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Media First Script Draft

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Media First Script Draft

  1. 1. Judgement A Short By Taylor Pelling ©
  2. 2. Jack: Taylor Pelling Man: Sam Brandon Jack: What? Where am I? who are you? What’s going on? Hey you, tell me where the fuck am I? One minute I was driving now im here Man: Greetings Jack Jack: How do you know my name? Man: There is no need for that Jack Jack: Where the hell am I? Man: Nowhere, you are nowhere Jack: What, am I dead? Man: Not quite Jack: Look, just tell me what is going on Man: In front of you is a button, press it and you get all of this money (shows case) ……….. £10,000,000 Jack: So what I just have to press the button? Man: Don’t you want to know about the consequences? Jack: What consequences? Man: If you press that button, someone somewhere in the world will die Jack: What?
  3. 3. Man: Someone will die Jack: Well who? Man: I can’t tell you that, All I can tell you is that it might be anyone, a Chinese person, African, German, American anyone one of the 6 billion inhabitants of earth. It could be your mother, your father, son, wife or daughter. Jack: So what happens if I don’t? Man: Nothing, you can just walk away scot free Jack: Well people die all the time right? Man: Sure Jack: like car accidents, how many people have died this year? Man: 14,607….8……9… Jack: how do I know it isn’t going to kill me? Man: The odds are 6 billion to 1 Jack: (Pushes button) Man: ah well you see Jack……. You’re already dead Jack: no….no….no Man: A rather nasty car accident im afraid, Since man was capable of possessing a soul It has been my job to tempt him in purgatory with whatever mortal advice to encourage him to take the life of another the good can be saved, the evil will be condemned for his transgression, think of me as God’s Victor. Jack: What?
  4. 4. Man: Well your going to hell Jack, Endless Boundless Nothing. Jack: But what about my family? Man: You had the option for salvation, you chose condemnation Jack: who did I kill? Man: Don’t worry Jack, I’ll be seeing them next