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How hubsites raise SharePoints intranet potential

In principle, you could have a hub site as your intranet home page, pull in corporate news from a communication site, and also give each department a team site for additional news items.

Does this mean we can use Hub Sites as our Intranet or is it still some building blocks missing?

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How hubsites raise SharePoints intranet potential

  3. 3. Agenda • Who is Knut • What is an Intranet • What is a hub site • Features in a hub site • How to build your hub sites • Webparts to use in your hub sites • Summary • Demos • Discussions • And alot of fun 
  4. 4. Office Apps & Services MVP SharePoint evangelist, mentor, speaker Migration Expert Educator for Glasspaper Microsoft Certified Trainer Product Evangelist & Partner Manager Valo Intranet Box Founder DocsNode, www.Docsnode.com Knut Relbe-Moe knut@valointranet.com https://linkedin.com/in/shareptkarm@shareptkarm
  5. 5. •Helps you with your OfficeTemplates •Keeps the corporate brand on all the templates •Templates stored in one place, easy to update •Filter, sort, tag and favorites your templates •Integrates with Document libraries •Office-Add-In •Template Chooser for Modern SharePoint What is DocsNode http://www.docsnode.com/
  6. 6. Select your template
  7. 7. TURNOVER 9M€ EMPLOYEES 90 CREDIT CLASS AAA OWNED BY Fujitsu (45%) + employees ESTABLISHED 2001 LOCATIONS Helsinki (HQ), Jyväskylä, Oslo, Stockholm, Montreal
  8. 8. Ready-to-Go Modern Intranet
  9. 9. Http://www.valointranet.com
  10. 10. Modern Intranet
  11. 11. The Modern Intranet... • ...provides personalized experiences for the end user • ...works anywhere, with any device • ...has a modern, beatiful design • ...leverages the most recent experiences available in the Microsoft platform • ...is built using the most recent development frameworks available • ...is highly customizable for customers
  12. 12. Typical Requirements • Company news • Content pages (Guidelines, About us, etc.) with document attachments • Links • Event calendar • Content Search + People Search • Social engine • Videos • Blogs • Surveys • Forms and workflows • Content targeting • Multilingual/multi-country • Mobile • Analytics • Document management • Teamwork • Our People • Employee directory
  13. 13. Todays Modern Building blocks • Microsoft ModernTeam Sites • Communication Sites • Modern List Layout • Modern Page Library Layout • Powerapps & Flow • Modern Pages • PNP for Provisioning • Hub sites
  14. 14. Communication sites
  15. 15. News
  16. 16. Events
  17. 17. Group calendar
  18. 18. What is hub sites
  19. 19. Hub Sites Source: Microsoft
  20. 20. From Microsoft: SharePoint hub sites help you meet the needs of your organization by connecting and organizing sites based on project, department, division, region, etc. making it easier to: • discover related content such as news and other site activities, • apply common navigation and branding across associated sites, • search across all associated sites. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/what-is-a-sharepoint- hub-site-fe26ae84-14b7-45b6-a6d1-948b3966427f
  21. 21. Hub sites allow us to eliminate the inflexibility and governance limitations of “dreaded” subsites, while providing a way to replicate one of the key benefits of subsites — a way to create a shared experience among related sites. Hub sites can help kill subsites, but not without a little planning. (Susan Hanley) https://www.computerworld.com/article/3280102/enterprise- applications/6-tips-for-planning-sharepoint-hub-sites.html
  22. 22. Features of the hub sites
  23. 23. Shared navigation Search across the hub
  24. 24. Search across the hub
  25. 25. So how shall we use Hub Sites?
  26. 26. The Earth is flat… Intranet TeamworkAbout UsInternal Services What’s New Company Presentation Our Locations Leadership … Forms Human Resources Information Technology … Classifieds Event Hub Latest video …
  27. 27. The Earth is flat… Intranet TeamworkAbout Us Internal Services What’s New Intranet Hub
  28. 28. Planning your hub sites
  29. 29. Planning your hub sites
  30. 30. Common usage cases for hub sites • Department hubs—consider common shared services groups like IT, HR, Marketing or Finance where there are likely a large number of collaboration initiatives underway and natural structure in place for how work is being done. • Regional hubs—for large organizations that have many regional locations or sites, hubs could be a great way to provide a sense of local identity and highlight communication from within the region. • Project hubs or a PMO hub—most larger organizations have a PMO and manage a collection of Programs and Projects. Providing a simple mechanism to access all the active and completed projects and rolling-up project related announcements or status details are common needs that could easily be satisfied with a hub.
