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Federal Programs for Watershed Restoration by John Hudson

Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition; Price of Wales Watershed Association Project Planning Workshop

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Federal Programs for Watershed Restoration by John Hudson

  1. 1. Federal Programs for Watershed Restoration M. Penn John Hudson Habitat Restoration Biologist U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office
  2. 2. USDA Natural Resources Conservation ServiceMission: provide planning and technical assistance to address natural resource concerns on private land • Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) – Technical assistance provided to landowners and land users upon request • Cost-share programs – Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) – Wildlife Habitat Incentives Programs (WHIP)Contact:Samia SavellDistrict Conservationist(907) 586-7220samia.savell@ak.usda.gov
  3. 3. National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Habitat Restoration CenterMission: restore coastal, marine and anadromous fish habitatsthat support the nations fisheries and other trust resources• marine debris clean-up (Tongass Narrows)• stream bank rehabilitation• fish passage restoration (Klawock Causeway)• fish habitat restoration (Sal Creek)Contact:Erika AmmannRestoration Ecologist(907) 271-5118Erika.Ammann@noaa.gov
  4. 4. Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office Restoration and Conservation Programs Partners for Fish and Wildlife ProgramNational Fish Passage Program Coastal Conservation Program
  5. 5. Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office Restoration and Conservation Programs Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Mission:To conserve, enhance, and restore fish, wildlife, plants and their habitat by providing technical and financial support to private and non- federal partners.Partners:•Private landowners•Local and tribal governments•Non-profits
  6. 6. Recent ProjectsFish PassageImprovement (Skagway) Riparian Enhancement (Juneau, Skagway) Native Plant Resource Facility (Juneau) Invasive Plant Management (Juneau)
  7. 7. Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office Restoration and Conservation ProgramsFish Passage ProgramMission:To restore native fishand other aquatic speciesby reconnecting habitat thathas been fragmented byartificial barriers. Partners •Federal, state, local and tribal governments •Non-profits
  8. 8. Recent Projects After BeforeHarris RiverSubdivision(Hollis) After Before Tincum Creek (Kasaan)
  9. 9. Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office Restoration and Conservation ProgramsCoastal ConservationProgramMission: Protect, restore, andpromote public stewardship ofcoastal ecosystems through thedevelopment of innovativeconservation partnerships.Partners•Federal, state, local and tribal governments•Non-profits
  10. 10. Recent Projects • Habitat Protection throughout SE Alaska• Providing Public Access to Geographic Information • Watershed Council Capacity Building and Internships • In-lieu Fee Habitat Restoration Program Development • Restoration Project Assessments in Juneau Duck Creek
  12. 12. Other FundingSourcesAlaska Sustainable Salmon Fund (ADFG)Alaska Clean Water Action (ADEC)POW Resource Advisory Council (USFS)
  13. 13. Working with Federal Funding Programs1. Obtain non-profit status or partner with a non-profit/tribe/municipality2. Register in CCR (Central Contractor Registration) & obtain a DUNS number3. Enroll in ASAP (Automated Standard Application for Payment)4. Work with program staff to develop a proposal or statement of work5. Complete Cooperative Agreement forms6. Begin project upon receipt of Notice of Award Letter7. Withdraw funds through ASAP8. Submit interim and final financial and performance reports9. Achieve project milestones on schedule10. Submit final report