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Ppt on micro finance

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micro finance

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Ppt on micro finance

  1. 1. Submitted to: Ms. Sandeep Kaur (deptt. Of Commerce) Submitted by: Monica Bagga M.com 3rd sem 3101
  2. 2. Micro Finance Micro Credit Micro Savings
  3. 3. Micro credit-is a provision of credit and other financial services and products of very small amount to the poor in rural, semi urban & areas for enabling them to raise their income levels and improving standards Micro savings- savings made by low income or poor people made their savings in particular institutions.
  4. 4. Promotes credit as human being To help poor people Generate self employment Building social capital Loans are repaid in small installments Challenge of traditional banks
  5. 5. Types of micro savings products • Involuntary deposits • Voluntary deposits • Contractual savings • Time deposits Types of Micro Credit products 1) Income generation loan (IGL) 2) Mid Term loan (MTL) 3) Emergency loan 4) Individual loan
  6. 6. Low rate of interest on loan Not a charity Size of loan and savings
  7. 7. Not available the micro services at vast level Unawareness among people Infrastructural facilities Doubts in mind of people
  8. 8. Improving proximity Less costly services to poor people Improving the security Organizational staff’s attitude ,culture is user friendly