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Mobile marketing in europe

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Mobile marketing in europe

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing in Europe by Richard Otto Mobile Marketing Nederland
  2. 2. • Working in Mobile Marketing & -Advertising industry since 2005 (Clients: Vodafone, ABN AMRO, Mindshare, Terre des Hommes etc) • Founder of platform MobileMarketing.nl (Since March 2013 part of Adformatie Groep) • Co-autor Handbook Online Marketing (Uitgeverij NoordHoff) • Manager of Linkedin Group: Mobile Marketing & - Advertising (75.000+ members) • Founder of Mobile Marketing Nederland ...and mobile marketing A short introduction.. LINKEDIN
  3. 3. • Mobile trends & numbers • Mobile marketing tools & European examples • Mobile marketing strategy • My Mobile Marketing expectations So let’s talk about:
  4. 4. Mobile Phone Timeline
  5. 5. History of the phone 5 calling texting
  6. 6. History of the phone 6 calling texting calculatoragenda telephone book MMS wappen making pictures music player email chat browse ebooks gaming video calling banking watching TV watching movies listening radio mobile shopping navigating scanning docs fax soliciteren blogging photoshopping draw
  7. 7. What activities do you do on your phone? - Scanning QR codes - Checking reviews of products - Compare prices - Branded marketing app downloaded - Mobiel banking - Mobiel Payments - Mobile Coupon usage
  8. 8. Research results: - 71% research of product and services with smartphone - 56% compared prices and check product reviews - 44% checked for special deals and coupons - 16% scaned bar/qr codes of products And what about the rest of Europe?
  9. 9. 75% of all sold phones is a smartphone Penetration of mobile phones in The Nederland is 91% . European average is 80%. 23% van het online verkeer wordt via een mobiel toestel gegenereerd Top 3 mobile activities: SMS’en, internet en e-mail 21.182.000 mobiele phones in NL 51 % is using mobile internet on a daily basis 41% of all email are opened on a mobile device Tablets worden gem door 2,3 mensen in een huishouden gebruikt Penetration of smartphones in The Netherlands 65% (7+ million) 34,3 million tablet users Mobile usage by consumers 20% uses Facebook only on their mobile. 58% mostly uses Facebook on mobile. 23% of online traffic is generated by mobile devices
  10. 10. Mediaconsumption vs Marketing budgets 10
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing in Europe 70% said that Smartphones has their highest priority (28% tablets) Mobile marketing 2011 in Nederland: €26 million (IAB NL) 23% van het online verkeer wordt via een mobiel toestel gegenereerd Top 3 most important reasons to use mobile: stimulate sales, support on promotion, Generate brand awareness Mobile advertising 2011 in Nederland: 26 miljoen Euro 37 % does not use mobile marketing in their business Not clear about the reach(65%), insufficient knowledge (49%), no budget (58%) are the most important reasons to not use mobile in marketing strategy Tablets worden gem door 2,3 mensen in een huishouden gebruikt More than 70% expects a growth in budget Top 3 highest rated mobile features: Interactivity , Engagement between brand and customer, Directness 77% will use mobile marketing tools in de future 63% are already using mobile marketing Bron: Top 500 adverteerders NL Mobile Marketing Nederland (Sep 2012)
  12. 12. Mobile Commerce in Europe 64% of all mobile shopping sessions is from an iPad € 91 billion is the expected sales trough m-commerce worldwide by 2015 58% of mobile shoppers are age 18- 34. In 2012 34% have made a purchase using their mobile phone. Compared to 19% in 2011 The Mobile Commerce revenues in The Nederlands will grow with 56,9%. That’s the highest percentage of whole Europe In the first half of 2012 1,5 million Dutch consumers did an online purchase with their smartphone or tablet 66% of the mobile purchases are being done from home Most popular mobile items are: 43% apps, 12% music, 10% fashion, 9% tickets, 9% magazines & newspapers
  13. 13. Who already integrated Mobile in their marketing activities?
  14. 14. Source: The Mobile Internet Report The impact of mobile… Mobile vs Desktop users globally Mobileinternetusers(inmilions)
  15. 15. “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network”. (wiki) Mobile Marketing is a collective term for all marketing activities through mobile devices But what is ‘Mobile Marketing’?
  16. 16. Which Mobile Marketing Tools do you know?
  17. 17. Mobile Marketing tools 9. Location Based Services 4. Mobile display advertising 7. Bluetooth 1. SMS / MMS 2. Mobile site 3. Mobile apps 5. QR codes 10. NFC 8. Augmented Reality 6. Mobile Coupons
  18. 18. • McDonald's introduced interactive ping pong on big screen in center of Stockholm • People could interact with McDonald's and win coupons. • The game was mobile web based, you don't have to download an app to play. • Great brand awarenes not only in the center of Stockholm, but also PR- buzz Pros & Cons? Usage is sometime not clear Hardware High redemption ratio’s Measurable More relevance by location and time Data (more personal with link to CRM) Cheaper than traditional coupons Real time delivery Enviromental friendly Mobile Coupons McDonalds mobile ping pong game on billboard to win coupons
  19. 19. Pros & Cons High Awareness Easy and cheap Makes traditional media interactive Content is always changeable Consumer usage You need a QR Scanner app Mobile landingspage is sometimes ‘forgotten’. QR code Frozen Cinema for QR donations • QR campaign in german cinema’s • QR to donate for charity
