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RedMartian Culture Code

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RedMartian Culture Code

  1. Buildingacompanythateveryoneloves CODECULTURE RedMartian
  2. What is culture? Asetofsharedbeliefs,
  3. Our culture is the Operating System that powers our company It shapes our behavior and how we interact. RedMartOS
  4. WhydoesCulturematter?
  5. A great culture helps attract and retain the best talent Helps define who gets hired, rewarded
  6. A great culture creates an environment in which people deliver their best work, both individually and as a team.
  7. Cultureistheonly
 sustainablecompetitiveadvantage A company will only be as successful as its people and how well they work together
  8. Culture happens, so we should intentionally design one we love.
  9. Let’s make RedMart the ‘awesomest’ place to work on the planet.
  10. What is the objective in designing our culture?
  11. Vision
 Tosavepeopletimeandmoneyfortheimportantthingsinlife. Tocreatethebestenvironmentforourcolleaguestofulfillourvisionandmission:
  13. 1 Weputcustomersfirstand
  14. Everything we do is focused on empowering our customers and providing a “wow” experience, above and beyond their expectations.
  15. Treatcustomersas you’dliketobetreated. Wefollowasimplerule
  16. 2 Weinnovateandalways
  17. Weinnovatetodelightourcustomers, nottobeatourcompetition.
  18. AlwaysquestiontheStatusQuo We should reinvent everything - the old way, or the way “everyone else does things” is usually not the best way. It takes more effort, but builds a much better company.
  19. Always Be Improving / Inventing ABI
  20. 3 Wedomorewithless.
  21. Act like you are spending your own money Be Cost Conscious.
  22. Money we save in our business Lower prices for our customers Fulfills our mission.
  23. 4 Wedevelopourpeopleand
  24. Mastery, Autonomy & Accountability, and Purpose Watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdzHgN7_Hs8
  25. Mentorship program We believe in mentoring and nurturing talent.
  26. Make sure they are in a job they love.
  27. Empowerment & Accountability There is always a DRI - Directly Responsible Person for every initiative.
  28. 5 Wevaluediversity.
 Beyourselfandrespect others!
  29. We believe diversity brings different perspectives, and that’s valuable.
  30. Sense of belonging. 
 No judgement.
  31. Respect for others.
  32. Everyone’s ideas are heard.
  33. 6 We take risks and believe in 
 rapid experimentation. 
 Fail Fast, Learn Faster.
  34. We are action-oriented.
  35. We believe in rapid experimentation in a lean way.
  36. But, we make sure we do our homework first. How will we measure success? Effort vs Impact: Is it worth it? Learn from other peoples’ mistakes. What are the risks involved?
  37. We slow down at the start to ask the right questions, so that we can speed up during experimentation.
  38. 7 We never, never, 
 never give up!
  39. Wearenotfazed bysetbacks. Wefail.Welearn.Wegetbetter.Wemoveon.
  40. It’s up on 
 our wall!
  41. 8 We are results-oriented.
  42. We value measurability and believe in data-driven decision-making.
  43. But data isn’t everything. Sometimes, we trust our gut to make the right decision for our customers. We value measurability and believe in data-driven decision-making.
  44. 9 We are optimistic & crazily ambitious.
  45. “Whether you believe that you can or cannot, either way, you are right.” Henry Ford We believe that with creativity, we can 
 achieve anything.
  46. We’re confident, yet humble. Beliefinourselves.
  47. Everyone else thinks we’re crazy! When people ask us, “Are you guys serious about this??” 
 We know we’re on the right track :-)
  48. 10 We love what we do!