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Selling Skills

  2. What Kind Of Customer are You? Customer Centric Selling
  3. "The most successful people in any industry are seldom the smartest or best looking...they're the people who can sell"—Len Foley Customer Centric Selling
  4. Core Processes Retain current customers Sell more to current customers Acquire new customers
  5. Core Processes Retain current customer Sell more to current customers Acquire new customers
  6. Relation between acquisition costs revenues and margins Acquisition costs Lifetime value Referrals Increase of margins Cross selling Additional Turnover Basic turnover
  7. Selling to an Existing & a New Customer Role Play Customer Centric Selling
  8. Tracking Decision Making Process Customer Centric Selling
  9. The Customer Centered Selling Cycle Maintenance Stage: After Sales Service Remember if you are not watching the customer somebody else may be watching
  10. People Hate to be Sold But Love To Buy Customer Centric Selling
  11. One stop shop for customers Customer Centric Selling
  12. Customer Centric Selling Cross selling Role Play
  13. Cross selling Customer Centric Selling
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