myocardial infarction chronic total occlusion heart failure congenital heart disease 12 lead ecg management cardiology diagnosis treatment pci coronary aiims bhubaneswar hypertension statistics cardiomyopathy mitral regurgitation coronary artery disease ecg medical statistics cardiac intervention ventricular tachycardia wpw syndrome acute rheumatic fever percutaneous coronary intervention coronary bifurcation stenting p value cardiac pacemakers sample research right ventricle angiana angioplasty size ventricular septal defect rheumatic heart disease atrial septal defect left atrium physiology 2013 heart natural history stenting dk crush ivus optical coherence tomography calcification covid-19 intravascular ultrasound left main coronary artery coronary artery perforation fourth universal definition of myocardial infarcti congenital cardiac surgery acute aortic dissection normal pregnancy medina classification pulmonary atresia hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ventricular fibrillation thrombolytics techniques coronary artery ptca peripheral chronic total occlusion (cto) crossing tools classification quantification acute pericarditis criteria echocardiographic electrocardiogram ffr approach pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum guidelines paediatric segment congenital heart disease;pulmonary artery hyperten nstemi closure percutaneus constricitive pericarditis ramachandra barik bradycardia embryology cardiogenic shock bifurcation lesion large seal retrograde access device closure novel mitral valve repair percutaneous mitral balloon valvuloplasty reduced ejection fraction arni echo oct average resistance covid-19 • cardiac • vascular • microvascular • en hfref mitral stenosis peripheral artery disease fractional flow reserve bifurcation pot how to present a long case balloon surgical repair critical aortic valve instantaneous wave-free ratio (ifr) ifr unstable angina diastolic atrial fibrillation pulmonary hypertension secondary prophylaxis troponin human biological funding india arrhythmia japanese chronic total occlusion score j-cto lbbb writing chest x-ray pa view tetralogy of fallot cardiovascular system critical aortic stenosis repolarization theory history cardiac intervention dual antiplatelet therapy stemi acute coronary syndrome troubleshooting statistical perforation heterotaxy new generation drug eluting stent medical alpha beta z scores pulmonary arterial hypertensio therapy ptmc pbmv vascular plugs health d transposition of great arteries type i systolic anterior motion stem cell transradial intervention anatomy heart transplantation jones criteria syncope bifurcation stenting pisa hemodynamic access chest radiogragh read prevention guidelines sampling descriptive right ventricle oral anticoagulant trials sequential analysis new patent doctus arteriosus cabg sudden cardiac death primary tamponade early repolarization syndrome takayasu's arteritis qrs site hemostasis complications intravascular foreign body retrival religion and spirituality surgery cardiac shunt calculation pacemaker prosthetic valve dr nishanth dr amarpal singh gulati ecg changes in acute myocardia wellens cardiovascular medicine gene editing crispr splenectomy pocket infection pneumococcal vaccine amplatzer duct occluder piccolo duct occluder percutaneus closure transcatheter closure lead reversal pericardial effusion ecentric tachycardia supraventricular radiofrequency ablation bioprosthetic v mechanical valve bioprosthetic valve wire guide saline flush contrast flush co-registration depolarization theory shanghai score isopretoronol quinidin brugada syndrome (brs) sa node sinoatrial node paranodal area natural development intravascular lithotripsy thoracic aorta impella intra aortic balloon pump abnormal cardiac remodelling ventricular arrhythmias left ventricular false tendon ostial side branch medina 001 fibrinogen aptt act heparin patent ductus arteriosus history of medicine cardiac surgery science function thymus premature ventricular complexes ecmo in 2021 coronary bifurcation lesions performing case report bileaflet mechanical valve cerebral protection valve fracture degenerated mechanical valve transcatheter valve-in-valve implantation cardiac rehabilitation treatment of heart failure diagnosis of heart failure classification of heart failure cardiac arrest electrolyte imbalance hyperkalemia 13(7): 204-210 [doi: 10.4330/wjc.v13.i7.204] echocardiography onorato em. large eustachian val paradoxical embolism right-to-left shunt patent foramen ovale chiari’s network eustachian valve antithrombotic therapy left main disease complex percutaneous coronary intervention guide extension catheter cut angiographic indicators thrombus bail out aorto valsalva maneuver transcatheter covered stent right bundle branch black pacing culotte aneurysmal sac fistula pulmonary artery europian heart journal no stent stent study ischemia coronary angiograghy