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TechWiseTV Workshop: Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

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Replay the Live Event: http://cs.co/90018H8tt

Join the TechWiseTV team and find out how new Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) capabilities unlocked by Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) 10.0 and hyperlocation solutions deliver invaluable customer insights. Listen in as mobility experts dive deep into the smartest ways to combine Bluetooth low-energy beacons and Wi-Fi to engage customers in exciting new ways.

Don’t miss this chance to see what it takes to make location-based analytics a reality in your business.

See the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) TechWiseTV Episode: http://cs.co/90028H8Ao

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TechWiseTV Workshop: Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

  1. 1. Cisco CMX Delivers High Accuracy Location Darryl Sladden November 16, 2016
  2. 2. • Cisco dominates the exploding Indoor-LBS space • Competitors losing or playing catchup • No Single technology delivers for all use cases • with Cisco; you win on red • with Cisco; you win on black • with Cisco; you win on Green • This is just the beginning; Cisco is • Expanding on multiple technologies • Expanding on solutions • Expanding on SW • Expanding on End-to-End Solution partnerships Indoor LBS Insight & Outcomes
  3. 3. No Single Technology Delivers for All Use Cases Aligned with Customer Need & Use Case Preferences • Navigation / Wayfinding • Proximity Marketing • Analytics / Insights • Space Utilization • Asset Tracking • etc Wi-Fi • HW: AP37/3800, module, ant, … • SW: CMX • Apps: navigation & wayfinding, content mgmt., ... • Partnerships: Phunware, Rifinity, tags, CCX, others • Services: TAC, AS BLE • HW: Beacon Point • SW: CMX Beacon Center • Apps: navigation & wayfinding, content mgmt., … • Partnerships: Phunware, others • Services: TAC
  4. 4. Indoor Location Accuracy Continuum GOOD BETTER BEST Greater Location Granularity Increased Business Value
  5. 5. GOOD GOOD Detect Presence of Wireless Device Business Value • Easy Guest Wi-Fi Access and Engagement • Document number and types of devices, repeat and unique visitors, time of day, and dwell time in venue with Presence Analytics. Entry Points • CMX Cloud or On-Premise
  6. 6. BEST BETTER Detect Wireless Device and Locate on Map Business Value • Capture number and types of connected devices, repeat and unique visitors, and dwell times in venue, area, floor, and zones. With ecosystem partner, place on map and determine most common paths • Test marketing campaigns and venue changes Next Steps • Create digitized map in-house or with ecosystem partner • Location accuracy determined by deployment • Add ecosystem partner for added functionality
  7. 7. BEST High accuracy location for analytics/engagement Business Value • Highly granular customer engagement and analytics Next Steps • Cisco High Accuracy solutions • Ecosystem partner for industry expertise, functionality and backend data integration BEST
  8. 8. Enabling High Accuracy Wi-Fi Client Side Application Phunware Software or Cisco DNA or custom Delivers mobile experience Uses Wi-Fi and BLE from Hyperlocation plus device sensors to enhance location and refresh rate Hardware Hyperlocation Solution Module and/or Antenna Applies to Aironet AP3700 & other AP 3K Uses 16 to 32 antennas to determine mobile client location Using Wi-Fi for Highly Accurate and Near-Real Time Location
  9. 9. What is Hyperlocation? Indoor Wi-Fi Client Location Solution Accuracy  1-3 meters Network-based RSSI & AoA Latency: FastLocate  10-20 s (2/5 GHz) FastLocate  10 s (5 GHz) Client App < 3 s •Field Upgradable Module For AP3600/AP3700 Leverages existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure Up to 5 BLE Beacons/AP; centrally powered/managed Integrated BLE Beacon Functionality AoA Angle of Arrival BLE Bluetooth Low-Energy RSSI Receive Signal Strength Indicator
  10. 10. Enabling High Accuracy Location Beacon Points Client Side Application Phunware Software Delivers mobile experience Uses BLE from Beacon point enhance location and refresh rate Hardware Cisco Beacon Point Applies to Cisco Beacon Point Using BLE for Highly Accurate and Near-Real Time Location
  11. 11. What is Cisco Beacon Solution ? Client Side Application Cisco DNA Application or Phunware Partner ship or create your own app with SDK •Beacon Point Hardware POE Powered Fixed Infrastucture Cloud Management Software Defined Beacons Beacon Center Cloud Based Management
