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Camp recount

About beach ed a year 7 camp

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Camp recount

  1. 1. Ok where to start??? Oh I know Beach Ed!!!!! Ok you might be thinking what is Beach Ed ok ill tell you it is when you go to the beach and you play allsorts of games well you might think Beach Ed is really boring but when you come to think of it, it is actually fun. Ok what we did was really fun (well not really) but anyway we played 3 games that were Beach flags is when you have a line of boys and a line of girls and the girls always go first but there is a catch you have to lie down and when someone blows the whistle off you go, then on the other side you have flags or cut up hose and you dig them into the sand and then you start playing, there’s Octopus that’s an easy game you should know it and Relays tiring but still fun and you should know that one too. Whew! What a tiring day well the day wasn’t over just yet we still had to see the rooms and the safety equipment oh yeah that’s right we had to see rooms like the equipment room, first aid room, the gear shed, the quads and of course the life boats that was really exciting to learn about the different rooms and what they are particularly used for. Now that was interesting but we had a little bit more to learn about like slip, slop, slap, and wrap that was really exciting (but a little you know BORING!!!!!!!! ) So off we went and the life guards were talking about safety at a beach and to always SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS it was interesting to learn all those things. After slip, slop, slap and wrap we learnt about rips and waves that was one of the things that was actually… fun (well not really) well we were sitting down and were actually learning about those rips and waves it was really interesting to learn about the rips and waves. Ok why are we going back to the camp site?? We are going back to put our togs on yay!!!!!! Why well the day isn’t over yet, ok I must admit I was quite tired but I was still in the game to stay alert. Well I thought can I just go to sleep please well I must say going to put our togs on that
  2. 2. means only one thing Swimming!!!!!! We headed back to the beach and the life guards met us there again. Now we are back at the beach and already walking down the boardwalk and then I screamed ahhh what is that it is a soft toy yay (little puppy) but I had to throw it away but then Dylan and Shontana picked it up and named it Doggie and I wanted my Doggie back it was really sad to watch my Doggie go and now I have no Doggie. Wah Wah. After that little walk we were finally at the beach yay! “But wait you can’t go swimming yet” Ohh man “what do you mean” we asked that because we had one more game to play and it was another relay that included the cold water and the big crabs ouch that hurt “look at my foot” it hurt and it stung but we still ran and we ran and we ran and then it was water time yay! We finally got to go for a swim but it was really cold but fun. While we were swimming we were getting sniped on the bottom of our feet by the huge crabs but it was still fun body surfing the big, green, cold waves they were cold like an ice block! After the wonderful day at beach Ed we were really tired and exhausted so then we headed back to the camp ground and had dinner then Zzzzzz.