aquired heart diseases aortic dissection chest pain measurement blood pressure delhi icmr dr ravinder singh for proposal determination decompression left sided obstructive lesion pre tricuspid shunt levoatriocardinal vein progress-cto score anaemia saturation transferitin feritin iron defiency iatrogenic bmv rescue functional evaluation ischemia trial optimum medical management stable angina medical journals statistical reporting latest endovascular intervention total occlusion distal abdominal aorta abstract graghical use heart to beat cardiovascular diseases world heart day 2020 pa/ivs how to read easy made ekg chief complain clinical history bedside 2020 md andrew freeman how to strain noac vitamin k dependent oa prof gs wander nsaid arb acei renal failure nt pro bnp bnp cardiac biomarkers paradigm-hf valsatran sacubitril bleeding diathesis cerebrovascular accident aspirin provisional stenting pulmonary valve regurgitation tricuspid valve regurgitation aortic valve regurgitation erythema marginatum carditis arthritis chorea stensois complex coronary lesion grading of sam tricuspid bicuspid unicuspid accommissural t and small protrusion (tap) proximal isovelocity surface area lvdd appraisal noninferiority design a balanced approach for medical research abhaya indrayan stastistical significance vasodilation free least resistance diastolic period fielder xt-a fielder xt-r antegrade approach shockwave intravascular lithotripsy with shockwave confidence interval significance confidence intervals the utilization improving cat thromus air ribavirin favipiravir sofosbuvir remdesivir replication rna-dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) lassa virus ebola virus sars-cov-2 sars mers coronavirus (cov) viral infections chloroquine severe left ventricle dysfunction transradial catheterization radial artery occlusion basal hypertrophy interventricular septum nitroglycerine insulin dobutamine dopamine atropine adrenaline pressure half time. planimetry mitral leaflet separation index carbon dioxide chronic kidney disease digital subtraction angiography endovascular procedures dot finet's law snowball cluster methods valvuloplasty mitral eluting stent drug techniques of deployment interatrial septal length amplazer septal occluder radial artery pseudoaneurysm major simple world bank classification congenital heart defect signs eponymous 12 regurgitation bundle of his methotextrate dr mikito takayasu pulseless disease takayasu’s arteritis wall motion score index orbita dobutamine stress echocardiography duration of dual antiplatelet antiplatelet monotherapy angiotensin receptor blockers ace inhibitors comparative effectiveness aceis versus arbs verapamil narrow complex tachycardia idiopathic fascicular left ventricular tachycardia taking cardiovascular disease cut short by endocarditis the life of a brilliant composer gustav mahler’s ‘maladie ce´le`bre’ true negetive false postive alternative hypothesis null hypothesis 95% confidence interval t value population parameter statistic refractory hypertension resistant hypertension pseudo‑resistant types wiring arterial elastance ventricular elastance ventricular-arterial coupling timing indication eclampsia preeclampsia non cardiac chest pain approach to chest pain drama at the nobel peace prize press conference crochetage sign ventricular pre excitation concertina bronchiectasis emphysema α1-antitrypsin deficiency (aatd) more complex congenital heart diseases consanguineous marriage hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy therapeutic single antiplatelet christian andreas doppler repair wall rupture free left ventricle crossing heart disease sgarbossa eb rvot out flow tract vt wide qrs tachycardia modified sgarbossa criteria sgarbossa criteria st elevation myocardial infarction hcm rcm dcmp nyha functional class stages of heart failure fourth universal definition pseudo myocardial infarction type ii gerbode defect evaluation irregular narrow complex tachycardia focal junctional tachycardia error positron tomograghy single photon spect hydropneumothorax pulmonary venous hypertension eissenger's syndrome cyanosis fetal circulation dr smarak ranjan rout unknown author modified version sachidananda routray my little village gasul phenomenon acquired chronic rheumatic heart disease definition journal indonésia lung embolization double chamber right ventricle bacterial endocarditis 2018 fourth laterality cpk-mb early biomarker coeptin gene 2018 esc/eacts guidelines on myocardial revascular father of cardiac surgery professor im rao cardiovascular emergencies q wave-t wave vector discordance pseudo-infarction complete heart block stansford classification debakey classification grand round odisha biatrial enlargement atrial enlargement diseases ripples tripple biatrial myxoma w-cto score weighted chronic total occlusion score situs inversus totalis mirror image dextrocardia dextrocardia with