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Ruht ingles tecnico iii

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Ruht ingles tecnico iii

  1. 1. Nombre: Ruht Esther Espinal…………………2008-308 Asignatura: technical English III Profesora: Alba Lissette Peguero Fecha: 2/09/2015
  2. 2. Social media with whom I interact Are: Blogger: this is a service acquired by Google, which lets you create and publish weblog, or blog, to publish content that interest you, these are updated frequently and often commented by readers. Readers can write their comments and the author to answer it so that it is possible to establish a dialogue. The blog is a tool that allows you to expand your knowledge of educational work often as social tool, to met people who share similar themes whit what in some cases are to be considered as a community. The blog has a great ease in operation and can be designed templates that let you customize the look of the blog without knowing codes, also posting on custom domains, changing the default address at blogspot.com publication any internet domain addiction pictures and videos through the input editor etc.
  3. 3. Facebook: A Social Network Created By mark Zuckerberg while Studying at Harvard University. Facebook has allowed the massification of Internet communication allows you to stay connected to what happens whith friends and news, give you the opportunity to share videos, photos, and above all keep in touch and you can make and receive calls and messages. Facebook is very popular and has over 500 millions users whit the ease of communication.
  4. 4. Instagram: this is a social network for sharing photos and videos, users can apply photo effects like filters, frames, thermal similarities, colors, these pictures can be shared on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. This is a free application for mobile, and has become a social network of reference for people who like pictures, and images and you can give change and the effect you want and the share.
  5. 5. Twitter: the Twitter Is a microblogging characterized by The Brevity of their Messages and ease of publication, these can be sent from Mobile, computer, or devices with Instant messaging Software. The Twitter given the opportunity to send messages to TV programs broadcast live and give your opinion on topics of Interest.
  6. 6. Skype: is a Free social Network like The o Thers, is also desktop and Mobile enabling of Chat, make Phone calls via webcam over the Internet. The basic functions of Skype can be used without paying for them. But more advanced options, such as having a virtual phone number or send text messages to other countries are accessible through payments.