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Presentation tips by rodinhood

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How To Pitch Your Startup
How To Pitch Your Startup
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Presentation tips by rodinhood

  1. Presentation Tips by Rodinhood! [includes example slides after each tip!] Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal Founder – 2win group & therodinhoods
  2. How this PPT works • The TIP comes first as a slide. It is in this blue color and is in Italics • A real example comes after the tip slide. Its in Black and not in Italics. • If you get confused, go back & forth between the 2 slides of colors and you will get the point being made!
  3. Tip 1 : Provide credentials (if required)
  4. Credentials! Q: What makes me worthy of this PPT? A: Over the past 15 years, I’ve presented over 100+ times. This includes Harvard University, B-Schools like IIM, ISB, SP Jain; Fortune 500 Companies, ad:tech, TEDx, TechCrunch, etc. Audiences everywhere have appreciated my presentations and that gives me the confidence to put this together for you!
  5. Tip 2 : If possible, present yourself humorously!
  6. An Introduction Disclosure: I am not an MBA I am not an Engineer I am not a CA I am not an LLB I am not a PHD I am not ‘whatever’… I am an Entrepreneur
  7. Tip 3 : If you are sharing a Company’s success story, support the same by a credential:
  8. We made a # 1 and # 2 app in the world
  9. Tip 4: I love to use full screen images with one liners to create mental stories and to start a discussion…
  10. You are the CEO…
  11. Tip 5: If possible, ONLY use photos that you have shot. It adds a special touch to the presentation and becomes ‘unique’…
  12. I walked out of the family business…
  13. Tip 6 : Share images of your colleagues while making a point! It feels good!
  14. Tip 7 : Use images that make an IMPACT:
  15. And will very soon KILL you.
  16. Tip 8: To wake up the crowd, ask an interactive question?
  17. (Q to the audience) Can you spot the difference?
  18. Tip 9 : Try and use images that directly tell the story….
  19. Tip 10: Humor ALWAYS works. Tease your audience, provoke them!
  20. I assume you drive this car?
  21. Tip 11: There are NO MANNERS in making PPTs (usually). Use fonts & language that convey the message:
  22. Revenues from advertising SUCK
  23. Tip 12 : Use examples that people KNOW and have experienced to make your point.
  24. On Linkedin…
  25. “Profile completion %” is the simplest game invented, to make you add extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa details to your profile…
  26. Just to help Linkedin make lots of extraaaaaaaaa money…
  27. By targeting your extraaaaaaaa completed profile to advertisers…. 
  28. Tip 13: Use simple business logic and examples to SIMPLIFY a difficult topic:
  29. How advertising works (follow the lines) A candy bar sells for US$1 Advertising & Marketing = 30% Advertising = 30 cents Online ads = 10% of Advertising Online ads = 3 cents “Ad Network” takes 50% 1.5 cents remain Gets distributed to websites Website gets 1.5 cents of a 1$ Candy Bar
  30. How in-app sales work! I create a mobile game Errr – A candy Game Game is deep & long but free The game requires you to DIE or BUY Nobody likes to DIE So, we all BUY “In-Game Candy” = 0.99 cents Apple/Google gives me 70%! I get 70 cents from MY OWN CANDY SALE
  31. Tip 14: Make fun of yourself on stage! It works!!
  32. What I did before dot.com Yeah, that’s me!
  33. Tip 15: If you are using charts, use simple ones that make an impact and then can be explained to the audience
  34. 2. Let the app float on ITS OWN
  35. Tip 16: I always use my Company images, mascots, art assets to convey messages. They just stand out!
  36. 8. Don’t advertise. • Unless you have a + ROI LTV
  37. Tip 17: Use the language of the audience. If in Mumbai, talk like Mumbai…
  38. Achha MTV Bole To?
  39. Tip 18: Ask a question to the audience; get a response and then reveal your answer…
  40. Do you want to make the most of a Client Meeting?
  41. First a question: • Who do you think your client is?
  42. I think that my client is:
  43. Tip 19: If your presentation is technical or domain specific, clarify WHO it is meant for and also some disclosures
  44. Who is this meant for? • Entrepreneurs who need guidance on ESOP ideas and policy for their Company. • Employees who need to understand what ESOPs are, and how they work. • People elsewhere in the business ecosystem, who may have questions on ESOPs and its core principles. • Anyone interested in learning about a very interesting and valuable capital idea that has been responsible for creating massive wealth for employees and employers!
  45. Disclosures: • The principles and guidelines spoken about in this presentation are used and adopted strictly for the 2win group of companies that I operate/have invested in. • There are various alternative interpretations of ESOP best practices that other companies and employers may adopt. • This document should serve as a guideline and reference - not as a rule book!
  46. Tip 20: People believe REAL STORIES. Provide a few to them.
  47. ESOPS WORK! Ask these people
  48. Tip 21: Summarize a presentation if you have shared lots of lessons and insights
  49. Summary • Think of Virality as communication, and organic marketing, but not as advertising! • Let people talk. Good, Bad or Ugly. Just let them talk. • Snoop into the conversation ONLY when required. Don’t mess with the mess. • Erect viral triggers, but subtly.
  50. Tip 22: To extend your conversation with your audience, ask them to do something and revert to you!
  51. Assignment What would you DO in this case, how and why? Mail me – alok@rodinhood.com
  52. Tip 23: In a business pitch, ASK directly for what you want so that the discussion can then pivot from there
  53. Google, please give us some editorial love?
  54. Tip 23: To provoke your audience, present them a ‘checklist’ – this will get them thinking and call you back!
  55. Checklist • Have you: – Blogged? – Been an influencer on Quora? – Presented at ad:tech, demo, pluggd.in, IITs, IIMs? – Written for leading publications? – Trended on Twitter? – Activated Pinterest? – Conducted “Hangouts”? – Been “Slideshared”? – “Tumbl’d”?
  56. Tip 24: If you are pitching a service, DETAIL what you can do
  57. What we can do for you • Be smart about your PR and help with the checklist • Create content, curate and host events • Influence digiterati and generate industry invitations • One stop shop for making sure you develop a digital ‘halo’!
  58. Tip 25 : Hygiene pointers
  59. Hygiene: • I always use Arial and either a white or black template so that there is no distortion on large screens/SlideShare, etc. • MS PPT is the best option for me. Prezi is too complicated and distorts on screen. Keynote is cool but it gets messed up when moving between Mac and PC.
  60. Hygiene: • SPEND HOURS ANIMATING each slide of your PPT and getting the impact of each point across. • Try and create impact using 8-10 slides max. • ALWAYS TEST RUN your PPT when presenting at events. Check screen resolutions, edges that may cut your slides, etc. • I avoid sound files. The volume is always an issue and getting audio connections is always a challenge. • To improve your PPTs, keep checking the Top Presentations on SlideShare every week!
  61. Tip 26: How to present on stage?
  62. ‘How to present’ tips • If possible, mike-up, carry a remote control AND MOVE ACROSS THE FLOOR. Don’t get stuck like a statue whose feet are glued to the ground. • SPEAK LESS. Let the pictures and the headers TALK. • Be spontaneous. If the audience is cold ask them if they need sweaters…
  63. Tip 27: End with THANKS and contact points
  64. Connect with me! e-mail - alok@rodinhood.com Facebook - facebook.com/rodinhood Twitter - @rodinhood My social network for anyone enterprising! therodinhoods.com Presentations – http:slideshare.net/rodinhood