  31. 31. Common usage cases • Board hub—with Office 365, many companies are setting up their Boards with an externally available site to host critical board reports and meeting materials • Financial reporting hub—end of quarter and end of year financial reporting cycles often require a tremendous amount of collaboration across departments that all roll-up to finance. Source: https://www.habaneroconsulting.com/stories/insights/2018/common-use-cases-for-office- 365-sharepoint-hub-sites
  32. 32. Planning your hub sites
  33. 33. Recommended webparts
  34. 34. News Roll-up
  35. 35. News Roll-up New published on a hubsites and associated sites is automatically aggregated Choose which associated sites to display news from Users will only see news they have access to
  36. 36. Highlighted content
  37. 37. Highlighted content Use the Highlighted content web part to dynamically display content from sites associated with the hub site on the home page. Select the sites you want to show information from Select the type of content you want to show, and apply different filters to also narrow down the result
  38. 38. Associated sites
  39. 39. Associated sites Display the most active sites associated with the hub site on the home page by using the Sites web part. And choose the layout you want
  40. 40. What is coming the next few months announced at #MSIgnite
  41. 41. What is coming 1. New megamenu layout for site and hub navigation 2. Events web part rolls up events from associated sites 3. Create associated site from within hub site itself 4. Create, associate/disassociate, plus report on hub sites in the SharePoint admin center in Office 365 5. Approval on association
  42. 42. New megamenu layout for site and hub navigation -
  43. 43. Events web part rolls up events from associated sites -
  44. 44. Create associated site from within hub site itself
  45. 45. Create, associate/disassociate, plus report on hub sites in the SharePoint admin center in Office 365
  46. 46. Summary
  47. 47. What does hub sites offer • They add a consistent branding across all sites • They add a persistent menu, making it easier to move between the linked sites. • If you search within the hub site, it will also search all linked sites. • A handy news digest option lets you collate selected news stories to go out as an email summary, with images and links. • We recently also got content targeting • And we will also get publishing workflow/flow
  48. 48. Hub Site Limitations • Sites linked into a hub site can only be associated with one hub site. • Hubs can’t be nested, limiting their potential for a corporate portal • No fix for multiple languages Source, Sam Marshall: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/hub-sites-raise-sharepoints- intranet-potential/
  49. 49. Configuration tips • You can always detach a site from a Hub if you want to attach it to another hub site in the future. • News, once posted on an associated site, typically takes 5–15mins to index and roll-up to the Hub • Hubs do not influence permissions. • Cross site navigation means that the associated sites will have two top level navigation bars — the hub site navigation and the current site navigation. • Hubs will work with the SharePoint mobile app, so consider communicating to end users which hubs they should follow or find • You can setup your hub to require approvals. That way, not anyone would be able to attach to a hub but instead they would have to be approved by the hub Site Owner
  50. 50. So does hub site helps us with our Modern SharePoint Intranet?
  51. 51. What other options do we have?
  52. 52. SharePoint Modern Starter Kit https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-starter-kit
  53. 53. 3rd party vendors
  54. 54. 3rd party vendors
  55. 55. 3rd party vendors
  56. 56. Providers – A lot different, so you just need to find the one you trust and loves. https://www.clearbox.co.uk/portfolio-item/sharepoint- intranets-in-a-box-report-second-edition/ •Attini from Rapid Circle •Attollo Intranet, from Red Plane •Bonzai from Dynamic Owl •EasyShare from Easy SharePoint •FLEX from ICS Solutions •Gimmal Intranet and Portals from Gimmal •Go Intranet Accelerator from Habanero •Hadron from Cloud Two •Hoozin, from Hoozin •Injio from Webvine •InterChange Digital Workplace from Akumina •Kasama from Circle T •Kira from CompanyNet •LiveTiles SharePoint from Live Tiles •LS Intranet from Lizard Soft •Omnia from Prescio Fishbone AB •OneWindow Workplace from Portal Solutions •PortalGo! from Rhipe •Powell 365 from Powell Software •Rise from Perficient •Simplify from Content Formula •SP Intranet from SP Marketplace •Unily from Brightstarr •Valo Intranet from Blue Meteorite •Wizdom from Webtop •Work Platform Prime from Emgage
  57. 57. Collab 365 Directory • https://collab365.directory/office365-sharepoint/best-sharepoint- intranet-templates/#prettyPhoto
  58. 58. Extend the current webparts of the modern pages: • https://github.com/OlivierCC/spfx-40-fantastics
  59. 59. MegaMenu - • https://www.masthead365.com/
  60. 60. Thank you!
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