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Twitter For Small Business

http://www.localvox.com - Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks in the universe, and is an excellent tool for small business owners to find new customers and engage with existing ones. Find out how to use Twitter for small business with this guide from LocalVox marketing manager Steve Murphy.

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Twitter For Small Business

  1. LocalVox makes local online marketingSimple, Effective & Affordable
  2. We help all kinds ofLocal Businesses – Big & SmallRequest A Free Demo
  3. Keys to a successful Twitter profile:
  4. A branded profile picture (logos work best)
  5. Your business name written out
  6. A unique “handle” or username
  7. Explain what you do in 160 characters or less
  8. Proper contact information
  9. A “canvas” that showcases your brand
  10. Completing your profile is essential for trust,branding and conversions
  11. Use your email to quickly build a following
  12. Transform website trafficinto followers
  13. And don’t forget your other marketing collateral
  14. Don’t get followers just for thesake of getting followers!
  15. Don’t get discouraged with slow growth up front…Exponential growthappears flat in beginning
  16. “The biggest mistake we seecompanies make when theyfirst hit Twitter is to thinkabout it as a channel to pushout information.”-- Tim O’Reilly
  17. AutomotiveReal Estate
  18. Search for terms related to your business (oreven your company name)
  19. • The simplest tools on themarket – hands down• An amazing team ofprofessional marketers• Ongoing education thattransforms you into a pro• Affordable on any budget
  20. But wait!
  21. Yelp us out…localvox.com/go/yelp
  22. Tweet us…Twitter.com/localvox
  23. Thanks!smurphy@localvox.comTwitter.com/localvoxLinkedin.com/in/sbcmurphy
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