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SparkToro Beta Sneak Peek

Get an early look at the marketing and customer research problems SparkToro exists to solve, beta product screenshots, use cases, and pricing/launch plans.

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SparkToro Beta Sneak Peek

  1. Exploring Rand Fishkin | Cofounder & CEO | July 2019 A behind-the-scenes peek at SparkToro’s beta version: what it does, how it works, who it’s for
  2. Sections in this presentation: I. What problems is SparkToro built to solve? (3) II. Who is SparkToro for? III. A look at SparkToro’s three core functions IV. Example use cases V. Access, pricing, and feedback
  3. What problems is SparkToro built to solve?
  4. Marketing 101 Your Company (or client) The Right Customers For Your Product Where They Engage, Listen, Read, Watch, etc. In order to reach this audience You need to do marketing in these places
  5. The Core Issue… Your Company (or client) The Right Customers For Your Product Where They Engage, Listen, Read, Watch, etc. Figuring out these connections is incredibly time-consuming, expensive, and worst, inaccurate.
  6. How It’s Done Today: The Right Customers For Your Product Surveys: Informal and formal, with varying degrees of cost and accuracy, but always a long lead time, and frustratingly low response rates. Interviews: A key part of customer research, but incredibly hard to scale, and self-reported engagement is rife with misinformation. Online Sleuthing: Visiting hundreds of your customers’ social accounts or websites to see what they follow, engage with, and listen to – it’s a good way to learn the field, but immensely time-consuming and problematically biased by the people you pick.
  7. What if, instead… The Right Customers For Your Product Audience Intelligence With a single search, get access to aggregated data pulled from tens of thousands of public web and social profiles for any audience What this group of people… …listens to …reads …watches …follows …engages with …uses to describe themselves …attends …talks about
  8. How Does SparkToro Do That? Twitter Profile We crawl billions of web pages and social accounts, then build connections between those whose profiles match. This gives us a significant amount of data for each profile in our index. Website LinkedIn Page Facebook Page Instagram YouTube Profile Medium Blog We DO NOT use any personally identifiable information. Instead, we aggregate & anonymize data like: Bio + job title About page content Websites shared & linked-to Social accounts followed Words and phrases used Hashtags and topics posted A Single SparkToro Profile’s Data
  9. How Does SparkToro Do That? With 70 million+ profiles, we can, in seconds, process thousands of profiles that match nearly any criteria, and extract the most-commonly shared attributes of that group. 4,424 profiles that talk about “yoga” in Portland, OR Most common words used Most followed accounts Most shared websites Most listened-to podcasts Most common hashtags Etc.
  10. Now, We Can Answer Questions Like: What Instagram accounts are popular with marine biologists? What podcasts do teachers in Canada listen to most? What hashtags are popular with wildlife photographers vs. portrait photographers right now? What words and phrases do fly fishing enthusiasts use to describe themselves? Where are the biggest geographic concentrations of people who talk about vinyasa yoga? # of matching profiles in our database (as of 7/2/19) 1,328 85,827 21,012 100,682 3,580
  11. This is Exactly How SparkToro Works!
  12. We Can Search These 70M+ Profiles in Several Ways: Content of their social & web posts/shares Words & phrases from their bios/titles What/who they follow What they share, link- to, and follow Tags used in social & web posts/shares
  13. Real Talk… I hate when founders say “our solution can work for any problem!” That’s never the truth. So let’s get serious about where SparkToro works well and doesn’t. SparkToro’s Audience Data Works Well When: We have 300+ profiles that match the audience you’re targeting (more if the audience’s behavior is very diverse, fewer if very similar – just like election polling) Your audience is clearly definable and self-describes using a few, searchable words or phrases (SparkToro’s great for reaching “bartenders” or “marine biologists” – they use those words to describe themselves; it’s not so great if you’re targeting “homebuyers seeking new, energy-efficient windows” because that audience won’t self-describe in a searchable way) OR your audience talks about the interests/topics that identifies them as potential customers (Great for reaching people who are fans of DIY, 3D-printing because they tend to talk about that! But, not so great for targeting “parents buying their children’s first computer” because people rarely broadcast that intent) Your audience uses English in their online social + web profiles (we do index some non-English profiles, but the vast majority of our dataset is English-centric in this first version)
  14. Who is SparkToro For?
  15. SparkToro is Built Primarily for Marketers Content & SEO Pros • SparkToro’s tools can turn days of frustrating research into seconds of at-a-glance lists that will show you precisely which publications and people reach your ideal customers. • Outreach, guest content, and amplification sourcing just got WAY easier. PR + Social Media Pros • Where to get coverage & whom to engage with is all too often a battle of opinions and personal experience. • SparkToro’s tool turns frustrating arguments about where to reach any given audience into productive, data- driven plans. Marketing Strategists • When planning your marketing strategy, the ability to research dozens of audiences in seconds with instantly-applicable insights is invaluable. • So, too, is the ability to call BS on a bad marketing plan! Advertising Professionals • Where to invest beyond Google & Facebook is a constant quandary, but also a huge opportunity – because that’s where your competition isn’t playing • SparkToro provides cold, hard, audience numbers for any searchable group, so you don’t waste budget in the wrong places.
