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Omni-Channel Digital Marketing at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

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How to think strategically about omni-channel marketing for your small business, enterprise, or organization. What brands need to succeed with multi-channel marketing campaigns, process and tools, cohesive design, a singular voice, seamless technology, and a measurement plan across channels.

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Omni-Channel Digital Marketing at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

  1. 1. OMNI-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING Rhea Drysdale | Oct. 12th 2016 #Pubcon @Rhea @OutspokenMedia
  2. 2. Unified marketing experience across multi- channels (digital, brick & mortar, print, etc.). #Pubcon @Rhea 2
  3. 3. Omni-channel marketing isn’t right for everyone! #Pubcon @Rhea 3
  4. 4. Requirements = #Pubcon @Rhea 4
  5. 5. 1) You have multiple channels to market on. 5#Pubcon @Rhea
  6. 6. 2) You’re confident in your strategy and know it will resonate with stakeholders. 6#Pubcon @Rhea
  7. 7. 3) You have the resources needed to coordinate and implement campaigns. 7#Pubcon @Rhea
  8. 8. Organizations with great omni-channel marketing have one thing in common: 8#Pubcon @Rhea
  9. 9. Great Brands (And they’re usually highly effective with great reputations and coordinated efforts.) 9#PubCon @Rhea
  10. 10. Subscribe! We’re releasing the 2nd Chapter, Brand versus Reputation, of the Reputation Marketing Guide this week. 10#PubCon @Rhea
  11. 11. All organizations can succceed at omni- channel marketing through: 11#PubCon @Rhea
  12. 12. Campaigns 12#PubCon @Rhea
  13. 13. You succeed at omni-channel marketing strategy by using everything! 13#PubCon @Rhea
  14. 14. Marketers have a bad reputation, because we’re silo’d and wasteful. 14#PubCon @Rhea
  15. 15. Is it because we prioritize short-term growth over long-term strategy? 15#PubCon @Rhea
  16. 16. What do these brands have in common? 16#PubCon @Rhea
  17. 17. Process & Tools 18#PubCon @Rhea
  18. 18. Create an internal Brand Resource Center and include all marketing assets and brand guidelines. 19#PubCon @Rhea
  19. 19. Cohesive Design 20#PubCon @Rhea
  20. 20. Singular Voice 26#PubCon @Rhea
  21. 21. Develop a verbal identity across all channels. 27#PubCon @Rhea
  22. 22. Create promotional copy (style and tone), organic intent documentation, and how to engage with social media promotions and replies. 28#PubCon @Rhea
  23. 23. Making a reservation: “Are you celebrating something tonight?”
  24. 24. When you’re seated: “What brings you out today?”
  25. 25. Don’t just outline what you say, but also what you don’t say! 35#PubCon @Rhea
  26. 26. Seamless Technology 36#PubCon @Rhea
  27. 27. Identify how your stakeholders are engaging and invest in technology that gets you seen. #Pubcon 37
  28. 28. Mobile-friendly Apps SMS Email Social Push notifications TV Home assistants Channels beyond desktop websites #Pubcon @Rhea =
  29. 29. Geico’s iTunes reviews: “…I’ve been able to get a quote, add the vehicle, and fax proof of insurance to the dealership (and now leave a full review) all while the guy is doing our paperwork.”
  30. 30. Redesigned client site with a challenging template-specific customization, but carried it through in responsive layouts. 41#PubCon @Rhea
  31. 31. Push users to sign-in to deliver a personalized cross-device experience. 42#PubCon @Rhea
  32. 32. To push cross-device sign-in, you need to deliver value to the user on that device! 43#PubCon @Rhea
  33. 33. You also need to make it easy for them… 44#PubCon @Rhea
  34. 34. Measurement Plan An SEO story 46#PubCon @Rhea
  35. 35. Collect data on how organic changes across different devices to inform marketing strategy. 47#PubCon @Rhea
  36. 36. Google Search Console 48#PubCon @Rhea
  37. 37. Desktop 119,842 6,721,431 1.78% 14.3 49 Mobile 167,227 4,761,974 3.51% 7.0 clicks: impressions: CTR: avg position: #PubCon @Rhea
  38. 38. STAT Search Analytics
  39. 39. Device Avg Google Rank Avg Google Base Rank Count of Google Universal Results Count of Keywords desktop 33 32 1,020 1,464 smartphone 38 36 163 195
  40. 40. What’s displacing so many organic positions on a smartphone? 52#PubCon @Rhea
  41. 41. It’s Places & News… 53#PubCon @Rhea
  42. 42. …smartphone users won’t have the same organic experience! 54#PubCon @Rhea
  43. 43. Who is the best at omni-channel? Google 55#PubCon @Rhea