Growth hacking is unsexy

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Hacking growth at slideshare

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OPEN Forum: Women Business Owners

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Meet SlideShare

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SlideShare Zeitgeist 2011

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SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010

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Why your startup needs multiple revenue models

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How to get the most out of SlideShare

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Slide share nonprofit_gov_agencies

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Because brands are people too (talk at Smash Summit 2010)

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Work wants to be social (talk at Web 2 Expo 2010)

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Sharing is the new lead gen - Talk at Web 2.0 expo

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How to use SlideShare to promote your business (webinar)

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10 things i wish i had known

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LeadShare for your domain

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SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009

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Fast Cheap Barely In Control Web2 Expo

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How Businesses can use Social Media (talk at TiE workshop)

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