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Top 10 Airlines Driving Brand Goodwill on Social Media

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How some Airlines are proving that socially caring brands gain brand goodwill. If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email contact@simpliflying.com

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Top 10 Airlines Driving Brand Goodwill on Social Media

  1. 1. Social Care 2.0 Top 10 Airlines Driving Brand Goodwill Case studies Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
  2. 2. Case-study 1 bbbb Cebu Pacific: We Hear You
  3. 3. Resilience Cebu Pacific is the largest low cost airline in the Philippines and one of the largest LCCs in the region. When the country was hit by typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan their facilities at many airports were devastated, but the airline did not stop and set out to help those affected. The change in their normally fareoriented communications was striking.
  4. 4. Step 1: Listen The first thing the airline did right was listen, and as a consequence it decided to waive all excess baggage fees and pledged to accommodate anything that could physically be loaded on the planes headed for the affected areas. The announcement was made via an update of their Facebook cover image.
  5. 5. Transparency The airline then proceeded to keep users informed of any development and also explained what it was doing to keep its operations going. Image updates and explanations were posted regularly on the airline’s Facebook page.
  6. 6. A striking difference The Philippines are one of the countries with the highest rates of social media usage and during the disaster relief social networks became one of the main communication highways. Somehow however the country’s main airline Philippine Airlines, only put up a single post about the issue and then continued to promote its fares and offers as if nothing had happened.
  7. 7. A striking difference Only time will tell how the two brands will be affected by their reaction to this tragedy but, learning from past experience, we can say with a degree of certainty that the Cebu Pacific will see its caring attitude repaid. Some signs are already showing in the user’s reactions and in the pages’ stats. Sales will follow. Likes and PTAT changes since the typhoon Cebu Pacific Philippine Airlines
  8. 8. Case-study 2 bbbb AirAsia #toPHwithlove
  9. 9. Quick reaction Natural disasters like the recent typhoon in the Philippines don’t usually give much warning yet some airlines still manage to react and create initiatives to help out. One of the most remarkable ones we’ve seen in recent times has been AirAsia’s #ToPHwithLove
  10. 10. Social Responsibility The initiative was spearheaded by the AirAsia Foundation that set out to collect money and goods for the relief effort. The airline also provided free seats for relief workers and free shipment of donated materials.
  11. 11. #tags One of the most interesting sides of the campaign, however, was its usage of a dedicated tag and very subtle branding. The brand was only present in the “Air Asia Foundation” in the colour and font of the letters and in the two characters in the bottom right corner. The tag does not contain any branding but is unique to AirAsia and its sister companies. This ultimately means that any tag search will end up on an AirAsia related page.
  12. 12. Case-study 3 bbbb South African Airways: #MandelaDeeds
  13. 13. Mandela day To honor Nelson Mandela and his legacy every year people from all over the world celebrate his birthday in the Nelson Mandela international day. As part of the celebrations many take part in the “Mandela Deeds” and pledge to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to help others.
  14. 14. Mandela Deeds South African Airways leveraged the “Mandela Deeds” by offering the chance to win a trip to those who pledged their time to the initiative.
  15. 15. Case-study 4 bbbb SouthWest Airlines: Sandy Paw-Lift
  16. 16. Homeless pets When super-storm Sandy hit the east coast of the United States, many animal shelters faced problems due to the large influx of pets displaced by the storm and the damage to some of their facilities. Many animals needed to be moved and Southwest Airlines stepped in to help.
  17. 17. Long standing partnership The airline used its partnership with SeaWorld to organize the initiative and was able to organize a special flight to bring the pets to their new home on the west coast.
  18. 18. The power of puppies Pets, especially young ones, always seems to have a special appeal with the public both on and offline. This initiative, despite its quick organization, spread fast through traditional news channels with social media improving the airline’s brand and image.
