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Damny media mixer

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The MediaMixer project and community promote the use of semantic technologies for media mixing through real use cases and demos that showcase them, including Digital Asset Management systems. A typical MediaMixer demo will involve fragmenting media assets, annotating them using semantic descriptions and exposing these descriptions to customers, for fragment level search and selection. Fragments will be also linked to rights information based on a copyright ontology, which integrates contracts, policies and rights expressions based on existing standards like DDEX, Creative Commons or MPEG-21.

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Damny media mixer

  1. 1. Roberto García Universitat de Lleida, Spain Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference (DAMNY’13) October 7-8, 2013, New York
  2. 2. 07.10.2013 Slide 2 of 25 MediaMixer Community set-up and networking for the reMIXing of online MEDIA fragments • European Research Project – Started November 2012 – Facilitate a Web-wide market for media fragments re-purposing and re-selling A history of G8 violence (© Reuters) http://slideshare.net/troncy/a-semantic-multimedia-web-create-annotate-present-and-share-your-media
  3. 3. 07.10.2013 Slide 3 of 25 Introduction • MediaMixer promotes the use of semantic technologies for media mixing • Apply them in real use cases and demos – Fragmenting media assets – Annotating them using semantic descriptions – Exposing descriptions for fragment level search –Representing, integrating and checking copyright
  4. 4. 07.10.2013 Slide 4 of 25 Use Case • User Generated Content
  5. 5. 07.10.2013 Slide 5 of 25 Use Case • UGC from reused media
  6. 6. 07.10.2013 Slide 6 of 25 Use Case – ContentID ContentID © ©ContentID match match match
  7. 7. 07.10.2013 Slide 7 of 25 Use Case © Block Choices: Track Monetize “Gangnam Style”, plus +33,000 videos using it, more than $870,000 ad revenue - New York Times, Dec 7th 2012
  8. 8. 07.10.2013 Slide 8 of 25 Use Case - Disputes • What if more than one ownership claim? • If disputed, no one can monetize ©© match match
  9. 9. 07.10.2013 Slide 9 of 25 Use Case - Claim? • Are we sure we can claim? • Do we own that particular copy? • In that territory? • Also streaming on YouTube? • Does the talent authorise YouTube? • …
  10. 10. 07.10.2013 Slide 10 of 25 Use Case - Claim? …1000s of pieces of registered content… …1000s of videos on YouTube… • Decision Support System (DSS): – Disputes with Media on A and B, can we claim? – Trade A for B with OtherMedia (both win, start to get revenue) A B
  11. 11. 07.10.2013 Slide 11 of 25 Use Case - Claim? • Rights DSS requirements: – Fine grained – Scalable (largely automatized) – Takes into account: • Contracts “…all rights on the live version but studio version just in the US.” • Policies “…artist does not want his music together with violent images”. • Rights Expression Languages DDEX metadata:<UseType>OnDemandStream</UseType> <TerritoryCode>Worldwide</TerritoryCode>
  12. 12. 07.10.2013 Slide 12 of 25 MediaMixer Technologies Proposed Architecture RDF Store Rhizomer Media Explorer UI generation and user assistance UI generation and navigation Store license or policy Semantic Media Annotation Rights Builder User Interface SPARQL Rights Language Mapping DDEX to RDF DDEX to RDF DDEX to RDF Load licenses Load media fragments annotations
  13. 13. 07.10.2013 Slide 13 of 25 Media Fragments 13 • Goal: transform whole videos to sets of meaningful, indexable and re-usable video fragments Person, Snow, Trees, Building, Ski, … Baseball, Throwing, Sports, Plant, Running, … Kitchen, Indoor, Cake, … … Concept and Event Detection Semantic Media Annotation
