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Impel Slashes Price on E-mail Campaigns

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Prices dropped 50% on Email campaign plans.

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Impel Slashes Price on E-mail Campaigns

  1. 1. PK4 Software Technologies For Details, Contact: Sahana Bose#31, Kempapura, Hebbal Phone +91-80-3008-0000Bangalore 560024, INDIA sahana@impelcrm.inPhone +91-80-3008-0000Fax +91-80-3008-2006www.ImpelCRM.in Impel Press Release Impel CRM slashes price on E-mail campaigns Prices dropped 50% on Email campaign plans. Bangalore, India, April 18, 2011 -- Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced that it has decreased the prices of E-mail Campaigns plans for Impel CRM dramatically. PK4 recently moved the Impel E-mail Campaign service to Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). Amazon SES is a highly scalable, cost-effective bulk and transactional email sending service for businesses. Amazon SES allows PK4 to eliminate the complexity and expense of building an in-house email service solution. It revolutionizes computing by allowing PK4 to access a high-quality, scalable and attractively priced email infrastructure to efficiently and inexpensively communicate to customers. Mr. Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO of PK4 Software said "Building large-scale email solutions to send marketing messages is often a complex and costly challenge for businesses. Amazon SES provides a highly secure and scalable email service with attractive price slabs" he said. "As this functionality is available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), it has allowed us to make the Email Marketing Module much better and more affordable to use. We decided to pass on the savings directly to our customers. We have therefore reduced the price of E-mail campaign plans by over 50%”, he added.
  2. 2. Impel slashes prices on Email CampaignsAbout PK4.PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader in India. Our flagship product, Impel CRM, helps companies put theircustomers at the center of their business. Impel CRM helps sales and support executives spend moretime with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenuesand maximize profits by improving sales productivity, marketing efficiency and customer service. ImpelCRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries rangingfrom SMBs to large enterprises. PK4 offers a free 15 day trial of Impel. All you need to do is click onthe Free Trial button on www.impelcrm.in and start using Impel – now! *****