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User Experience Roles Competencies

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User Experience Roles, Responsibilities and competencies. Different UI Job titles and hierarchies.
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User Experience Roles Competencies

  1. 1. Interaction Designer Usability Engineer Design user interactions with software, screen flows, User actions-System response, Information /error messages, Wireframe layout and placement of information, Conduct Lab usability test in-house or at client locations. Compile results into suggestions and feedback for improvements. Create benchmark usability scale to track improvements UI Prototyper/ Developer Create high fidelity prototypes of software interfaces in html or flash or .net, etc. UI developers will create production quality html to be handed to engineers or programmers User Researcher Conduct field research, contextual enquiry, user interviews, surveys , Ethnographic study to find/validate user requirements, new features, expectations, pain points. Compile results into requirement document Architecture, M.Des Industrial designer, Cognitive psychology, Industrial Engineer, Architecture, Industrial design Cognitive psychology, Industrial Engineer, Architecture, Industrial design Computer Science Engineering, BSc + Html + Java, Web Designer Create static websites or less interactive websites. Like company information sites, Create htmls , modify images, create logos and icons, BA , Bcom, BSc + Html + Java course from EDIT or ARENA multimedia Task flow diagram, affinity diagram, wireframe layouts, screen flow diagrams, information messages, Button labels, Ui design documents, UI patterns and standards Create Report and analysis recordings of field study. Write new feature list and improvements. Create qualitative and quantitative reports. Show statistical figures. List user suggestion, pain points, new features. Create a benchmarking scale. Online survey findings Simulations of UI in Flash or Dreamweaver with button clicks. Or deliver production quality html, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, etc. Deliver complete site in html with images. Content Writers Instructional Designer Creating Content, Write button labels, error messages, help messages, alerts, cautions, information messages. Write prompts and confirmations. Own all the text part of the UI BA English with knowledge of content writing + Softwares and Internet Document all labels, messages, prompts, marketing text, help information, etc. Graphic Designer Design color scheme for screens, icon, logo design, visual layout , animations and images. Create attention and information separation using color principles Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA), M.Des Visual communication, Create Icon library, Visual design layouts, homepages, .jpg, Graphic standards Base title Senior [Title] Principle [Title] Architect [Title] Sr. Manager UX Director UX VP UX Manager UX Individual Growth path Managerial Growth path UX= User Experience www.sameerchavan.com | sameerhere@yahoo.com Knowledge of User Centred Design process, Task Analysis, Use Case Analysis, Ergonomic and Human factors in Software, Principles of Usability, Wire frame designs, Hi-low Fidelity prototypes, domain expertise Tools : photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver, Axure, PPT, visio, Word Knowledge research techniques and process. Demonstrated expertise in quantitative data analysis, including SPSS and MATLAB. Knowledge of Card Sorting, Eye Tracking, surveys, Focus Groups, contextual Enquiry, Ethnographic study. User Persona Tools: Survey monkey, hand notes, Excel sheets, Cam recordings Knowledge of usability testing methods – formative & summative. User Walkthroughs, Assisted method, observational method, Remote usability testing, SUS and SUMI tests, Tools: operating AVI equipments, Excel sheets, Knowledge of color theory, form, proportion, contrast, ratio, patterns, iconography, color trends, Semantics, metaphors, Abstract, Tools: Photoshop, illustrator, icon maker, Dreamweaver Expert in html, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, Flash animation, action script. Understands code optimization, size reduction, etc. Tools: Dreamweaver, Flash, photoshop, illustrator, visio, Axure, ppt, Excel, Knowledge of web design principles, homepage design, ecommerce, usa bility, good graphics skills. Expert in html, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, Flash animation, action script. Understands code optimization, size reduction, etc. Tools: Dreamweaver, Flash, photoshop, illustrator, visio, Axure, ppt, Excel, Knowledge of web content writing, active and passive language, Writing short with more information, content trends.
  2. 2. Classifying different UX titles under high-level categories of ID, UR, UT, GD. Some titles cover more then one domains Hierarchy & flow of Design User Experience Design Interaction Design Graphic Design Usability User Research Business Strategy Multimedia- pictures, video, music Content –Text, ratings, comments, logs, Industrial Design www.sameerchavan.com | sameerhere@yahoo.com UX domains Derived Titles From Interaction Design (ID) User Research (UR) Usability Testing (UT) Usability Engineering (UE) Graphic Design (GD) Instructional Design Human Factors, Ergonomics Human Factors Analyst, Human Factors Engineer (HFE) , User Centre Design User Centre Designer, UCD Engineer, UCD analyst Usability Usability Designer Usability Researcher Usability Engineer, (UE) Usability Analyst, Usability Specialist , Usability Practioner Software Usability Engineer Usability Strategist, User Experience Designer Information Architecture Information Architect, AI User Interface Design Interaction Designer, UI Designer, UI Engineer GUI Designer, Web Designer Web Designer Graphic design Visual Designer, Graphic Designer, Content Writing Instructional Designer