An Introduction AI, Blockchain and IoT

Tech Evangelist @Stylight & Chief Organizer of the DAHO.AM Deep Tech Conference à Stylight
1 Jun 2018

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An Introduction AI, Blockchain and IoT

  1. An introduction to A.I, Blockchain and IoT Johann Romefort, Tech Evangelist
  2. What is A.I? And why should you care?
  3. Artificial Intelligence is based on the assumption that the process of human thought can be mechanized
  4. The Turing Test “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human” - Alan Turing
  5. Development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence
  6. Question Can you think of existing A.I system doing that already?
  7. Why is everyone talking about A.I?
  8. A.I is different from regular software
  9. A.I Learns
  10. A.I Predicts
  11. A.I creates new experiences
  12. Breakthrough in A.I Why now?
  13. (Big) Data is the new.
  14. Neural Networks
  15. GPU
  17. A.I Industry use-cases
  18. Conversica A.I assistant for sales lead
  19. Healthcare: Largest market for A.I
  20. A.I can see the unseen
  21. What does A.I need to flourish?
  22. Data Scientists
  23. Infrastructure
  24. Data
  25. Question Where do you think A.I could have an impact on your business?
  26. AI is the new electricity Andrew NG
  27. What is Blockchain? And why should you care?
  28. The history of value exchange
  29. 3500 years ago... The Signet Ring
  30. Trust Regulators Nowadays...
  31. The “middleman” model is far from being perfect
  32. Question Why is trust in institutions declining?
  33. What is the blockchain?
  34. It’s a technology to enable transactions between non-trusted parties without the need for a middleman
  35. A public ledger
  36. Centralized vs Distributed
  37. Immutable: Data cannot be changed, just added
  38. The blockchain is a public, distributed and immutable database
  39. DEMO TIME!
  40. Why do we need blockchain?
  41. Question What kind of data do you produce & who owns this data?
  42. We’ve lost control of our personal data Tim Berners Lee
  43. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the way we share data
  44. Blockchain Industry use-cases
  45. Supply Chain Management
  46. Irrefutable traceability of goods
  47. Food safety & sanitary risks
  48. Fight Fraud & Corruption
  49. Blockchain for the automotive industry - use casesAutomated Transactions
  50. Blockchain provides a new model to exchange value, share data & prevent fraud
  51. The Internet Of Things
  52. What are those things?
  53. A growing market
  54. From IoT To Internet of Everything
  55. Question What do we gain by connecting everything?
  56. Access to even more data
  57. Enrich customer experience
  58. Increase safety
  59. IoT in Retail: Digitalizing Brick & mortar
  60. Smart Shelves
  61. Smart Inventory Management with RFID, sensors...
  62. … or drones.
  63. Convergence of A.I, Blockchain and IoT
  64. IoT as a source of data
  65. Blockchain as a secure storage for the world’s data
  66. A.I as the brain for the data economy
  67. Potential for entirely new customer experiences
  68. Thank you