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AEA Microservices Presentation Oct2015

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Presentation to the Adelaide chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects on how microservices play with enterprise architecture and SOA

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AEA Microservices Presentation Oct2015

  1. 1. Microservices and their fraught relationship with EA and SOA
  2. 2. what is a microservice?
  3. 3. “ … the microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery. There is a bare minimum of centralized managementof these services, which may be writtenin different programming languages and use different data storage technologies.” James Lewis, 2014 (emphasis mine)
  4. 4. (James Lewis)
  5. 5. small problem domain encapsulated loosely-coupled/independent upgradeable/replaceable/disposable
  6. 6. microservices continuous delivery dev/ops capability-based, multi-disciplinary teams automated deployment containers its own process
  7. 7. PRO deals with logical complexity flexible development & deployment “fits in my head” composable replaceable decoupled scaling
  8. 8. CON performance asynchronicity eventual consistency cascading failures operational complexity granularity
  9. 9. (James Lewis)
  10. 10. EA and microservices service-based business – it’s fractal capability-based – “bounded context” service containers – “define component boundaries” service contract – “published interface” architecture principles – “define guiding principles” operating model software containers
  11. 11. microservices are an implementation choice microservices are a development paradigm microservices are governed by EA, not decided by EA
  12. 12. Business Process Layer ESB Integration Layer where microservices play Construction Layer © Fragile to Agile }SOA
  13. 13. SOA and microservices synchronous vs. asynchronous smart pipe vs. dumb pipe high ceremony vs. low ceremony
  14. 14. (James Lewis) remember this? how different does it sound to the SOA premise? are microservices just “SOA done right”?
  15. 15. Reading • James Lewis (Thoughtworks) & Martin Fowler http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html • Michael Brunton-Spall (GDS, Guardian) http://www.brunton-spall.co.uk/post/2014/05/21/what-is-a-microservice-and-why-does- it-matter/ • Dan North “Microservices: software that fits in your head” https://speakerdeck.com/tastapod/microservices-software-that-fits-in-your-head • Jeppe Cramon, TigerTeam https://www.tigerteam.dk/2014/micro-services-its-not-only-the-size-that-matters-its- also-how-you-use-them-part-1/ (five-part series)