  19. 19. Case-study 5 bbbb Virgin America: 5th Chihuahua Airlift
  20. 20. #VXBark American low cost airlines seem to be extremely keen to capitalize on cuteness and Virgin America has even developed its own tag #VXBark to accompany all its pet related initiatives. In order to liaison with its four legged passengers it also hired an official pet liaison named Boo, a dog famous on-line for having been named the world’s cutest dog.
  21. 21. Yearly Initiative Every year the airline helps animal shelters to transfer Chihuahuas from areas where there are too many to places where they are in greater demand and are more likely to be adopted. The pets are flown in the main cabin of a Virgin American plane and even walk on the red carpet before boarding.
  22. 22. Social Media Updates on the trip were shared constantly throughout the trip via social media and sometimes used to highlight features like in-flight Wi-Fi. To help with the adoptions the airline also provided a short “bio” of each dog in its Facebook page.
  23. 23. Special offers and donations The airline used the occasion to promote some specially discounted flights and pledged donations for every flight booked during the “operation Chihuahua airlift”.
  24. 24. Case-study 6 bbbb Finnair: Flight of Fantasy
  25. 25. A spontaneous initiative Sometimes the best initiatives are not created as a response to a disaster or designed in the marketing departments of airlines but they originate from their front-line staff. In this case the initiative was started by a flight attendant who heard of a group of underprivileged children in India and decided to make them smile.
  26. 26. Bollywood! The initiative allowed the kids to learn to dance Bollywood style and even perform in front of the cameras. During the process they also flew for the first time and, of course, made many people smile.
  27. 27. Case-study 7 bbbb Azul: Breast cancer plane
  28. 28. Pink planes To raise awareness of breast cancer and raise money for research, several airlines paint part of their planes or logos in pink. One airline however seems to be particularly good at spreading the news and involving its followers on social media.
  29. 29. Name the (pink) plane Brazil’s Azul not only used the occasion to paint several planes pink but also decided to ask users to decide the name of its special plane. In doing so it also gained considerable social media exposure for its brand and the initiative.
  30. 30. Not just pink planes The airline went a step further and also changed the colour of its flight crew’s uniforms and created a dedicated tag #OtubroRosaNaAzul That roughly translates to “pink October with Azul”
  31. 31. Case-study 8 bbbb Delta: Luminarias
  32. 32. Also pink but going beyond Delta Airlines also joined the pink month as part of its larger campaign to support cancer research.
  33. 33. Luminaria Earlier this year the airline created an app that allowed users to light (virtual) luminarias in honor or in memory of someone who had cancer. Each time a luminaria was lit a 1 dollar donation toward cancer research was generated.
  34. 34. Day of hope During this campaign the airline also set up a “day of hope” in over 70 airports worldwide to celebrate the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society.
  35. 35. Case-study 9 bbbb United Airlines: Miles and donations
  36. 36. An interesting link Over the past year United Airlines has been using social media to actively promote several initiatives that link air miles to donations. In the case of the recent typhoon in the Philippines it awarded users miles for their donations. The initiative encouraged users to donate but also allowed the airline to increase the visibility of its frequent flyer program.
  37. 37. Food for miles In a separate initiative the airline took part in the hunger action month and allowed users to donate miles to the Feeding America charity. Moreover the airline’s staff volunteered at food banks in eight hub cities.
  38. 38. Case-study 10 bbbb SouthWest Airlines: Adopt a pilot
  39. 39. School volunteering Every year Southwest Airlines invites schools throughout the USA to “adopt” one of their pilots. The “adopted” pilot will volunteer his time for a period of 4 weeks and give aviation-themed classes.
  40. 40. Keeping kids in schools The objective of the initiative is to keep kids in school and motivate them to pursue their education further. The kids also receive postcards and other messages from the pilot they adopt while he’s “on the road”, and a competition is held to design the tie that will be worn by all adopted pilots.
  41. 41. For more case-studies: www.SimpliFlying.com Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably http://www.SimpliFlying.com