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Netherlands Support to Sustainable Arab Development

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Presentation by Tessa Terpstra, MENA Regional Envoy for Water and Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

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Netherlands Support to Sustainable Arab Development

  1. 1. NL support to sustainable Arab development
  2. 2. NL support to Arab sustainable development: energy, water and food • Why: Concern about climate change, especially in arid regions such as North-Africa and Middle East We are neighbours NL much to offer in efficiency on water-food-energy
  3. 3. • What Efficient natural resource management in several countries: addressing water scarcity; energy efficiency; water and energy efficient food production Through introduction of technology Knowledge and expertise exchange, (vocational) training, capacity building Bilateral trade Access to climate finance through NL and EU financial institutions NL support to Arab sustainable development
  4. 4. • How: one example Regional partnership between the Netherlands and RCREEE under the umbrella of Union for the Mediterranean High Level Policy Dialogue for Sustainable Energy Building consortium of partners, developing pipeline of bankable projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency NL support to Arab sustainable development
  5. 5. Thank you tessa.terpstra@minbuza.nl