Quiz contest”? http://youtu.be/zCbJjHObrK8
  47. 47. Prelims 22 – AnswerHamid Sayani Program started in 1972 with Hamid. Ameen took it over after his brother’s death in 1975. However, the original announcement was retained.
  48. 48. Prelims 23Which Padma Shri awardee and Karate brown beltholder, who is often confused with another sportingicon, is the brand ambassador of the Deccan Chargersin the IPL?
  49. 49. Prelims 23 – AnswerSaina Nehwal
  50. 50. Prelims 24This curious sounding name goes back to a 1757 treatybetween Mir Jafar and the East India Company, bywhich Mir Jafar ceded revenue rights in a certainnumber of revenue divisions under the Mughaladministration.What is being referred to?
  51. 51. Prelims 24 – Answer24 Parganas ‘Pargana’ was the name given to a type of revenue division under Mughal administration. These have now been divided into districts named North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas in West Bengal.
  52. 52. Prelims 25Only time that the Ashok Chakra has been awarded toforeigners was on April 11 1984 when Yuri Malyshevand Gennady Strekalov were honoured.Who was the third awardee along with them?
  53. 53. Prelims 25 – AnswerRakesh Sharma (for the space voyage onboard theRussian ship Soyuz T-11).
  54. 54. Prelims 26Connect video with the visual. http://youtu.be/yUDLkVbW14w
  55. 55. Prelims 26 – AnswerBidar The song is shot at Bidar Fort while the hookah at the Louvre is an example of Bidriware.
  56. 56. Prelims 27The maternal grandfather of actress Amrita Singh livesin Sujan Singh Park near Khan Market, New Delhi,which is Delhi’s first apartment complex built by hisfather in 1945, and named after his grandfather.His father was a major landowner and built severalprominent buildings of Lutyen’s Delhi including SouthBlock, India Gate and Connaught Place marketcomplex.Name the maternal grandfather.
  57. 57. Prelims 27 – AnswerKhushwant Singh
  58. 58. Prelims 28The questions were:1) Who is the greatest Lord in this world?2) Who is the sole refuge for everyone everywhere?3) By worshipping whom can one attain peace andprosperity?4) Who can confer auspiciousness on man?5) What is the greatest dharma?6) By meditating on whom can ‘beings’ transcend the cycle ofendless births and deaths?What was the answer?
  59. 59. Prelims 28 – AnswerVishnu Sahasranamam
  60. 60. We will start the finals in 15 minutes INDIA QUIZ