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Running Blind: An Interactive Dance Performance

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A case study of Running Blind, an interactive dance performance,
from Creative Producer, Sabina Bonnici, FizzyThinking.

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Running Blind: An Interactive Dance Performance

  1. 1. Running Blind: An Interactive Dance Performance
  2. 2. Running Blind Running Blind is a visceral dialogue of dance, sound and sight. Laura Sarah Dowdallʼs work as artist-in-the-community at a Dublin DeafBlind centre led to this daring dance exploration of the role of the senses, inviting the audience to become a part of a journey into metaphorical and physical blindness. As dramaturg and creative producer, my role was to bring the work to life in a theatre setting, by developing a framework for the dance performance working collaboratively with Laura, and the sound and lighting designers. Creating and testing meaningful audience interactions was a key part of the process, as this performance is a precursor to a future installation that will make dance accessible for people with blindness. I produced the accompanying website www.runningblind.ie and managed the facebook page www.facebook.com/ runningblindlsd. Watch a 1 minute video.
  3. 3. Running Blind When the performance starts, a violinist comes to the foyer and invites the audience to follow into the stairwell and through to the theatre. As they enter the auditorium, the audience are asked to follow a rope to their seats, with their eyes closed, while ambient sounds permeate the space. The seats are covered in foil, and as the audience take their seats within this textured environment, they add to the aural atmosphere of the space.
  4. 4. Running Blind Prior to the performance, audience members are invited to share how they are feeling in that present moment by drawing a symbol. These drawings are later integrated into the performance as the dancer responds to the symbols through improvised movement. Read what the audience said about the show. Read critics reviews.
  5. 5. For more information: tweet @sabinabonnici visit www.fizzythinking.com email sabina@fizzythinking.com