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Meet Sharon Hurley Hall

An introduction to Sharon Hurley Hall's career as a journalist, writer, educator, mentor, author. Video version on YouTube https://youtu.be/le8TTtsv88g

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Meet Sharon Hurley Hall

  1. 1. Meet Sharon Hurley Hall
  2. 2. Hi, I'm Sharon Citizen of the world Lifelong learner Journalist Educator and mentor Freelance writer Author
  3. 3. Citizen of the world
  4. 4. Citizen of the world - Born in the UK - Grew up in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados - Lived in France and England - Loves to travel
  5. 5. Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend
  6. 6. Lifelong learner
  7. 7. Proud alum of Queen's College, Barbados UWI Cave Hill Coventry University, UK
  8. 8. Lifelong learner - BA (Hons) French and Spanish, UWI Cave Hill - MA (Distinction) Media and Cultural Studies, Coventry University, UK - MA Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Coventry University, UK
  9. 9. Lifelong learner - Certification in Content Marketing - Certification in Email Marketing - Still learning every day …
  10. 10. Journalist
  11. 11. Journalist - Caribbean Contact Learned the craft and travelled the region, writing and translating coverage of politics, society, and culture
  12. 12. Journalist - Caribbean Contact Highlight: My first interview: Norma Shorey-Bryan of WAND
  13. 13. Journalist - Caribbean Week Exploring the tourist side of Barbados and the Caribbean while learning desktop publishing
  14. 14. Journalist - Caribbean Week Highlight: Interviewing the Mighty Gabby and Red Plastic Bag
  15. 15. Journalist UK/European Editor, FT Profile (a Financial Times subsidiary) - working on company news, financials, mergers, acquisitions
  16. 16. Journalist/Sub-Editor - Metal Bulletin Monthly Writing and editing articles about metals. My first article was about gold!
  17. 17. Journalist/Sub-Editor - Metal Bulletin Monthly Highlight: interviewing metals industry people in Spanish before writing articles for a special focus
  18. 18. Editor Design and Technology Association Editing educational books, and serving on the editorial committee for the association's academic journal
  19. 19. Editor Design and Technology Association Highlight: creating and editing the association’s monthly newsletter
  20. 20. Editor, National Youth Agency Edited flagship magazine, Young People Now Highlight: working with writers to edit books
  21. 21. “ "Sharon is an excellent editor - one who edits with a light hand to make the author's work the best it can be." - Holly Jahangiri
  22. 22. Educator and mentor
  23. 23. “Sharon is an amazing mentor. I appreciate her wisdom and expertise. When I have a question, she guides me in a beautiful way to the answer. - Sophia Jappinen
  24. 24. Senior Lecturer, Coventry University Teaching practical journalism skills at university level, including a joint annual student exercise where PR students put on a press conference and journalism students covered it
  25. 25. Senior Lecturer, Coventry University Highlight: designing and running an MA in Journalism programme
  26. 26. Educator and mentor Started and ran the Get Paid to Write Online blog to help new writers start their business getpaidtowriteonline.com
  27. 27. Educator and mentor Helped students with research skills, most recently with a workshop on Writing Readable Research Papers
  28. 28. Educator and mentor Created and ran the Biz of Writing mentoring program to help people with getting their website and marketing started.
  29. 29. Educator and mentor Highlight: Mission NOT Impossible, the Business Blogging Bootcamp
  30. 30. Freelance writer
  31. 31. 1,000,000+ words written for clients around the globe… and counting ...
  32. 32. Freelance writer covering: - Content marketing - Email marketing - Social media marketing - Digital marketing - Ecommerce - Search engine optimization - Analytics - Business - Productivity - And much more
  33. 33. Clients include
  34. 34. “ Sharon is one of my favorite writers to work with. She...consistently turns in great content that needs little to no editing. - Kathryn Aragon
  35. 35. Freelance writing highlights - Creating and executing blogging and social media strategy for a US travel firm - Writing for an IBM publication - Creating an 8,000 word SEO guide for the OptinMonster blog - Writing white papers on technical topics for telecoms and mobile design firms
  36. 36. Author
  37. 37. Getting Started in Blogging Beginners' guide to blogging
  38. 38. “ A great guide for new bloggers. If you don't have time to learn by trial and error (and who has that extra time these days?), this guide can save you a significant amount of time.
  39. 39. Writing for the Web The book of the workshop on getting started with online writing - originally done for a National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Writer's Clinic
  40. 40. “ With this great book you can be writing for money, or fun, across the internet, knowing you're making the right decisions.
  41. 41. Exploring Shadeism Research on post-colonial issues about colourism in Barbados and the Caribbean
  42. 42. “ Well-written; chock full of information and perspectives - an excellent resource for any social scientist.
  43. 43. More about Sharon
  44. 44. More about Sharon - Avid reader - reads every day - Reiki Master/Teacher - Reiki practitioner since 2006; Reiki Master since 2016 - Past President and Vice- President, Barbados Reiki Association
  45. 45. More about Sharon - Occasional poet - Personal essays on beingsharon.com - Polymath - so watch this space …
  46. 46. Learn more on www.sharonhh.com