  14. 14. 07.10.2013 Slide 14 of 25 Linked Data • Globally unambiguous identifiers for any concept needed – Ideally more information about the concept itself is available via the identifier – Use of Web URIs → Linked Data concept space – Would allow for inference of concept type and relationship to other concepts Semantic Media Annotation
  15. 15. dbpedia:Category:Whisky dbpedia:Category:Distilled_beverages broader dbpedia:Category:Alcoholic_beverages broader Policy: “Avoid streaming media showing alcoholic beverages in countries prohibiting alcohol” dbpedia:List_of_countries_with_alcohol_prohibition dbpedia:Category:Member_states_of_the_Organisation_of_Islamic_Cooperation dbpedia:Saudi_Arabia subject ddex:OnDe mandStream iso3166-2:SA same as location theme Check: streaming in Saudi Arabia? Media Fragment Semantic Media Annotation
  16. 16. 07.10.2013 Slide 16 of 25 From Controlled Vocabularies …to Ontologies INCREASING EXPRESSIVENESS Features Controlled Vocabularies Synonyms Taxonomies Thesaurus Ontologies Control Ambiguity X X X X Control Synonym X X X X Hierarchical Relations X X X Associative Relations X X Custom Relations X
  17. 17. 07.10.2013 Slide 17 of 25 Copyright Ontology Data & Ontologies Integration RDF Store & Reasoner Copyright Ontologyschema.org DDEX Ontology ISO 3166 Country Codes Place Action SA locationrange is a CreationObject VideoScreenCapture TVEpisode subclass of subclass of Use MakeAvailable subclass of OnDemandStream subclass of
  18. 18. 07.10.2013 Slide 18 of 25 Copyright Ontology Lifecycle, Actions, Rights,… Creator Actor Producer Broadcaster User Motion Picture Script Adaptation Performance manifest perform record Communication broadcast transform Literary Work tune Copyright EconomicRights RelatedRights MoralRights DistributionRight ReproductionRight PublicPerformanceRight FixationRight CommunicationRight AttributionRight TransformationRight IntegrityRight DisclosureRight WithdrawalRight PermorfersRights ProducersRights BroadcastersRights RentalRight ImportationRight SoundRecordRight MotionPictureRight BroadcastingRight MakingAvailableRight AdaptationRight TranslationRight RDF Store & Reasoner
  19. 19. 07.10.2013 Slide 19 of 25 • Ontology provides building blocks to model and reason about contracts, policies, rights expression languages… No, because it is matched to pattern which prohibits it: “Artists does not want her music with violent images” Can we claim asset X Copyright Ontology Reasoning RDF Store & Reasoner
  20. 20. dbpedia:Category:Whisky dbpedia:Category:Distilled_beverages broader dbpedia:Category:Alcoholic_beverages broader Policy: avoid streaming media showing alcoholic beverages in countries prohibiting alcohol dbpedia:List_of_countries_with_alcohol_prohibition dbpedia:Category:Member_states_of_the_Organisation_of_Islamic_Cooperation dbpedia:Saudi_Arabia subject iso3166-2:SA same as REASONING ddex:OnDe mandStream location theme
  21. 21. 07.10.2013 Slide 21 of 25 Semantic Data Exploration http://rhizomik.net/mediamixer/ Rhizomer Media Explorer
  22. 22. 07.10.2013 Slide 22 of 25 http://rhizomik.net/mediamixer/rightsbuilderui/ Assisted Policy and Agreement Modelling User Interface Rights Builder User Interface
  23. 23. 07.10.2013 Slide 23 of 25 Semantic Technologies for Rights Data Integration & Intelligence MediaMixer Semantic Techs Policy 1: The licensor disagrees the licensee adaptsmedia fragments containing… <xml> <right> <play/> </right> <content id=“frg1”/> </xml> Semantic Media Annotation Rights Builder User Interface Rights Language Mapping RDF Store & Reasoner media fragments, semantic data, annotation, ontologies, reasoning,…
  24. 24. 07.10.2013 Slide 24 of 25 Interested? Get involved • Join MediaMixer community to know more (http://community.mediamixer.eu): – discussions, use cases, demonstrators, tutorials, presentations, software,…
  25. 25. More details: http://community.mediamixer.eu @project_mmixer Roberto García (@rogargon) Universitat de Lleida, Spain http://rhizomik.net/~roberto Thank you for your attention