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API Days SF - State of API Integration

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There has been massive adoption of Web APIs, and many stats and commentary exist around API exposure and business models - but what about API integration? This presentation will take a look at the challenges that exist around integration in 2017, looking at data we’ve collected from a large variety of enterprise cloud apps. We’ll look at some of the trends we are seeing among service providers that ease the developer burden and make some recommendations to ensure the APIs we’re building today are fit for purpose tomorrow.

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API Days SF - State of API Integration

  1. 1. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor State of the Union API Integration API Days SF - July 12 2017
  2. 2. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor HELLO SAY ROSS GARRETT . Head of Product Marketing Cloud Elements @gssor
  3. 3. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor WHY THIS TOPIC? Focus on how the growth in APIs has had an impact on the growing demand for connectivity. To determine how well APIs are optimized for integration.
  4. 4. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor WHY THIS TOPIC? Focus on how the growth in APIs has had an impact on the growing demand for integration. To determine how well APIs are optimized for integration. connectivity
  5. 5. Authenticate Discover Custom Objects Map &TransformEvents & Polling Workflows CONNECTING TO THE API Bulk Error Handling INTEGRATING WITH THE API
  6. 6. Authenticate Discover Custom Objects Map &TransformEvents & Polling Workflows CONNECTING TO THE API BulkError Handling INTEGRATING WITH THE API
  7. 7. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor METHODOLOGY DATA COLLECTION Data collected between September 2016 - March 2017 . PRIMARY SOURCE: Cloud Elements Platform of APIs - 165 Public Apps and Services - 28,000 Integration Instances - 1.6 Billion API Calls Complementary Research from: - SmartBear State of API Report 2016 - Datanyze Market Share Reports of 2016 - ProgrammableWeb API Directory - Growth in Web APIs 2005 - 2016
  8. 8. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor GROWTH OF APIs PART 1
  9. 9. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor PROLIFERATION OF PUBLIC APIs 757% . Increase in Web APIs January 2010 - January 2016
  10. 10. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor “… remarkable percentage of SOAP APIs out there that can’t be ignored - at least 15% based on our experience.
  11. 11. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor
  12. 12. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CATEGORY LEADERS Futureproof your application for current and entering market leaders. CLOUD STORAGE . ECOMMERCE .CRM . MARKETING .
  13. 13. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES PART 2
  14. 14. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor Enterprises have over 1,031 internal cloud services. Of those enterprises, 39% want easier integration between the tools they already use. THE BIGGESTCHALLENGES IN API TECHNOLOGY SMARTBEAR STATE OF API REPORT 2016 https://smartbear.com/resources/ebooks/state-of-api-survey-report-2016/
  15. 15. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #1 - Authentication
  16. 16. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor AUTHENTICATION FACTOR IN SECURITY OVER 59% . of APIs are using an authentication mechanism that is not OAUTH2. OAUTH2 is preferred mechanism for token-based access.
  17. 17. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #2 - Documentation
  19. 19. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #3 - Data Discovery
  20. 20. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor “ 58% OF ENDPOINTS SUPPORT SOME METADATA DISCOVERY One caveat to this research is that it’s heavily weighted by the custom integrations provided by Cloud Elements. It’s natural for us to support cooperative endpoints. Our sense that industry-wide, less than 15% of endpoints actually support discovery.
  21. 21. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #3 - Status / Error Codes
  22. 22. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor STATUS CODES WE CAN DO BETTER WITH
  23. 23. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor HTTP STATUS RANGES: 1xx: Hold Please 2xx: Great Success 3xx: Go Away! 4xx: You Screwed Up 5xx: We Screwed Up HTTP 299: Disappointed - The server has accepted your request but thinks you can do better
  24. 24. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #4 - Bulk Data Support
  25. 25. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor 42% of APIs support bulk
  26. 26. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor “Enterprise users are often dealing with vast data lakes that need to be synchronized, analyzed, migrated, or even shared. Application providers must think carefully about the functionality they offer to handle this scale of data.
  27. 27. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #5 - Eventing Support
  28. 28. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor PERILS OF POLLING BEWARE THE
  29. 29. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor Polling is NOT a solution for event-driven apps
  31. 31. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor yet only 29% of Applications actually support webhooks
  32. 32. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor CHALLENGE #6 - Versioning
  33. 33. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor WEB API VERSIONING URI Versioning Content Negotiation Custom Request Header URI Parameter Versioning
  35. 35. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor SCORECARD API CALCULATOR PART 3
  36. 36. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor
  37. 37. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor
  38. 38. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor #StateofAPI Integration #SuccessfulAPIs
  39. 39. #SuccessfulAPIs @gssor AUDIENCE QUESTIONS? END