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Children's oral health initiative (cohi)

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November 3rd 2010

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Children's oral health initiative (cohi)

  1. 1. What is the Children's Oral Health Initiative? The Children's Oral Health Initiative (COHI) is a service provided to on-reserve First Nations children and Inuit children to help them establish and maintain healthy teeth and gums. COHI provides dental services to children from birth to age seven and provides information to their parents/caregivers, and expectant parents which will help their children build and maintain healthy smiles right from the start
  2. 2. Why does COHI offer this service?    Promoting healthy teeth and gums contributes to overall good health; Helping children avoid pain and infection from cavities gives them a better opportunity to learn and thrive; Cavities can be prevented.
  3. 3. The Children's Oral Health Initiative reaches out to children by providing:       Dental check-up (Oral health screening). Fluoride applications to help prevent cavities. Education and information regarding oral hygiene. Information/promotion of products containing xylitol. Sealants to prevent cavities. Temporary fillings (ART) .
  4. 4. How does the Children's Oral Health Initiative work?    COHI is available in various First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada. The COHI is community-based. Services can be provided in daycares, schools, homes, health centres, at community events, and more. Community members take an active role in promoting COHI so the children in the community will get the most benefit.