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Leadership essentials (india)

Leadership essentials

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Leadership essentials (india)

  1. 1. Leadership Essentials Presenter Name | SADEK SAMIYOUNIS
  2. 2. -Contents :  Introduction  Vision  Values  Signs of leaderships  How To Grow As A Leader ?
  3. 3. What Is A Leadership ?
  4. 4. Leadership is The Ability To Move People Towards Goals
  5. 5. Why leadership ?
  6. 6. Are Leaders Born Or Made?
  7. 7. Natural leaderfollower Can acquire leadership 2% 2%96%
  8. 8. Why leadership is a rare skill ?
  9. 9. Does Leadership Exist Only AtTheTop Of An Organization ?
  10. 10. vision
  11. 11. Before I die I want to video
  12. 12. Dream board
  13. 13. Creating vision steps 1-imagine 2-Write all the achievements that you imagined in every aspect of your life 3-Setting priorities (very important and must be achieved - important - good and I hope to achieve) 4- just type the goals (very important and must be achieved) 5-Write your plan in board (dreams board) 6- Distribute goals for 20 years - 5 years - one year - every month 7-Check your plan each period
  14. 14. To Be A LeaderYou Must Be A Dreamer You Must Have A Vision
  15. 15. AnalyzeVideo Martin Luther King
  16. 16. How to identify your values ? Ask this questions to yourself :  What are the most important things for you in life?  What are the things that you can sacrifice your life for its?  What are the things that you will not give up to it whatever the circumstances and whatever conditions change?  Type 7 most important things that represent the most important values ​​in life.  Arrange these values ​​according to the importance to you
  17. 17. values Ability to make decisions and implement them Ability to persuade and influence others Achieving excellence Achieving fame and recognition Adventure and excitement Behaving ethically Being challenged by pressures and deadlines Being organized and dependable Being skilled and capable Building a family Building meaningful relationships with others Competition with others Contributing to society Cooperation with others Demonstrating expertise Diversity in daily tasks Doing something meaningful Efficient and effective Enjoying what you do Environmental rights Establishing a reputation Expressing creativity Feeling excited and stimulated by life Feeling independent Feeling of belonging and community Feeling of inner harmony Feeling of patriotism Financial security Financial wealth Free speech/human rights Freedom to set your own pace and goals Having a feeling of security Having power and control Having privacy Helping those in need Religion and/or spirituality Leading others to success Moving at a fast pace Moving at a slow pace Being productive Reliability Self-development Sense of accomplishment Serving the public Spontaneity Truth and integrity Working as part of a team Working individually
  18. 18. ValuesVideo Nelson Mandela
  19. 19. :Becoming A Leader Will CostYou Personal Change Time Money Friendships Your Option AndYour Freedom
  20. 20. What AreThe Signs Of Leaders ?
  21. 21. 1- Analytical Ability Smart Question Smart Comments Quick Understand ing Good Expecting Personality Difference
  22. 22. 2-Taking Initiatives Manage Projects New Idea Leading Groups Starting Organizations Creativity Innovation
  23. 23. 3- Courage Situations Of Fear Expressing Ideas Boldly Criticism InfluenceOf Others Decisiveness
  24. 24. 4- Seriousness Activitism Clubs HobbiesReading Time Management
  25. 25. 5-Ambitious ReachingA High Positions LeavingA Legacy Achievable Goals Life Plan Major Projects
  26. 26. 6- Leadership Environment A Family Of Leaders A Reach Family An Activitist Family Orphans Early Responsibility
  27. 27. Leader Effective Person Direction Role - Model Change Motivation Training Relations Intervention Empowerment Normal person Believes Interests Skills Relations Role Models
  28. 28. HowTo Grow As A Leader ?
  29. 29. What Does Distinguish Leaders From Followers?
  30. 30. It IsTheWillingness And Capacity To DevelopTheir SkillsThat Distinguishes Leaders From Followers warren Bunnies
  31. 31. What IsThe First Step For A Normal PersonTo Be A Leader ?
  32. 32. ChooseTo Be A Leader. (Read –Learn-study-associateWith Leaders) Self –Discipline Is Key For Choosing Leaders . A Choice May Be Made InYour Heart And Mind, But OnlyThe Implementation Of A Plan Will See Results .
  33. 33. FACEBOOK Page www.facebook.com/TR.SadekYounis

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Leadership essentials


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