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Self motivation leads to success

  1. Self Motivation Leads to SUCCESS S.K.Mohanty-HR & Training Consultant
  2. Self Motivation ? Self motivation is the inspiration behind your behavior and actions. It is an important mechanism that will help you to reach your goal, without external influence. Self motivation improves your confidence and self-esteem, as well as gives you strength to achieve your goal.
  3. Copyright 2001 by Allyn and Bacon Maslow’s Hierarchy Self- Actualization Need Aesthetic Needs Need to know & Understand Esteem Needs Belongingness & Love Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs Being (growth)Being (growth) NeedsNeeds DeficiencyDeficiency NeedsNeeds Motivation increasesMotivation increases as needs are metas needs are met MotivationMotivation decreasesdecreases as needsas needs are metare met
  4. Maslow’s Hierarchy
  5. Goal Setting Learning to Work Efficiently and Effectively
  6. Why do we set goals ? By setting goals and measuring their achievement you can: •Focus on what is most important to accomplish on a daily/weekly/ annual basis •Provide a unified direction for your team •Achieve more and devote less energy to noncritical tasks •Motivate your team and boost its overall job satisfaction
  7. Short Term and Long Term Goals •Goals differ in terms of time frame and importance. Short-term goals are achievable within one or two months. • long-term goals are achievable over the course of several months or even years.
  8. How goals are set ? •As a leader, you are responsible for setting chapter and individual goals. You also need to work with your team members to develop their individual goals. •The two most common methods of goal setting are top-down and bottom-up. Top-down goal setting: Leadership sets broad goals, and each subordinate sets goals to support those of the Leadership.  Bottom-up goal setting: Subordinate develop individual goals and the Leadership integrates them into larger goals.
  9. What Makes Goals Effective? Goals are your roadmap, so they must be clear and easy to understand. Effective goals: •Are written down in specific terms, have time frames, and are measurable. •Yield a payoff that you value. You must buy into the goal; otherwise, you will lose your motivation when you hit obstacles. •Are driven by organizational strategy and direction, and are important to the organization. •Are achievable but challenging, and provide room for growth.
  10. Tips for Setting Goals •Keep a running list of possible goals to consider when brainstorming your goal list. •Make sure that your goals fit into your leadership’s and organization’s goals. •Keep goals SMART! •Write your goals down and keep the list visible. •Combine tasks from different goals where possible.
  11. Beliefs about ability •Entity view •Incremental view •Developmental differences
  12. Why Goals Improve Performance •Direct attention to the task at hand •Mobilize effort •Increase persistence •Promote development of new strategies
  13. It is very important to make realistic goals. They should not be extraordinary and unreachable. Firstly, discover your strengths, your fortes and also your limits; only then, set your goals. You should also have a blueprint of your plan. Your action plan must be flexible, so that it lasts long. Make concrete plans
  14. Positive attitude Your attitude is your biggest asset. Positive thinking is extremely important as your thoughts and attitude will influence your plans and actions. Do not let negative thoughts or people influence you. Do not get frustrated or depressed. Write your positive aspects and achievements. It will definitely boost your self-confidence. Self Motivation Tips
  15. Procrastination is your enemy  Delaying your day's work will lengthen your time in achieving your goal. Avoid being lazy. Taking breaks to get refreshed is accepted, but not putting things off for the next day. Procrastination is a hindrance in your progress. Harmful external forces likes negative thoughts and ideas must be completely blocked. You should never lose your mental balance under any circumstances. You should not be nervous or depressed. Do not let emotions empower any of your actions. Self Motivation Tips
  16. Never quit If you follow the right plan and procedure, you are sure to succeed. But, there may be times when things can go wrong. However, you must never lose hope. Keep on trying, find out what is wrong but do not quit. Memorize the famous quote, Losers quit when they are tired, Champions quit when they hold gold. Self Motivation Tips
  17. So, gear up and get started. Reward yourself, even if you make any single accomplishment. Believe in yourself so that you can easily self-motivate yourself. Recall these self motivation skills daily, and you are sure to succeed!
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