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Data Visualization with Tableau - by Knowledgebee Trainings

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This Tableau BI is helpful in visualization of different graphs from databases.

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Data Visualization with Tableau - by Knowledgebee Trainings

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Knowledgebee Trainings
  2. 2. DATA VISUALIZATION • What is Tableau? • Advantage of Tableau • How Tableau is compare with other BI? • Which Industry using Tableau? • Tableau timeline • 3 requirements for today’s dashboards • Tableau components • Tableau architecture • How to work with Tableau?
  3. 3.  Data visualization is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format.  A visual can communicate more information than a table in a much smaller space.  Businesses around the globe realize that the ability to visualize data effectively leads directly to better understanding, insight and better business decisions.  Spreadsheets are hard to Understand  Data visualization makes interpretation easier DATA VISUALIZATION
  4. 4. WHAT IS TABLEAU?  Tableau is the business intelligence software  Any user can connect to the Tableau and perform the analysis and reporting very efficiently and accurately  Tableau is easy to use as MS-excel, so that any user can learn it without any prerequisites and it is very powerful to solve the most complex analytical problems  Tableau is having its own patent query language called as “ViZQL” (visualization query language)  ViZQL=SQL+ Visualization
  5. 5. ADVANTAGES OF TABLEAU Beyond Reporting Step 3 See the Answer Step 2 User Interface Step 1Plug and play Beyond reporting User Interface See the answer
  6. 6. HOW TABLEAU IS COMPARE WITH OTHER BI? Visual analysis •Tableau perform the analysis in the form of visuals every time with the help of ViZQL Any data source •Tableau can connect to any kind of data source right from the text file to database Fast performance •Tableau is having faster performance than any other BI tool in the market because of its state of art features like Tableau data engine, marks card and dashboards Business integration •Tableau is the platform, which is tightly coupled with any kind of business Web and mobile authoring •After the development of data view, we can share the report over the mobile and web
  8. 8. WHICH INDUSTRY USING TABLEAU ?  Every industries started using Tableau starting from transportation to retail  Tableau is used by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide because of its features like drag-and- drop interface.  Mostly, Tableau is used by the large companies such as WalMart, Coca Cola, Yahoo, ,Ferrai and T- Mobile. Tableau Retail Banking Transport ation Health care Insurance Manufact uring Oil and gas Telecom IT
  9. 9. TABLEAU TIMELINE 2005 2006 Achieves 8th consecutive quarter of record growth Named “Product of the Year” by PC Magazine Achieves 20th consecutive quarter of record growth Adds 1000 customer accounts Launches Desktop 5.0 & Server 5.0 #400 on Inc 500 #132 on Deloitte Technology Fast500 20091991 Three professor s (Chris, Pat, Chabot) in the Stanford university started research to build visual tool Achieves 4th consecutive quarter of record sales Launches Desktop1.0 – customers in every industry 2012 Launches Tableau 8.0 Launches Tableau 8.1 2013 Launches Tableau 8.2 Launches Tableau 8.3 Launches Tableau 7.1 Launches Tableau 7.2 Launches Tableau 7.3 2014 Launches Tableau 9.0.1  to 9.0.5 2015
  10. 10. 5 REASONS WHY DASHBOARDS MATTER NOW 1 Right Information to the Right Person 2 Distributed Decision-Making 3 Drill-up and Drill-down 4 Domain Experts Build Analytics 5 Visual, Easy to Understand
  16. 16. TABLEAU COMPONENTS Tableau Desktop Create Tableau Server Share - Web Tableau Reader Share - Local + Publish interactive analytics or dashboards + Secure information + Share visualizations and dashboards on the desktop + Filter, sort, and page through the views + Free download + It is the place where the complete project development in the Tableau will take place + Explore, visualize, and analyze your data + Create dashboards to consolidate multiple views Tableau Public Share - Everyone + It is used to share the report publicly to every one + Free download
  17. 17. TABLEAU ARCHITECTURE DATA SOURCE TABLEAU DESKTOP TABLEAU SERVER User Any database Creating the data views/work books/dashbo ards DATACONNECTION PUBLISH Creating the project /users/group s and assign the permissions
  18. 18. HOW TO WORK WITH TABLEAU 1 •Connect to the data source 2 •Drag and drop the required dimensions and KPI’s in to rows and columns 3 •Select the required chart in the “Show me” 4 •Click on Abc 5 •Publish the data views or work book in to the Tableau Server
  20. 20. TABLEAU FILE TYPES Tableau Workbook (.twb) Tableau's default way to save work This includes Information to visualize the data No source data saved with this file Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx) This file includes extracted data and workbook information to build visualizations This file can be shared with others without access to source data Tableau Data Source (.tds) This file saves the server address, password, and other metadata related to data source It will used to access frequently used data sources Tableau Data Extract (.tde) Get the data into tableau in memory data engine This file includes the source data as filtered and aggregated. It improves the performance and enables more functions Tableau Bookmark (.tbm) Sharing worksheets from one workbook to others This file contains information to visualize and data source if the workbook is packaged workbook
  21. 21. TABLEAU DATA TYPES Text values Date values Date and time values Numerical values Geographic values (latitude and longitude used for maps) Boolean values (true/false conditions)
  22. 22. THANK YOU Contact : Knowledgebee@beenovo.com