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Shifting Left Using Sauce Labs Analytics by William Harrison

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As companies begin to Shift Left with their software development, data analytics has become a pivotal force in how business leaders make strategic and tactical decisions. With the emergence of real-time customer feedback, it is imperative to deliver applications quickly and accurately. In this SauceCon 2018 presentation, William Harrison discusses the use of Sauce Analytics to enable today’s software methodologies to drive value and customer experience for companies. Attendees will take away a new way of looking at defects and metrics to help drive overall value for their organizations.

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Shifting Left Using Sauce Labs Analytics by William Harrison

  1. 1. omnisourcing.net SHIFTING LEFT USING SAUCE ANALYTICS Omni Sourcing
  2. 2. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results2 Shift Left Improve Agility Ensure Quality Improve Time To Market Production Defects found earlier in the SDLC reduces the overall cost of delivering applications and improves time to market DEFECTS DEFECTS DEFECTS Defect Repair Cost Defect Repair Cost
  3. 3. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results3 Shift Left • Shift Left accelerates attention to quality from the inception of the SDLC • It promotes inclusion of quality assurance right from the requirement phase of the process • Quality Assurance is no longer a separate task only done post development. It is a continuous integrated process Requirements 56% Design 27% Code 7% Other 10% DEFECT ROOT CAUSE SHIFT LEFT BENEFITS Lower Project Costs Reduced Defects Increased Collaboration Enhanced Customer Experience Increased Time To Market Increased Project Execution Increased Quality
  4. 4. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results4 CI2/CD2 Continuous Integration/Improvement, Continuous Delivery/Deployment Requirements Plan Design Track and monitor Release Dev/Test CI 2 3 4 5 6 1 Slow deployment process ? Increase in frequency of software deployment Long wait time for test results ? Auto-build is triggered after every commit and automatically deployed to test Developers have to check the entire source code for errors? If test fails, developers only have to check last commit for errors Lack of continuous feedback ? Concerned teams are provided with real-time feedback CI/D2
  5. 5. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results5 Using Sauce Analytics to Shift Left Sauce Analytics help provide visibility into your tests, platforms and applications so you can review test metrics, analyze test results and determine the quality of your applications Test Trends Visibility across your organization Test History Identify flaky/problem tests KPI Dashboard Know what to fix first Fix defects Identify root cause Analyze defects Identify error rates by team and applications Identify builds and tests that cause errors in platforms Identify performance bottlenecks in your pipeline INCREASE QUALITY
  6. 6. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results6 Using Sauce Analytics to Shift Left Test Trends – Shows trends, pass / fail / error % of tests and top errors Test Trends Identify error rates Test Trends Pass/Fail Rates
  7. 7. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results7 Using Sauce Analytics to do Shift Left Test History – Shows the pass / fail and TIME for A Single test to run over time Test History: Identify root cause by drilling down
  8. 8. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results8 Application Scorecard Areas of Improvement Delivery scorecard Rank Application VP owner Partner Defect density Defect turnaround time (hrs) Test phase found Defect root cause analysis Overall score 8 XYZ VP Other 1.11 34 55% 50% 9 XYZ VP Other 3.55 26 75% 44% 10 XYZ VP Other N/A 79 80% 81% 11 XYZ VP Other 7.32 49 37% 52% 12 XYZ VP Other 6.09 65 71% 52% Met goal Area of improvement Focus area
  9. 9. Transforming IT Operations, Delivering Quality Results9 Business Unit Scorecard Defect Cost Defect Root Cause Matrix Business unit results Requirement s Design Data Deployment Environment Coding Testing Customer Impact cost Total Defect Impact Cost: $12,040,000 SVP Business Unit VP SVP Business Unit VP Business Unit VP Root cause cost impact fg i fg h h h h $5,000,000 fg fg h h i h fg $1,000 i fg i h h i i $39,000 $1.0M $1.0M $1.0M $500K $500M $2M $1.0M Met goal Area of improvement Focus area
  10. 10. omnisourcing.net Q&A
  11. 11. Contact Info wharrison@omnisourcing.net Twitter: @weharris74 @Omnisourcing 214-929-5938