  12. 12. CMX Virtual Beacon Solution • Eliminates battery operated BLE beacons • Operational Simplicity with virtual beacons • Proximity Engagement and Indoor navigation • Create Software Defined Beacons Customer BenefitsWhat is it? • Beacon Point generates BLE beams • Beacon Center creates virtual beacons and manages beacon points via Cloud. Priced per beacon point per year Cisco Virtual Beacon www.cmxcisco.com CMX
  13. 13. CMX Virtual Beacon – Value Proposition Eliminate battery operated physical beacons Replace up to eight physical beacons Add or move virtual beacons with a click Scale beacon deployment with operational simplicity Eliminate RF calibration with advanced machine learning Deliver high location accuracy, Reduced latency
  14. 14. Cisco Cloud Machine learning and location engine Beacon Points Beams | Hear Location Estimate BP BP
  15. 15. Simplify Beacons – CMX Cloud Beacon Center Engagement Metrics Manage Beacon Points Machine Learning Across Device Types Drag and Drop Virtual Beacons Create Proximity Message
  16. 16. Use Case Demos Analytics & Insights Space Utilization Proximity Marketing Navigation/ Wayfinding
  17. 17. Cisco Cloud Machine learning and location engine Customer Cloud How It Works Pharmacy Bakery Electronics Clothing Mobile app with Cisco SDK Cisco Beacon Point 1 3 4 2 6 5 Mobile device listens to the BLE beacons from the Beacon Point1 Cisco Cloud sends location & map information to the mobile app.3 Cisco cloud interacts with customer cloud for user, location and content if required 4 Cisco SDK (integrated into the mobile app) sends information to the Cisco cloud 2 When users are in proximity of a virtual beacon, custom notifications or URLs can be sent or actions can be taken 5 Virtual Beacons can be created anywhere in the coverage area6
  18. 18. Cisco Virtual Beacon - Ordering Information Limited Orderability – USA, Canada PID / SKU Description List Price AIR-VBLE1-K9 CMX Beacon Point $695 AIR-CMX-SVC-VBLE* CMX Cloud Beacon Center Subscription software includes software support With multi-year discount $190 per BP per yr. (12 mos) $150 per BP per yr. (36 mos) $130 per BP per yr. (60 mos) CON-SNT-AIRVBL1K Tech. Support Services 8x5xNBD SNT $20 * AIR-CMX-SVC-VBLE is an option under: AIR-CMX-CLOUD
  19. 19. Beacon Point Ordering Page Beacon Point Ordering • Service should also be ordered (8x5xNBD) • Default mounting option is T Clip and included. • CMX Cloud is priced monthly ($15.83 x 12 = $189.63/year) • CMX Cloud is provided for 1 year free for Cisco One customers
  20. 20. Cisco Point of View – Wi-Fi and BLE Use Cases Wi-Fi BLE Triangulation Hyperlocation Physical Virtual Presence Analytics – Passer-by, Conversion, Dwell Times Geofence – Alerts Location Analytics – Zone Based Position, Footfall, Traffic Heatmap, Path and Correlation Location Analytics – Wait/Queue times Proximity – Messaging, Engagement Indoor Wayfinding/Navigation (“Turn by Turn”) *Some use cases can be achieved using multiple technologies. Proximity Messaging, Engagement and Indoor wayfinding/navigation use cases require a mobile app
  21. 21. 21© 2016 Cisco Proprietary . All rights reserved. Total Cost of Ownership Typical location cost (1000 sq-ft) over 4 years • Hyperlocation $600 • Beacon Point $660 • BLE Beacon $1860 Navigation+ ($2400) ops. expense* • BLE Beacon $2060 Proximity + ($4800) ops. expense* • RSSI $ 100 Notes: 1- Above is cost of List price for Location as add-on to existing WiFi Infrastructure 2- Above TCO is based on a 4-year term (SW lic.) applies to vBLE & BLE Tags. * “the operational costs of deploying and managing these devices on an ongoing basis can be around $300 per beacon per year” http://www.cio.com/article/3037354/marketing/6-things-marketers-need-to-know-about-beacons.html Assumptions & Calculations:  1AP/2000 sq-ft; AP-AP ~50ft  Cisco SJ12, 305’x172’ ~50k sq-ft; 25x AP  Data driving AP density higher Hyperlocation (HL):  HL Module list price $500  HL Antenna list price $499  MSE ($50) + CMX($150) Lic. $200  HL cost/AP $1199  Thus # HL AP/1000 sq-ft = 0.5  HL cost/1000 sq-ft $600 vBLE Solution / Beacon Point (BP):  BP list price $695  Beacon Center Lic. 4 years $450  Pulling Eth. cable $175  vBLE cost/2000 sq-ft $1320  BP cost/1000 sq-ft/4 yrs $660 BLE Beacon  BLE beacon ~±3m (10’) = HL/BP accuracy  R=6.6 ft, Area=304 sq-ft (R=3m, A=28 sq-m)  Per 2000 sq-ft: 1xHL/BP or 7 BLE tags  Thus # tags/1000 sq-ft ~ 4 proximity  If triangulation vs. proximity ~ 2 navigation  Beacon List Price ~$100x (2-4= $200-$400)  Beacon cost 1000 sq-ft = $200-$400  SW: 2 person/1k sq-ft x 10 notifications/day x5days/wk x 52 wk/yr @ $20k/250k (Aruba) notifications = $416/yr x 4 years ~$1660  BLE Tag cost/1000 sq-ft/4 yrs $1860 RSSI  MSE ($50) + CMX($150) License $200  HL list additional/AP $200  Thus # HLAP/1000 sq-ft = 0.5  RSSI cost/1000 sq-ft $100
  22. 22. Thank you for watching.