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As a talent professional, you know that in order to be considered for top recruiter jobs, you need a comprehensive resume. Hope this satisfies your need.

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  1. 1. santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr NAME Mobile No: / Email: @gmail.com Objective: Aspiring to build a career in talent management division in an esteemed firm where my acquired skills and knowledge can be best utilized for the better functioning of the organization and to work with maximum commitment and sincerity. Work Experience: Worked at XXX Pvt Ltd as US IT RECRUITER from month year to month year Role & Responsibilities: - Responsible for End to End Recruitment - Responsible for Internal Recruitment & External Recruitment - Worked on Fresher & Lateral Requirement - Initial Screening of the candidate processing for next level based on the skills - Sourcing Candidate Profiles in Job Portals (Naukri & Indeed) - Timely care of Daily walk-ins - Engaging with stakeholder & Client for Interview Schedules and receiving feedbacks. - Releasing offers based on Stakeholders & HR Managers Confirmation - Initiate reference check & Background verification - Processing Document Verification before candidate Joins - Initiate Joining formalities based on BGV Report - Arranging Accommodation & Travel for New Joinees - Client Management - Updating on Reports, Scheduling Interviews and Receiving Feedbacks - Vendor Management – Engaging on Recruitment - Promote company’s reputation as “best place to work” - Co-ordinate with Team/Clients for scheduling interviews, and giving/receiving feedback - Screening and Shortlisting of candidate’s profiles as per the requirements and Conduct interviews using various reliable personnel selection tools/methods to filter candidates within schedule - Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process - Maintaining Candidates profiles and report in Google Drive. - Maintaining candidates’ database in Excel Sheet as well as in Recruitment tools and provide analytical and well documented reports to the rest of the team. - Periodic follow up with offered candidates to ensure candidates are in track. - Making sure the timely delivery of the submissions and resources to the clients and quick TAT (Turn Around Time) in responding to each requirement. - Assisting with the Manager about the Day to Day Activities related with End to End HR Activities.
  2. 2. santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr - Co-coordinating with Client to travel for campus and recruitment drives to recruit the candidate and perform various recruitment steps. - Maintaining the records of employees - Engaging with employees on Daily basis. - Client Management Recruitment Skills:  Sourcing o Keywords Search o Boolean Search o X-Ray Search  Job Posting  Job Advertisement  Bulk Mailing  Bulk SMS  Bulk Hiring  Job Application - Shortlist & Reject. Area of Specialization:  End to End Recruitment  Talent Acquisition  Client Engagement  On-site Recruitment  Stakeholders Engagement  Vendor Management  HRMS & HRIS  Event Management  Social Media Recruitment Job Portals & Websites:  Naukri  Monster Jobs  Shine  Times Jobs  Recruitin  IIM jobs  Indeed  Linked  Facebook  Twitter Domain of Work: Specialized on recruiting from Tier 5 to Tier 1 job profiles for below domain based companies.  Banking  Manufacturing  Pharma  IT/ITES/ITIS  Publishing  Financial  Staffing  BPO/KPO  Coding Based Educational Qualification:  PG DETAILS o SPECIALIZATION o SCHOOL – PERCENTAGE / CCGPA o PASSING YEAR  UG DETAILS o SPECIALIZATION o SCHOOL – PERCENTAGE / CCGPA o PASSING YEAR  HIGH SCHOOL DETAILS o SPECIALIZATION o SCHOOL – PERCENTAGE / CCGPA o PASSING YEAR  PG DETAILS o SPECIALIZATION o SCHOOL – PERCENTAGE / CCGPA o PASSING YEAR
  3. 3. santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr santhanyogesh@gmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/santhanr Personal Details:  Date of birth :  Sex :  Marital Status :  Father’s Name :  Passport :  Languages known :  Address for Communication : Declaration: I hereby declare that all the details and particulars furnished above are correct to the best of my knowledge. Place: CITY Yours Sincerely, Date: (NAME)