  16. But, Lots of Other Folks Can Benefit, Too CEOs & Founders • Knowing more about your target market before you make key decisions (which customers to pursue, what products to build, go-to-market plans, etc.) can vastly improve your results. • SparkToro makes previously inaccessible customer research just a few keystrokes away. Sales & Mktg Leaders • Your marketing plan is based on where you believe your target customers (and their influencers) engage and what they care about. • SparkToro adds crucial, customer- centric data to your strategy, so you can prioritize the right channels and tactics. Authors & Creators • Where do people who want your work spend time, who do they listen to, what do they follow? • Figuring that out is a time-consuming, often ignored part of every creator’s process. But, getting your work out there matters. • SparkToro makes that research process easy. Product Managers • You need your finger on the pulse of your audience – what they talk about, pay attention to, and engage with. • SparkToro gives you fast access to a wealth of customer research that would otherwise take months to assemble.
  17. A Look at SparkToro’s Three Core Functions
  18. Our Beta Launch Features Three, Connected Tools: Search for any audience and see shared characteristics about them, along with who/what/where they follow/listen-to/engage-with
  19. Plug in any two groups and see the overlap between them, and the shared vs. unique characteristics they possess. These are particularly useful for marketing strategy presentations and pitch meetings Our Beta Launch Features Three, Connected Tools:
  20. Enter your own website/social handle, a rival’s, or anyone’s, and see information about their audience’s characteristics and behavior – killer for competitive intel and comparisons. Our Beta Launch Features Three, Connected Tools:
  21. Audience Intelligence Start by choosing which way to research the audience about whom you’d like to gather data. Then enter a descriptor, a hashtag, a website, or a social account, and hit “Search.”
  22. From these 15,541 profiles that recently talked about “craft cocktails” on their social + web profiles, SparkToro extracts a boatload of statistically sound, anonymized, aggregated, actionable data.
  23. You can use these tabs to view lists of social accounts this audience follows, websites they visit, podcasts they listen to, and shared characteristics. By default, SparkToro orders the accounts, websites, and podcasts an audience follows by the percent of the audience doing so. In this example, 25% of those who talk about “craft cocktails” are following or engaging with Imbibe Magazine’s social accounts.
  24. Compare Audiences Enter any two audiences and hit Compare Audiences (you can also compare different types of queries, e.g. “frequently talks about” vs. “describe themselves as”).
  25. The comparison report shows characteristics and following behavior of the two groups, and how they intersect (or don’t). E.G. People interested in “craft cocktails” have very different online behavior to those who have “bartender” in their bio or job title.
  26. Profile Search Search by website or social handle
  27. Traffic data (via Jumpshot), social followings, commonly used words, phrases, and hashtags are all here. Use this for competitive intelligence, industry comparisons, or analysis of your own audiences.
  28. Example Use Cases
  29. Empowering Creators with Glowforge The Problem Where can Glowforge do brand marketing, PR, press outreach, and influencer marketing to reach people who might buy their machines. The Solution Glowforge surveyed their customers and asked them to describe themselves and why they bought and used the 3D laser printer. With those responses in hand, SparkToro can do an amazing things.
  30. Etsy Makers Perhaps not surprisingly, many Glowforge customers sell on Etsy. And lots of them use the words “visit my Etsy shop” (or a variation) in their profile. One SparkToro search later, Glowforge can see exactly who those sellers follow and amplify.
  31. Podcasts: A High Opportunity Channel? An overlap in Glowforge’s customers and those who follow the “Nation of Makers” campaign, social account, and events yields a ton of opportunities for creative marketing, e.g. sponsoring or being a guest on podcasts like these (which reach a high percent of potential Glowforge customers)
  32. Making Text.io a Recruiter’s Must-Have The Problem Textio offers an amazing API and set of tools to help make language more inclusive, less biased, and more effective. One of the key use cases is for recruiters creating and editing job postings – the right tweaks can massively boost the number, quality, and diversity of applicants. The Solution Reaching recruiters is hard, especially if you don’t already know the industry intimately. Thankfully, SparkToro can show Textio’s marketing team exactly where this audience is on the web, what they listen-to, read, follow, and consume.
  33. What Recruiters Visit Some of these sites are already known to Textio, but others, especially the more niche, smaller- traffic sites, are ripe with opportunity for advertising, content partnerships, guest contributions, and links that could send traffic and boost search rankings.
  34. Once a Campaign Works If Textio runs a campaign with Ere.net and finds it effective, more opportunities are just a search away!