  20. 20. NFC Logo • Grab a snack out of the wall is typical Dutch • First NFC payment test by Rabobank •Showcase about how easy NFC payment could work Pros & Cons Easy to use for consumer Substitude for cards Personal content Push en pull Install base Hardware investment Not many consumers already have NFC on the phone yet Still in trail phases NFC-case Buy a snack out of the wall and pay with your mobile (2007)
  21. 21. NFC-case Buy a snack out of the wall and pay with your mobile (2007) Pros & Cons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otLt4pBk VCo Easy to use for consumer Substitude for cards Personal content Push en pull Install base Hardware investment Not many consumers already have NFC on the phone yet Still in trail phases SEE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otLt4pBkVCo
  22. 22. Pros & Cons Store traffic Loyaliteitsprograms Data generator Deep targeting often expensive Reach could be sometimes very limited (deep targeting) Location Based Services Interbest Traffic Lottery app • Interbest is an outdoor advertising company with billboards next to highways • Consumers with the Freeway app can play a game & win prices everytime they are near an Interbest billboard • Drivers only get the ability to play if they are not drive too fast. You can only play the game if your not driving.
  23. 23. Augmented Reality AXA Insurance brings print ads to life Logo • Insurance company had a new app to easy claim your damage • Augmented Reality in combination with a interactive printcampaign to create brand awareness and app downloads Pros & Cons Interactive possibilities ‘WOW factor’ generates great awarness You have to do some activities (no Google Glass yet available) Added value is often not clear (not much knowledge about ROI yet) You have to start an app Enlarge your imagination Integration with other media Install base
  24. 24. Augmented Reality Case: AXA Insurance brings print ads to life (video) Keys to Success • Be relevant and try to put some added value in it! • Use a Call to Action Augmented Reality Case: AXA Insurance brings print ads to life ZIE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ohhf0p8CF M
  25. 25. Pros & Cons Anywhere, Anytime De respons is higher thant desktop (0,7% en 3% clickratio) Interactive features (click to callendar/ Click to call) Mobile Advertising is more expensive than online advertising Not much known yet about ROI Mobile Display Advertising Westin Hotels weather related swipe advertising Keys to Success • Be Relevant • Use a Call the action • Advertisiment will only appear when the weather is locally bad • ‘Icescreen’ is swipeable • Direct click-to-call to book
  26. 26. Utility App Een
ed utility app is een app van een merk dat instrumenteel gebruikt kan worden. (Vb: De Voetjes meet iPad app van Scapino/Dolcis: http://tinyurl.com/9ouphgx) Pros and Cons Advanced features Volledige programmeertaal en dus meer mogelijkheden Regulations App Stores Fragmentation of mobile platforms Mobile Apps Scapino Shoe stores: Measure little feet and buy directly
  27. 27. Mobile Apps Case Make your Domino’s Pizza Hero app Keys to Succes • An app has to have added value for the user, for example a game of an utility tool • There are lots of apps, so think about how you could differentiate with existing apps. Why will consumers download your app? • Do not use to much text • Don’t forget to make it User Friendly! • Try to get some data out of it and link it to your existing CMS • Make it social ZIE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=fsWyOsL_pJk
  28. 28. • Many marketeers just say: We want an app!
  29. 29. Mobile Strategy • Start from your goals; not the tools • Try to integrate mobile in your whole marketing mix
  30. 30. From a mobile marketing campaign to strategy Mobile campagne experiment Mobile marketing program Mobile marketing integration Mobile relationship management Standalone campagnes to experiment or make the first steps in mobile Periodical campaigns where results are being measured and optimized. Data is being linkedin to an central database. Client data is being enriched with CRM and other data resources to build better profiles for personalised and more relevant communication. Mobile is fully integrated in overall marketing mix. Focus on building a better customer experience and better relation with several mobile tools
  31. 31. Mobile marketing strategy- step by step Set up your goals Research on your targetgroup Select the marketing tools Create the content Test the campaign Tracking en reporting Optimalisation Evaluation
  32. 32. • Mobile Commerce will explode • Faster growth of Mobile Advertising • More focus on Tablets • The consumer will be more demanding on mobile • Relevance will become more & more important • Not only an app, but a mobile strategy • Less focus on total number of app downloads, but more on active users (app loyalty) My Mobile Marketing Trends 2013
  33. 33. Thank you! Check for the latest mobile news, research & cases: Linkedin Group: Mobile Marketing & -Advertising

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  • Despite overwhelming evidence, mobile budget investment remains small at 1% of marketing budgetProven returns of upto 30% campaign response, 65% voucher redemption and 98% of all SMS messages being open immediatelyThe opportunity for those willing to lead their respective markets are significant – offering notable competitive advantage, differentiation, consumer choice multi-channel modeling, not least the ability to attract a new customer profile