situs inversus mneumonic antiplatelet antithrombotic factors risk instruction author manuscript diamond coronary artery bifurcation stenosis lown-ganong-levine syndrome bhubaneswar aiims guideline aha 2017 benign respiratory variation vagal tone sinus arrhythmia ethical committee research cell post graduate thesis protoco cigarettes transcatheter balloon aortic valvuloplasty aha/acc three ecg patterns associated with brs brugada syndrome myocardial mass involved where is the occlusion affected artery ecg challange propranolol infant hemangioma figures album reuse of single device indian society of cardiology antiplatelet therapy june 2017 international yoga acute myocardial infarction restrictive cardiomyopathy aorta as brittle as glass cardic emergency pericardial disease alcohol admixture lesions congenital cyanotic heart disease infective endocarditis small ventricular septal defects calculation presentation ibutilide conference parametric;nonparametric tests;statistics ptfalls common medical research thrombois prosthetic heart valve odd ratio sundeep mishra intoxicants society connect analogy tree you basics doctor mitral valve stenosis commissurotomy situs ambiguous paediatrics juxtaposition atrial appendages happy new year 2016 power annals of pediatric cardiology linear regression cox regression paired t-test t-tests anova logistic regression chi-sqaure test heart attack interventions historical evolution of catheterization &amp tricks tips monday shillong 27-7-2015 apj abdul kalam heparin;hit benefit coffee approch to bifurcation lesion echocardiographic signs; acute cardiovascular cond what busy people says about life when they are no carotid artery stenosis coronary guidewires rheumatic fever 2015 revision essential criteria for acute rheumatic fever timeline dual left anterior descending coronary artery congenitally corrected transposition of the great ec hypertrophy grade iv hea transplantation charles theodore dotter cross road fellow haikudeck editor's job the surprising dangers of ct scans and x-rays non coronary intervention percutaneous aortic valvuloplasty sir william osler congenital heart disease; double outlet right ventricle tetralogy of fallots pre ulnar artery john b. barlow;barlow syndrome;mitral valve prolap mechanical valve;prosthetic valve;bioprosthetic v politician of future diagnosis;prevention coronary artery;stent thrombosis ventri prevent contrast induced nephropathy tricuspid valve;anatomy;2d echo;3d echo moges endotracheal tube children cessation of smoking in stent restenosis after familial hypercholesterolemia mitral valve prolapse systemic circulation pulmonary circulation foramen ovale dependent circulation left ventricular noncompaction 2012 world heart federation screening assessment non invasive pulmonary vascular resistance interrupted inferior venacava isomerism drainage venous systemic anomalous total echocardiogeaghy jvp pulsus paradoxus septal bounce kussumal supply conduction. system blood diagnostic device vascular how x-ray chest outflow tract single ventricle acyanotic cyanoisis pulmonary stenois students pg surgical conservative pharmacological ibuprofen preterm paracetamol indomethacin controversy vlbw pda cosira calculatio bidirectional shunt risk estimator ascvd distribution frequency central tendency univariate analyis inferential echocardiogram angiogram rupture sinus valsalva aneurysm part iii people confident l-tga l-loop d-loop macruz enlargement morris resistance cfr blood flow acclerated hypertension malignant hypetension hi! india should have own lipid guideline medical statistics part-ii:inferential statistics total anomalous pulmonary venous connection tapvc truncus arteriosus chamber double ebstein's anomaly cholesterol ano artery coronary;stent;story practice warfarin landmark disease congenital operability hemitruncus 2014 happenning medical field jnc-8 short qt pc supernormal conduction transcathetor cad lmca longqt qtc world heart day 2013 probability spontaneous coronary artery dissection pericardium crt idiopatic ventricular tachycardia he physical exercise ex dotplot bar diagram stemplot boxplot z-score m-mode echo 2d echo;3d echo narrow tachycard pjrt at avnrt avrt ta dtga tof kent bundle rich poor comparison dis-advantages advantages mousetrap persevere later. difficult patches protection embolism devices conotruncal anomaly garden moral nature beauty moon percutaneus aortic valve implantation antiarrythmic drugs. development of heart life sex education electrophysiology iccu arrythmia aberrant hocm asa left ventricular aneurysm ramachandra how to present your research in conference how to present your article in conference dr vijay amarnath nims vt vs other wide qrs tachycardia apoptosis and cardiovascular system dr shashikanth dr an patnaik social network a n patnaik updates in renin angiotensin system intervention live by share
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