  35. Amplifying Great Content to the Right People The Problem FreshChalk’s Adam Doppelt put an extraordinary amount of work into crawling 150,000 small business websites and extracting numerous, fascinating insights, data points, and correlations with their performance in Google Maps & search rankings. Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t have a good sense for who to reach out to in order to amplify this exceptional work. The Solution Knowing that he’s got a lot of data of interest to SEO professionals, Adam can search SparkToro to uncover where that audience engages, who they follow, and what they’re amplifying so he can effectively target his own content outreach campaign.
  36. Key Amplification Targets Uncovered A few SparkToro searches later, Adam’s got dozens of high quality targets that reach exactly the people and publications he needs. He sends some email introductions, shares his work, takes the input of these thought leaders, and has a remarkable launch.
  37. Boom! Adam’s social and email outreach results in coverage and links from dozens of websites in the local, small-business marketing world. And when he shares the next part of the study (on the impact of web hosts), he can repeat the process! Screenshots from Moz’s Link Explorer
  38. The Competitive Worlds of Skincare & Makeup The Problem Glossier’s brand is beloved, but expanding inorganically to new audiences has massive costs due to entrenched competition. The Solution Using SparkToro, Glossier can uncover undiscovered, smaller, niche sources of influence to reach their beauty-focused audience.
  39. Small But Powerful Glossier’s previously effective campaigns with sites like WWD and BusinessofFashion are vastly less expensive than those with bigger players like Vogue, Harpers, or InStyle. Digging into those sites’ audiences can reveal more opportunities to market smarter than the competition.
  40. Avoid Bad Investments Too many brands spend big on partnerships and advertising because they think it’ll reach the right audience (but doesn’t). With SparkToro, Glossier can know, in advance, what percent of an influencer’s audience are likely to be a match for them. E.G. Smaller audiences, but a higher percent of the people Glossier wants to reach. Versus: Bigger audiences that don’t have the same level of reach to that group.
  41. Finding New Fans of the Theatre The Problem Reaching new theatre-goers who’ll make the trek to Southern Oregon is no easy task. But the OSF needs to find the next generation of play and musical fans to continue its remarkable work. The Solution By understanding their existing, passionate audience on the web, the OSF can identify hitherto-unknown affinities and use those to uncover new opportunities to reach a theatre- likely audience.
  42. OSF on the Web The web audience for OSF tends to be younger, more artistic in their careers, and follows numerous national- theatre-related accounts.
  43. The Usual Suspects As with many SparkToro searches, the top results are relatively obvious (if you already know the field well). These sources are likely expensive to advertise with, hard to get into, and (because of NYC- centric geography) might not be the best choices. But what if we scroll down…
  44. Something Different These sources of influence are unique, and many of them might offer opportunities for editorials, press coverage, guest content, advertising, sponsorship, or partnerships that could expose the OSF’s work to an exciting, new audience.
  45. Social Influence The social accounts writer/ theatregoers follow is not what you’d expect… And might reveal some exciting opportunities for cross-promotion, amplification, or partnership (especially given the OSF’s existing connections)
  46. Competitive Intel By plugging in other regional theatres in the Northwest, OSF can see where their followers engage, and consider advertising and marketing campaigns to reach them in those places. E.G. Inviting the writers/critics from these publications to Ashland for some shows might be a killer tactic.
  47. Access, Pricing, & Feedback
  48. How Can You Get Access? STEP ONE: Visit SparkToro’s “What We’re Building” page and enter your email
  49. How Can You Get Access? STEP TWO: We’ll send you an email link to take a short survey
  50. How Can You Get Access? STEP THREE: During the beta period (July/August), we’ll ramp up to a few hundred beta test users. If beta feedback is positive, we’ll likely launch in August or September. If beta users are less excited, we’ll make the product more robust before launching publicly.
  51. Preliminary Pricing (Likely to Change) Tier Price # of Searches per Month # of Results per Search Custom List Creation Export Functions Free $0 5 3 No N/A Basic $175/month 100 50 Yes Up to 50 rows Premium $250/month 400 All Yes All Unlimited $500/month Unlimited (single account access) All Yes All Agency $Variable Unlimited (avail to multiple accounts) All Yes All 7-Day Unlimited $350/week (non-recurring) Unlimited (single account for one week) All Yes All We’re offering a very unusual feature in SaaS pricing: one-time billing for a week of unlimited use. This is because, in our research, we found many folks only do this type of customer research once per 6 months or year. And it helps agencies with project-based billing, too.
  52. We’d LOVE Your Feedback! Was something in this presentation unclear? Is there critical information missing? Do you have use-cases for SparkToro that we haven’t considered? Or, any broad advice for us about the product, data, or launch?
  53. Thank You! From Casey, Rand, and Family Please send any feedback to rand@sparktoro.com