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Looking for Magnetic Badge Holder

If you are looking for the magnetic badge holder then you can contact one of the trust-able portals i.e. Ruisen Magnetics. We give the superior services at the humble cost. We use the best quality materials for the magnetic badge.

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Looking for Magnetic Badge Holder

  1. 1. Magnetic Badge Holder By: Ruisen Magnetics
  2. 2. About Us: • Ruisen Magnetics is one of the reliable platforms for those who are searching for the magnetic badge holder at the affordable price with the best services. Magnetic badge holder consist of two parts, one part is metal plate, nickle coating with 3M adhesive tape and another part is metal plate with two pieces of round neodymium magnets. Great for holding your ID card or name tag and badge. You can use this for office, schools and workplace. If you want to know more then you can free to contact us.
  3. 3. Magnetic Badge Holder
  4. 4. Contact Us: • Address: No.399 Jinhua Rd, High Tech Industrial Development Zone • Tel: 0086 574 87968275 • Fax: 0086 574 87968276 • Email: sales@senmagnetics.com • Website: www.senmagnetics.com
  5. 5. Thank You!!!