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Ricardo Sosa: Ideation, a conversation

Slides for a conversation on March 08, 2019 at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in their annual JWC conference.

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Ricardo Sosa: Ideation, a conversation

  1. 1. ideationA conversation @JWC2019 Ricardo Sosa, PhD. ricardo@designcomputing.org
  2. 2. ideationThe practice of The study of
  3. 3. ideation ideation The practice of The study of
  4. 4. time
  5. 5. Cited by 896
  6. 6. time “idea generation is a critical part of the creative design process likely related to the quality of the final design solution” (Shroyer, Lovins et al. 2018)
  7. 7. 2016 Dyson Award winner, a “folding, recyclable, vendable helmet for bike share” by Isis Shiffer EcoHelmet: https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/2016/project/ecohelmet
  8. 8. We name this the assemblage hypothesis of ideation: “The quality of a final solution consists of an assembly or aggregate of the qualities identifiable in early ideas generated in an ideation session” time
  9. 9. First question: Where is the evidence? Second question: What may be wrong with this assumption?
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  16. 16. Early ideas for Pixar films are “not beautiful, miniature versions of the adults they will grow up to be. They are truly ugly: awkward and unformed, vulnerable and incomplete. They need nurturing—in the form of time and patience—in order to grow” (Catmull 2014, p. 131) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOxJpGI8SWc
  17. 17. “If you sat down and watched the early reels of any of our films, the ugliness would be painfully clear. But the natural impulse is to compare the early reels of our films to finished films—by which I mean to hold the new to standards only the mature can meet. Our job is to protect our babies from being judged too quickly. Our job is to protect the new.” (p. 131) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2ejwJ0QXvs
  18. 18. Ideation research Ideation “in the wild” Single (early) ideation session Ideation throughout a project Facilitation often lacking or incomplete Facilitation adheres to guidelines and rules Output are ideas Outputs include capacity building, etc. Quality metrics applied to early ideas to select good ideas Quality of final solutions not observable in early versions One-off assessment of performance Iterative assessment of potential Formats: annotated sketches, audio and video recordings, models Formats: demo derbies, creative pitches, “living on” ideas Early ideas discrete and unitary Early ideas fragmentary, unformed, incomplete, and connected Anticipated performance ratings by expert external agents (judges) Periodic discussions, conversations, demos, pitches by internal agents Characteristics of ideation in research and professional practices
  19. 19. Conclusions • Ground ideation research in practice (“design rigour”) • Metrics of early ideas ≠ final ideas • Justify deliverables/outputs of ideation sessions • Assessment of process rather than outcome • Assessment of potential rather than imagined performance • Analogies from other growth processes: memory formation, embryonic development, planetary accretion • What is an idea in design?
  20. 20. ideationA conversation @JWC2019 Ricardo Sosa, PhD. ricardo@designcomputing.org