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SPC Web-based Solution for Total Quality Management

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With QDM and InspectionXpert, make it easy to connect inspection devices and aggregate your manufacturing data into a central server that you can instantly mine and produce reports for quality, compliance (Ppap, FAIR, AS9102), root cause analysis and statistical process control (SPC).

Too much to get started?

Use the small simple tool QDM-3D to create reports and easy to populate templates to make generating your reports fast and simple.

Save yourself the days and weeks you usually spend drafting and editing reports and try out QDM.

Contact DCS for your free demo and learn for yourself how much time you could be saving.

Email DCS at sales@3dcs.com and start today!

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SPC Web-based Solution for Total Quality Management

  1. 1. Web-Based Solutions for Total Quality Management
  2. 2. AGENDA I. Brief Company Overviews II. QDM Benefits to Organization III. InspectionXpert to Simplify Quality Document Authoring IV. How do these combine to create quality reports in minutes V. Demo VI. Q&A
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW Powerful data extraction, ballooning, and reporting tool Quickly capture dimensional information from 2D drawings or 3D CATIA models
  4. 4. ELIMINATE Part to be inspected Part to be inspected AUTOMATEPart to be inspected Increased Time Savings Eliminate Bottle Necks Real-Time Analysis Actionable Quality Information
  5. 5. Quality Assurance Solutions Variation analysis software for improving design quality and manufacturability Web-based quality management tools for reporting and analyzing measurement data COMPANY OVERVIEW
  6. 6. Quality Data Management 3DCS Suite of Products DCS  Dimensional quality software solutions and engineering services
  7. 7.  Too many manual processes WHY USE QDM?
  8. 8. WHY USE QDM?  Haphazard, inconsistent information and insights
  9. 9. WHY USE QDM?  Analysis takes so long, the information is no longer useful.
  10. 10.  Lots of Data Collected, but Impossible to Find the Information You Need WHY USE QDM?
  11. 11. HOW DOES QDM SOLVE THESE? • QDM Delivers Real-time Quality Intelligence • Automates collection of inspection and quality data • Analyze, Standardize, & Deliver data as actionable information • Powerful problem mitigation
  12. 12. HOW QDM WORKS
  13. 13. Who Is Using DCS’s Quality Solutions? Just a few of the companies utilizing DCS Quality Solutions:
  14. 14. Issues • Manual ballooning of prints • Manual revision handling • Hand entry of inspection data (nominals, tolerances) • Manual creation of Inspection Reports (FAI, PPAP, Control Plans) Why InspectionXpert? • Automate ballooning of 2D drawing or 3D CATIA model • Instantly extract inspection data from drawing or model • Publish to Standard or Custom Reports and QDM • Access via the web for instant updates and easy deployment HOW DOES INSPECTIONXPERT AUTOMATE INSPECTION DOCUMENTATION?
  15. 15. Who Is Using InspectionXpert Today? www.inspectionxpert.com
  16. 16. QDM & INSPECTIONXPERT 2. Quality & Measurement Data 1. Quality Document Template Creation 4. Produce Ppap’s, AS9102’s and analysis reports 3. Navigate and Select Data
  17. 17. Example Demo  Create Template in InspectionXpert  Report  Quality document  Dashboard  Navigation
  18. 18. Contact DCS for a free Demo! http://www.inspectionxpert.com sales@inspectionxpert.com 800.379.0322 http://www.3dcs.com sales@3dcs.com 248.269.9777